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Developer Oracle

Austin, Texas, United States
August 24, 2018

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Objective: To seek a position as an Oracle application developer in a challenging environment.


More than 15 years of experience in Relational Database, Client Server, three-tier technologies, Internet/Intranet technologies, oracle EBS and business application development for Telecommunication, Pharmaceuticals, Sports Goods and Manufacturing industries.

Over last 8 years of Oracle E-Business Suite R12 experience in RICE development, functional and technical support.

Hands-on involvement in business requirement, GAP analysis, process mapping, solution design, configuration, setups, work arounds, interfaces, user training.

Intermediate functional knowledge and working experience since 7 years on Oracle EBS Account Receivables (AR), Order Management (OM), Oracle Product Information Management (PIM), Oracle Payments, INV, GL, TCA, and EBTAX.

Convincing working technical experience in Oracle EBS AR, OM, PIM, TCA, EBTAX and GL of Interfaces, Tables, API etc.

Created and providing the Oracle EBS Data for AR, OM, TCA, GL, Payment and EBTAX modules to Management team for analysis and decision.

Hands of Experience of Oracle Payments Setup for Paypal or any other customized payment setup with Oracle EBS Payment system, and strong technical experience for Oracle Payment Module like Tables, Packages, API and custom integration.

Good and strong experience of Oracle EBS Order Management for using external system orders into the EBS by using Oracle Order Interfaces, APIs, setups and business logic before injecting into the Oracle EBS OM Modules.

Intermediate experience of Implementation and migration by using of Oracle E-Business Suite Application R12 both technical and functional knowledge of Oracle Product Information Management (PIM), Order Management and Trading Community Architecture (TCA).

Developed Oracle Forms and Reports by using Oracle DS10g to integrate with Oracle EBS R12 for user needs and requirements.

Strong in SQL Queries using Correlated Sub Queries, Multi-column Sub Queries, Scalar Sub Queries, Inline View Queries, MERGE, Regular Expression 10g and Top N Analysis Queries.

Strong working experienced in PL/SQL programming (Functions, Procedures, Packages, Triggers, Indexes, Materialized Views and Database Objects etc.).

Experience in Tuning SQL statements to improve execution performance using TKPROF, SQL Trace, etc.

Writing UNIX Shell scripts for batch processing and reports.

Strong hands on experienced in Migration of Oracle 8 Database into Oracle 9i Database including Forms and Reports. (Oracle Developer 2000 to Oracle Developer Suite 9i Web based).

Experienced in data migration using SQL * Loader and Import/Export.

Technical Skills

Application: Oracle EBS Application R 12, AR, OM, TCA, EBTAX, PIM, GL, INV etc. Oracle 10.7

Database: Oracle 11g, 10g Rel. 2, 9i, 8i and MS Access 2000, SQL Server


Development Software: Oracle Developer Suite 10g (Form & Report Builder), Oracle DS 6i, and later.

Utilities: SQL*Loader and Import/Export. Data Pump 10g

Modeling Tools: ERWIN, Oracle Designer 6i, MS Visio 2003, Oracle BI Publisher

Scripting UNIX Shell Script (K Shell)

Other Tools: Quest SQL Navigator, TOAD, PL/SQL Developer, and Oracle SQL Developer

Professional Experience

Wilsonart, Temple, TX

Role: Oracle EBS Developer (Contractor)

Duration: JUN-2017(Got this project during I was in Golfsmith) - Present

Wilsonart migrating from Oracle Apps 10.7 to Oracle EBS R12. But keep the Oracle Manufacturing in 10.7 and rest of the Modules are in R12.

Primary Responsibilities are in this project:

Development of RICE (Report, Interface, Customization, Extension) Objects in both Oracle 10.7 and Oracle R12.

Developed the Bill of Material Inbound Interface in Oracle 107 that received the data from Oracle EBS R12 by using the BOM API and BOM Standard Interface and write the code in PL/SQL and Call from Concurrent Program.

