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Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer

Irvine, California, United States
August 24, 2018

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Sal Tuzzolino


Dear Sir/Madam:

With a stellar track record of increasing market share, profitability, and product offerings, and market innovations, it is a pleasure to submit my resume for your review. My blend of innovative strategies and traditional values will be complimentary to your goals and will provide a high degree of leadership where needed.

My greatest strengths match those most essential to consistent growth and success:

Expertise in developing profitable C-level partnerships and forging global strategic alliances

Proficiency in identifying untapped markets and business opportunities, domestically and internationally

Extensive experience in domestic and international mergers, acquisitions, investment capital, roll-ups, venture financing, and private equity

Strong track record of bottom-line responsibility for product launch, pricing, marketing, and promotional initiatives

Overall P&L accountability, across all sectors and segments

A career-long history of consistently increasing productivity and reducing costs

Strong background in talent management, workforce planning, change management, organizational development, and all aspects of Human Resources

Superior skills in Human Resources, labor relations, organizational structure, compensation design, team building/recruiting, and cultural diversity

My seasoned business insight and in-depth knowledge of improving operations will enable me to impact the bottom line greatly. I am confident that my combination of drive and experience will provide this organization with valuable ingredients to maintain stability while spawning growth when and where needed.

I look forward to discussing your objectives and how we can work together to accomplish them.


Sal Tuzzolino

Professional Information

Job Function: Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions, Roll-up Strategy, Carve-outs, LBOs, EBITDA, GAAP, P&L, Forecasting, Private Equity, Investment Capital, Investment Banking, ERM Debt Management, Risk Management, Change Management, Corporate Security and Compliance, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Real Estate Development and Management, Construction and Contractors Project Management, REITs, Change Management, Executive Team Building, Recruiting, Human Resources, Compensation, Diversity Training, Media, Production, On-air Broadcasting, Anchor, Reporting, Voice-over, Post-production

Education: Post Graduate Degree

Experience: 25+ Years

Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer


Los Angeles, CA

November 2012 – June 2018

TFS Co. provides bleeding-edge applications, big data technology, and the most progressive scouting and recruiting platform to high school and college student-athletes via mobile applications utilizing 3-D art assets, a play creator for the coaching staff and a player viewer that securely shares animated plays and films from the coaching staff on the iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. Responsible for driving all operational and financial initiatives from its start-up, subscription-based financial model to its acquisitions with over 68,000 users. Successfully raised several millions of dollars in seed and A-round investment capital and resources. Internal company functional highlights included the hand-selecting of their board of directors; lead by key sports figures with strong business backgrounds; champions and All-Star players from the NFL, NHL, NBA, and Wall Street notables. Most notably, a key decision-maker for board of directors, advisory board recruitment, operations marketing, and financial directives to the board of directors for key mergers and its roll-up strategy, spearheaded raising of vital investment capital, mitigated risk and debt management exposure, implemented corporate compliance, compensation, and Human Resources policies and procedure. Reported to Chairman.

Skills Used: EBITDA, GAAP, Forecasting, Financial Modeling, Corporate Compliance, PE, ERM, Debt Management, Mergers & Acquisition, Strategic Marketing, Six Sigma metrics, Human Resources, Labor-Management Relations, Diversity, Operations Management, Directional IT Management, Sales and Marketing Oversight

Chief Operating Officer

Vista Equities, Inc, Orange, CA

August 2002 - October 2012

A privately-held real estate development company - Spearheaded company from launch to its eventual $165M exit, directed full EBITDA accountability, reduced Vista’s expenditures over a 8-year period by 27%, increased market share by 19% over direct competitors, successfully negotiated over $110M is domestic and international acquisitions, development, and holdings in addition to drove sales of their residential and commercial real estate assets at a average volume of over 17% of total holdings per year, including low and medium density, hotel and land holdings with CBRE, Century 21, Lockheed Martin, professional athletes, a major casino holdings company, REITs, and county, state, and federal government branches. Implemented Human Resources policies, procedure, Labor-Management best practices, and construction and contractors management from concept to keys. Reported to CEO.

Skills Used: Mergers & Acquisition, EBITDA, GAAP, Forecasting, Roll-up Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Change Management, Business Development, Six Sigma metrics, Executive Team Building, Financial Modeling, Real Estate Development & Construction Management, Human Resources, Labor-Management Relations, Business Law, Corporate Compliance, PE, Diversity

Finance Director to Vice President, Operations

Nova Communications, LTD, Torrance, CA

May 1998 - May 2002

This southern California-based telecommunications hardware provider gained significant market share during my occupancy of two key executive positions; Finance Director and Vice President of Operations. As Vice President of Operations, I implemented Nova’s roll-up strategy and successfully slashed the competition’s market share by over 40% which reflected in the Nova’s hyper growth from gross revenues of less than $1.5M to over $144M and a footprint from southern California to south Florida in the first 13 months of employment. As Nova’s Finance Director, I successfully negotiated over $50M in business contracts while driving down the hardware cost and capital lease terms from their primary hardware providers, Nortel Networks and Panasonic. Additional successes included the design and implementation of Human Resources process and procedure, procuring telecommunications hardware supply chain, Internet telephony solutions, value added services, sales, business development, banking relations, investment capital, and investor relations. Reported to President.

Skills Used: Mergers & Acquisitions, Change Management, Six Sigma metrics, Team Building, Financial Modeling, Sales, Forecasting, Six Sigma metrics, Competitive Analysis Recruiting, Human Resources, Construction, Contractors, Diversity Training, Compensation

General Manager

Executel, Inc, New Orleans, LA

January 1996 - February 1998

A start-up company, Executel was a telecommunications network and asset holdings company in the wireless communication space. Lead the day to day operations of communication tower site acquisition, tower build-out, implementation of FCC regulated communication hardware. Key accomplishments included the acquisition of over 1,000 FCC wireless licenses across the USA while spending less than 10% of their total value. Further wireless communications licenses were acquired in Mexico, Central America, and Southeast Asia, thus building its valuation to over 1,200% with its vault filled with key licenses with blocked competition from global expansion; leading to the acquisition of Executel just over 3 years since inception. For the first 90 days, functional responsibilities included the recruiting, training, and implementation of Executel’s sales department in addition to employee relations, benefits, compensation, and the recruitment, training, and responsible sales. Reported to Managing Director.

Skills Used: Sales, Sales Forecasting, Strategic Marketing and Management, Engineering, Team Building, Human Resources, Construction, Contractors, Project Management


Master of Business Administration Finance & Management

Duke University – Durham, NC

Master of Jurisprudence Business Law, Compliance

Loyola University Chicago School of Law – Chicago, IL

Bachelor of Arts Communications

Purdue University – West Lafayette, IN

Associate of Arts Spanish

Saddleback College – Mission Viejo, CA

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