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Engineer Design

Alpharetta, Georgia, United States
August 24, 2018

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NIRGUNA JOSHI DULUTH, GA E-mail: Mobile: +1-762-***-****

Have around 13 years of CAE experience mainly in automotive domain in various Durability, Strength, NVH Stiffness analysis and vehicle model building.

Good ability in analyzing structural behavior for the loading conditions.

Expertise in Root cause & C/M the issues of the vehicle to meet the Strength items to meet the regulations.

Counter measure ideas generation for vehicle durability analyses to meet the durability targets.

Team oriented, persistent, results oriented and a quick learner.

Proven analytical, technical, problem solving, written and verbal communication skills with ability to interact with all levels of management.

Strong interpersonal communication, account handling, effective conflict management, efficient issue resolution, ability to work in diverse team and professional presentation skills.

Managed project team of 30-45, direct reports and cross functional teams. Education and Certification

Master of Technology in Machine Design, VTU, KA, India, Aug 2004 with 85.67%

Bachelors of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, KU, KA, India, Dec 2000 with 78.8% Tool / Skills

Pre-post: Hyperworks, ANSA, ESI Tools and Animator.

Solvers: Nastran, PAM Crash, LS-Dyna, Femfat, Primer, Abaqus and Optistruct.

CAD Modeling: Solidworks

MS Office including MS Projects

Professional Experience

1. CREATIVE SYNERGIES GROUP, Bangalore, India. Project Manager, 19 July 2011 –28 FEB 2018

(Onsite at NTCNA, Farmington Hills, USA Jan 2012 to Feb 2014)

Responsible for delivering Strength, Durability and Stiffness load cases for Digital Lots (Design milestones) and generating Counter Measure ideas.

Was responsible for building a modeling team very recently for the French OEM, with recruitment, training and on job for the regular production.

Proved the CAE capabilities to major OEM’s with the pilot work and getting on to the regular production.

Instrumental in developing CAE team, from recruitment, training and getting team on to regular modeling and analysis business.

Involved in showcasing the capabilities to the new customers.

Cabin, Bed, FR/RR Hook, Seat Mount and Closures Durability Analysis: Body & Bed Durability: Road Load, Torsion & Bending, Payload. Worked on Hatch back, Sedan, SUV’s and Truck programs (Cabin & Bed) o Femfat equivalent model conversion with SW & other connections generation from CDH model o Modal run to check model integrity.

o Load entry points are created for application of force. ( Front shock towers, Front engine sub-frame mounts, Rear spring Mounts, Axel Mounts and Damper Mounts) o Inertia relief calculation is made in NASTRAN for all load states to obtain the stress and strains. o Durability calculation is made in FEMFAT using standard flow files to calculate damage o Identifying Panel and SW failure with the target mileage and comparing with REF/PF vehicle. o Failure mechanisms are identified; root cause and feasible counter measure development. o For Truck: Cabin, Cabin & Bed and Bed analysis is done separately. 2 of 3

o Payload is considered for the analysis

Shipping tie down durability analysis for FR & RR Hook: o Cut model is used to carry out the analysis to evaluate crack in body panels, spot and arc welds o BUSH elements are used to represent SUSP MNT in soft mounts. o Fine meshing is done in the area of interest and judgment is based comparison vehicle or the given target.


Seat mounting section durability analysis to evaluate cracking body panels and spot welds.

Roof Crush, Seat Belt Anchor Test, FR / RR Push Up, Hitch and FR / RR Hook Strength: Roof Crush: worked on Hatch back, Sedan, SUV’s and Truck programs. o FMVSS 216 / 216a – Single side & both side, worked for model setup for digital lots. o Generating counter measure ideas and modify the vehicle content to meet the regulation. o Optimization/to meet regulatory requirements – design feasibility study, tuning gauge, material selections, parts modification- after looking at the failure mode, SW layout change and hydro form implementation.

o Involved in physical testing and CAE Vs Test correlation study Seat Belt Anchorage: 1st Row, 2nd row and 3rd row

o Generating counter measure ideas and modify the vehicle content to meet the regulation. o Optimization/to meet regulatory requirements – design feasibility study, tuning gauge, material selections, parts redesign – after looking at the failure mode. o Assessed SW failure and generated CM ideas to tackle the same. FR / RR Push Up: Plastic strain and SW assessment

FR / RR Hook Strength: US, JPN and PRC loading condition

CAE vehicle program management: Managed program level CAE activity for a van program, coordinating with design, vehicle planning and performance group to meet the milestones.

