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Engineer Analyst

Elk Grove, California, United States
August 24, 2018

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**** ******** *** **** *. Ninh Cell: 619-***-****

Elk Grove CA 95624 U.S. Citizen

Will Rogers World Airport OKC

Airport Security Clearance

OBJECTIVE: Look for a Structural Engineer or Stress Analyst position.

EXPERTISE: Structure Analysis


-Hand Calculation (create Excel and Mathcad templates), Finite Element Analysis (create FEM models).

-Evaluate the isotropic and composite materials. Calculate Margin of Safety, Damage value.

-Analyze the Primary, Secondary and Nacelle in Aircraft Structure.

-Use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Mathcad, Spreadsheets, FEM in writing reports.

EXPERIENCE: +10 years in Aircraft Structural Analysis.

05/06/2017 – 10/15/2017: Contractor, Stress Analyst.

Field Aerospace Inc. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Structural Group in Modifying Jaguar Missionized G550 of Raytheon.

-Calculate buckling, bending, torsion of Hinge, Latch beams, Pylon, FOB for modifying aircrafts, using hand calculation.

-Helping designer to modify aircraft to match with requirements of customers.

-Calculate loads and Margin of Safety of parts cutout, racks, and bulkheads.

-Check and modify the racks, check buckling, crippling of rack’s column, rack’s plate.

-Check bending of seat track where rack located. Choose material for seat track.

-Check tension, shear, bearing, shear tear out of critical bold and bold group.

-Replace isotropic homogeneous material parts by honeycomb composite material.

-Analyze honeycomb composite plates of Racks inside aircrafts.

9/20/2014 – 3/31/2016: UTC Aerospace Systems

A320 NEO, MRJ, E2-190, E2-175 EBU (Engine Build Up) Integration group:

-Calculate tension, bending, torsion, compression of venturi PH-CS2 short leg, middle leg, long leg. Check models: free-free check, 1G check, visual check then calculate Fatigue for parts.

-Update the loads and calculate Fatigue for Solenoid Manifold brackets in NAI (Nacelles Anti Ice), modify AR0113103 volume 2 A320 Nacelle Anti Ice (NAI).

-Calculate the Static and Fatigue for MRJ Fire-Ex parts by hand calculation and FEM using S/N curve, Goodman Diagram and Patran Nastran in Analysis.

-Calculate Fatigue Damage values for Low Cycles Fatigue, MS for High Cycles Fatigue by hand calculation and FEM Analysis.

-Write the reports, AR for parts using Microsoft word, Excel.

-Calculate Link Brackets, Lug, Tube, Duct of programs E2-190 and E2-175, using Air Force templates and load from Stick model.

-Calculate Margin of Safety (MS) of weld surface between Lug and Duct Tubes.

2/20/2013 – 9/20/2014: UTC Aerospace Systems

A350 - 1000 TR (Thrust Reverser), Integration group:

-Calculate Static, Normal Fatigue, Residual Fatigue for Hinge, Latch beam, Pylon, OVB (Out V Blade), FOB (Fan Out Blade), with isotropic and composite materials.

-Calculate Webs of A350 – 1000 using UTC templates, SFEM and IFEM thermal loads, Patran and Nastran in FEM analysis.

8/2011 – 2/20/2013: GoodRich, UTC Aerospace Systems

GTF (Geared Turbo Fan) Thrust Reverser Integration group:

-Analyze parts of GTF (Geared Turbo Fan) Nacelles in C_Series (Bombardier) MRJ (Mishubishi Regional Jet) Boeing 787-9 (GE).

-Analyze parts as Brackets, Tubes, Lugs, Cascades, Latch Beams, Hinges Beams, Pin of Actuator, Parts of Torque Boxes in Thrust Reverser of Nacelles. Using Excel in hand calculation, Patran and Nastran with solution 101 (Linear), 106 (Non Linear), 105 (Buckling), 111 (Respond Frequency) to find the place has critical stress, find the critical frequency in model with isotropic, composite material. Finding the GFEM and IFEM loads of Hinge, Latch beam and Actuators. Then comparing together to get the maximum loads and load cases applied to Nacelles.

11/2010 – 8/2011: QC Engineer

Optical Cable System. Plano, Texas.

-Checking cables for sure it matches the requirements of customer: length, tension, cross section area, weight of cable.

-Checking brackets attachment.

5/2008 – 11/2010: Contractor, Stress Analyst.

MAV Aircraft Services. Fort Worth, Texas.

-Analyzing the interior structures: closets, cabinets, galleys, drawing tables of Airbus 321 modifying. Using Excel in hand calculation, Patran Nastran in FEM.

-Finding the load path into pocket doors, bulkheads.

-Checking the panels honeycomb NB220-0155-xxx, NL610-10733-xxxx.

-Finding the interface loads, upper and lower attachment loads of galley.

-Sizing the fitting as brackets, lugs attached to galley.

-Checking tie rod of galley with upper load, bolds of galley with lower load.

-Using FEM to find maximum stress and stress distribution on galley.

-Helping how to reduce weight of galley to match with customer’s requirements.

7/2005 – 3/2008: Stress Analyst with Secret Security Clearance.

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, Fort Worth, Texas. JSF35 program.

-Analyze parts of secondary structure. Using Excel in hand calculation, Patran Nastran in FEM.

-Analyze, brackets, bolt and bolt group as bearing, shear, shear tear out, tension, bending combined.

-Calculate Operating, Burst and Proof pressure of tubes, ducts, hoses with different property of materials.

-Using Excel, PowerPoint, Spreadsheet to write report, Lockheed tools as IDAT, Slim, Vision in analyzing.

5/2000 – 7/2005: Stress Analyst.

Laboratory- Dallas, Texas.

-Analyzed the columns with different properties of materials, Aluminum and Titanium cross-sections. Hand calculation and Finite Element Analysis the floors, beams.

3/1999 – 5/2000: Stress Analyst.

Analytical Inc. Dallas, Texas.

-Analyzed the weight, size, the strength and stiffness of electronic boxes, panels. Performed stress reports by using Finite Element Analysis, Mathcad and Excel Spreadsheets for hand calculation.

5/1994 – 8/1998: Stress Analyst.

Maxim Technologies, Inc., Dallas, Texas.

-Analyzed and calculate the Margin of Safety of plate girders, cover plated beams to column connections, flexible seat angles, stiffened seat brackets, welded connection for bridge, wall design, trusses, web framing angles. Build the Finite Element model of tunnel structure.


-1991 M.S. Metallurgy & Materials Engineering, Michigan State University, option Composite Structures.

-M.S. Thesis: “FEM Applied to Deformation of Metallic-Ceramic Matrix Composite Material”.

-1988 B.S. Materials Engineering, Michigan State University, option Composite



-Scholarship Award of American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, Petroleum Engineers.

-Certificate of CATIA V4 and V5, SOLIDWORK

-Certificate of PATRAN and Advance PATRAN.

-Certificate of NASTRAN and advance NASTRAN.

-Certificate of Aircraft Stress Analysis.

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