Developed the Work In Process Extract Program in Oracle 10.7 to send the data to Oracle EBS R12 by using PL/SQL Package, tables etc.

Developed Oracle BI Custom Reports in Oracle EBS R12 for AR, AP INV and GL. Developed the EXCEL version of most of the Oracle EBS R12 Standard Report e.g. AR Aging, AP Trial Balance etc. by using the XML Publisher.

Involved and lead Dev Unit and UAT Testing and interaction with Business Users.

Fixing the bugs for others programs written in custom packages and data issue.

Worked on PL/SQL Packages, Tables, Function, Oracle EBS Concurrent Program, Job Scheduling, FND Lookups, Profiles, Value Sets, FND Load from UNIX, Flex Fields and Descriptive Flex Fields.

Environment: Oracle EBS Application R12 and 10.7, Oracle 11g Database (, PL/SQL and SQL, SVN, PL/SQL Developer.

Golfsmith International Inc., Austin, TX

Role: Oracle EBS Techno-Functional (AR, OM, PIM, TCA)

Duration: OCT-2012 – SEP-2017 (Golfsmith was bankrupt 2017 so supported till the end)


Production Support for Order Management, Account Receivables, Product Information Management, EBTAX and TCA Modules.

Monitor and clear the Order Interface errors, AR Interface errors, Return Receiving errors and AR Receipt batches.

Developed the custom return processing by using Order Management API e.g. Order Import, Inventory Receiving Interface, AR Receipt API e.g. UnApplied/Applied, create AR transaction (Debit Memo) API and AR Refund Activity for payment by using IBY API.

Developed custom order program that process WEB and POS comes from SQL Server and program codes in PL/SQL Packages which have many procedures and function which validate data according to the business logic for an example of WEB Order, POS Order, International Order etc. by using Order Management Setup like Order Types, Lines Types, Item Types, holds, customer setup etc. and AR different setup like AR Receipt Methods for different payment methods (Credit Card, Cash, Gift Card etc.).

Developed and designed Nightly Item Jobs for WEB and POS that extract data every night for items from Oracle PIM for like Physical Attributes, User Defined Attributes (UDA), Variant Attributes, Categories and Association etc. Item Jobs developed in PL/SQL Program by using Packages, Procedures, Functions, staging tables, views and concurrent program etc.

Developed many reports for AR, OM, PIM, TCA modules and integrated with Oracle EBS by using Oracle Reports and BI Publisher.

Developed and modified some forms e.g. Order Enter Forms for Phone Orders, Rebate Form for Finance, Price Changes form etc. by using Oracle Forms 10g.

Maintain and modified the custom payment processing code by using PAYPAL API and Golfsmith own Credit Switch Payment Authorization and Settlement for Credit Cards through Java Code which integrated Oracle EBS Payment System. Familiar with Oracle Payment System e.g. Gateway.

Environment: Oracle EBS Application R12, Oracle 11g Database (, PL/SQL and SQL, Windows XP, PL/SQL Developer.

Golfsmith International Inc., Austin, TX

Role: Contractor Oracle Developer

Duration: Jul-2010 – Sep- 2012

Project: Oracle EBS Application Migration from R11.0.3 to R12 Custom Development for Web (.COM)/POS


Understand and participated in the setup and configuration of Oracle E-Business Suite(EBS) Application R12 Product Information Management (PIM), Order Management and Customer TCA architecture.

Involved and provided the mapping of Old Oracle Apps (R11.0.3) to New Oracle Apps R12 for PIM, OM and Customer Information.

Retrofitting and creating custom database packages, stored procedures and functions to integrate with Oracle EBS Apps R12.

Developed and designed the product module for Web (.COM) and Point of Sales System (POS) to provide the Style and SKU items from Oracle Apps R12 PIM system, by using of packages, tables, views, materialized views, synonyms, sequences, functions, indexes and database triggers in Oracle 11g.

