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United States
August 25, 2018

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Amanda J. DeZeeuw

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This is not your normal resume because I don’t really have much of one as I’ve been a stay at home, homeschooling mom for 17 years. I have not worked for an outside company in this time but I did own a very popular bakery in Charlotte for ten years. One year ago, I chose to close the business for personal reasons.


Winthrop University 1996-1998 (I did not graduate. I met a boy, fell in love, got married and started a family two years later.)

North Hills Academy 1992-1996 (I was the top student in my graduating class. I was homeschooled during my high school years. I received my diploma and I also acquired my GED as a secondary certification)

Professional / Career History

DeZeeuw Estates June 1997 – Present

Director of Home Operations/Homeschool Teacher

Primary duties were/are to keep three children alive, feed, clean, educated, and to raise them be productive, respectful, members of society. They are all teens now, ages 14-17. Our 17-yr. old is starting college at the age of 15 and plans to obtain his Masters and Doctorate by the age of 23. He started working at the age of 16 and is the companies most valued employee. Our youngest two will be starting college next fall. Our youngest is training to be an Olympic diver and hoping to get diving scholarships. So, I would say I did a pretty good job.

Holy Sheet Custom Cakes March 2008 – August 2018

Charlotte, NC

Owner/Creative Designer/Baker…I did everything

Primary Duties, Everything. I was a one woman show but I gave the illusion that we were a huge company. Only family knows that I was the only employee. I built a thriving cake business with my own two hands in my very small kitchen with only a standard kitchen aid mixer and a tiny 1950’s wall oven. Business was so good that my husband was able to take four years off work in order to finish his BA degree and get his MBA.

I recently shut down the website, which I also created. I now wish I hadn’t shut it down so that you could go see my work and the website. I’m sure if you google the business, then photos and reviews will still come up on the search engine. Because of that website, I was approached countless times to build websites for other companies, but I turned them down.

I closed the business August 20th of last year, it was difficulty on me and my customers. We chose to close because of ethical reasons. We saw first-hand the animal cruelty of egg farms and I refused to purchase another egg.

I did start another business with in the past few months. I’m not officially listing it here because it’s in its infancy stage. It’s called Awesome Candles, feel free to visit the website,

Other jobs that I had prior to becoming a mom 17 years ago. March 1994 – June 2001

Ross and Associates, Grand Rapids Michigan. August 2000-June 2001

I was hired for account payable and receivable for their advertising firm but quickly noticed that there were a ton of outstanding invoice from clients. I went to work creating a collection department. By the time our first child was born, every outstand account was paid in full. The saying “you catch more flies with honey…” is in fact true and those flies will pay their bill if the bill collector is nice and willing to work with them. The clients and the advertising company loved me.

AAA, Charlotte. October 1999-June 2000

I was the travel accountant. I was responsible for all things travel accounting. I left AAA because my husband also worked for AAA and he was offered a Management position in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Southern Home Mortgage, Charlotte North Carolina. August 1998-October 1999

I was hired as the receptionist and I quickly started helping where I was needed. I learned the business very quickly and noticed that there were customers that hadn’t been paying their in-house mortgage. With the permission of the owner, I started contacting these customers and helped them make payment arrangements to get back on track. I was able to close all the overdue accounts before moving on to AAA.

Freedman Jewelers, Rock Hill South Carolina. August 1997-July 1998

I was hired as a part time sales associate and within a two months was promoted to store assistant manager. I was offered the manager position but due to my age, I could not take that position. This was the first company that I started collecting for. We would receive monthly print outs of customers that had outstanding balances. All the other employees were scared to call the customers. So I took over and loved it! When I first took over the collections, we had over one hundred pages of accounts, each page having 25 account and by the time I got married and moved to Charlotte, there was less than 25 accounts total that still hadn’t been paid off or caught up.

Nanny, Charlotte North Carolina. June 1995-August 1997

One of my all-time favorite jobs. I had just turned 17 and I interviewed for this nanny position for a 6 week old baby. The parents loved me but kept saying they can’t believe that I was 17 but they knew I was the correct candidate. I loved them, and they loved me. The little girl was my flower girl at my wedding. I only quit that job because I saw how much it pained the mother to go to work every day. She wanted to be a stay at home mom but as long as I was there, she wasn’t going to make that leap. So, I pushed her by quitting. I would still baby sit for them and they now have 5 children. The one I was a nanny for is now 22 yrs old. I even got to make her sweet 16 birthday cake. The mom has thanked me on a number of occasions for quitting so that she could make the decision to be a stay at home mom.

Shoe Show, Rock Hill South Carolina. October 1994-June1995

I was hired to be a part time associate. I was homeschooled which was great because I could work day time hours when the other employees were at school. Within two weeks I became full time and was given a key to the store. I would open and there were many days I would work a double and also close. The customers loved me and when I wasn’t working when they left the store and came back the next day. They called me “The Bubbly girl”. When I started working here the store was disorganized and a mess and I don’t like disorganization. So I got to work. I cleaned up the front and back of the store. Organized the back room to make it easy and fast to find the shoes we needed. I organized the store by size and color. Within a few months the district manager offered me a store of my own but again because of my age, I was unable to take the offer. The district manager always kept up with me even when I stopped working for them. After my wedding, they called me, I was 20 yrs old at the time, they offered me three stores. I turned them down because at that time, my new life as a wife to my best friend was more important and still is to this day, than money. They said they respected my decision to put my relationship before money.

Carowinds, Charlotte North Carolina. March 1994-October 1994

My very first job. I worked the front and back gates, made seasons passes, cleaned bathrooms and helped out where ever I was needed. I worked double shifts almost every day. I loved that job. It was fun and I made a lot of money for a 16 yr old. I would get overtime even though I wasn’t supposed to because of my age.


I have been happily married for 21 years with 3 amazing children. We have 3 dogs, 3 cats, and 2 guinea pigs. I put God above all, and next comes my family and everything else comes after.

References Available Upon Request

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