CAE Method Development for BED PUSH OUT Strength: Field failure was simulated and developed using PAM implicit and result comparison is made with Abaqus implicit too. o Permanent set finding

o Procured set of BED to perform push out with test engineer and CAE Vs Test correlation

Closure Strength items: Side Door intrusion, Forced Door Open and Push Down – Model setup & CM

BIW Static & Dynamic stiffness analysis:

o Performed Modal analysis to establish the BIW global modes (Torsion/Lateral Bending/Vertical Bending etc

o Carried out the frequency response analysis to identify the global modes. o Plot V/F in dB with Hypergraph [Dynamic stiffness plots] o Carried out static analysis to determine BIW bending and torsional stiffness. o Generated bending and torsional stiffness continuity plots. 2. WIPRO TECHNOLOGIES, Bangalore, India. Technical Lead, 24 October 2005 –18 Jul 2011

(Quantech Global Solutions, acquired by Wipro in 2006)

(Onsite at NTCNA, Farmington Hills, USA - Mar 2010 to Nov 2010)

(Onsite at GMTCI, Bangalore-Worked in CAE-Design & Body structures/Exteriors groups. Jun 2007 to Feb 2009)

(Onsite at GMTCI, Bangalore: Worked in CAE-Interiors group Apr 2009 to Mar 2010) 3 of 3

Involved in physical testing for Strength and Durability items to make CAE Vs Test correlations and also to meet the FMVSS regulations.

Design modifications to meet the Durability and stiffness performance requirement of truck floor for Palette and shelf loads.

SW / Panel durability analysis using FEMFAT for various automotive assemblies.

FASCIA Firm Feel and Sag analysis to evaluate the displacement target.

FE Trim Body model building for NVH: model build from scratch and also converting LS-Dyna model: o FE representation, Shell & Solid modeling with all Nastran connections (Welds, Seams, Adhesives, Bolts, Clips), Springs (Seals/Weather-strips/Welts) o NSM, Lumped and Distributed mass application.

o Include making, mass and CG matching.

o Run complete model analysis to find the rigid modes, identify mechanisms and free parts.

BIW Modal & Point Mobility analysis: Modal and FRF to establish resonance: o Modal analysis of complete BIW using Nastran to establish the natural frequency and the mode shapes.

o Frequency Response analysis to positively identify the Global modes and identify the resonances.

Modal and PSD analysis of LRU assembly

NVH analysis for the compressor assembly

Torsion and Bending Frequency improvement of BIW to achieve the given target frequencies

Body and Closures:

BIW Torsion & Bending, closure stiffness like Alignment quality, Sash, Waist, Regulator mounting, Torsional & Lateral, Flexural stiffness, Hood Lift and Outer Panel Stiffness.

Full vehicle integration (FE model building) for Frontal CRASH / NVH : o Checking of all CAD data as per BOM, Mid plane meshing, thickness & mat assigning. o Intersection & penetration removal, Rigid patch creation o Relevant 1D connections such as rigids, joints, etc, Welds & adhesive creation o Contacts & Time History node update.

o Include file creation, Barrier and Load case setup o Integrity checks by 120ms run in LS-Dyna .

Model building and analysis of Exterior Assemblies: Head Lamp, Tail Lamps, Roof Header, Fr/Rr Bumper Fascia, Washer Bottle etc.

Model building and analysis of Interior Assemblies: Door trim, Roof trim, console, IP and IP structure. 3. LARSEN & TOUBRO (e-Engineering Solns), Chennai, India Design Engineer, 24 Sep 2004 to 22 Oct 2005

Finite Element Modeling and Analysis of Compressor Casing, Loader arm and G P Bucket.

Finite Element Modeling of cylinder block (Power train)

Finite element modeling of BIW with closures for Air-cooling analysis 4 AERONAUTICAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY, Bangalore, India Project Trainee, Sep 2003 to Aug 2004

Analysis of Combat Aircraft Airbrake and LCA Front Fuselage Honors

Awarded Silver medal at Nissan NA for design optimization to meet RC regulation for the latest MY from the previous MY and managing SUV program, this saved 3M USD.

Secured 2nd rank during M.Tech., (Gold medal) in the university examination conducted by Vishveshwaraih Technological University, Karnataka, India, August 2004

Awarded best outgoing student by BIET, Davanagere, India, during M.Tech.

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