Developed the bridge or gateway of Orders from WEB/POS system for OLD format (Oracle Apps R11.0.3) to new format (Oracle EBS Apps R12), database for old format SQL Server and New format in Oracle database 11g. This module has New Tables, Packages, data loading & mapping.

Involved in the making of product, customer and order modules which comes from Amazon, Ebay and GBuy for Golfsmith’s sale, the data comes from XML data feed and load into Oracle. All these modules are developed in Oracle Packages, tables, views by using of Oracle 11g.

Collaborating and involved in teams discussion with Development Managers, Oracle Apps Implementation Team and Web/POS Teams.

Worked on the high level architecture and detailed design of the application.

Environment: Oracle EBS Application R12, Oracle 11g Database (, PL/SQL and SQL, Windows XP, PL/SQL Developer.

Sr. Oracle Database Developer April 2007 – April 2010

Verizon Wireless, Irvine, CA

Project: B2B E-Commerce Application - My Business Verizon Wireless

Involved in the design and development of B2B E-Commerce application by using of Oracle 10g Rel. 2.

E-Commerce apps developed in multiple environments (Development, System Integration, User Acceptance, Quality Assurance, Production and Maintenance)

Responsible for technical analysis of specifications, identification of data elements, normalization of data as per functional, technical and performance requirements.

Extensively involved in writing and managing PL/SQL stored procedures, functions, triggers and packages to meet the business requirements and update the existing objects based on change requests.

Created and maintained database objects like tables, views, materialized views, synonyms, procedures, functions and database triggers to meet the business requirements.

Responsible for developing data model for the system using modeling tools such as Er Win and MS Visio.

Involved in the project releases on Production and work with DBA to implements DB objects scripts according to the requirements.

Developed the Data Pricing Interface (DPI) which is used for loading of external files into Oracle DB by using SQL*Loader and shell script.

Developed Batch processes in UNIX shell scripts for processing of business needs by using of PL/SQL and SQL.

Developed and implemented the Oracle Advanced Queue (AQ) for the solution of Sync-up of data with using of DB Triggers.

Developed and used Dynamic SQL’s in the package and procedure for publish functionality between two schemas.

Tuned and Analyzed SQL queries through proper joins and rephrase the queries and build Indexes where as needed according to Explain plan, statistics and reduced consistent gets in the environment of Terabyte Databases.

Environment: Oracle 10g Database (, PL/SQL and SQL, UNIX SUNOS 5.9, Windows XP, Quest SQL Navigator, Toad, MS Visio and ERWin. K Shell Scripting.

Sr. Oracle Developer June 2003 - Dec 2006

Novartis Pharmaceutical Ltd., Pakistan

Project: Sales and Distribution System (SDS)

Primary responsibilities include developed, designed and development of new requirement of Sales & Distribution System by using of Oracle 8 and Oracle 9i

Secondary responsibilities include support and maintenance of on going sales and distribution system.

Developed initial design of database and normalization using ErWin regarding logical, physical design and reverse engineering of the database.

Developed strong SQL Queries for analytical reports using with Correlated queries, sub queries, multi columns sub queries, scalar sub queries, Inline sub queries and TOP N analysis.

Used regular expression and merge statement regarding data validation and wild card search patterns.

Used advanced PL/SQL to create database stored procedures, functions and triggers.

Developed and customized the screens and reports layouts by using Oracle Forms/Reports 9i.

Dynamic LOV, Programmatically Record Group handling, Multiple Forms and MDI applications with multiple windows and canvas interfaces, Security Features using Menu Roles.

Designed highly complicated Reports using all important typical features of Reports 9i like PDF reports, Placeholder & Formula columns, conditional Report Layouts, Group filters etc.

Developed Interface for SAP and ERP-BPCS IBM / AS400 regarding loading of Sales Data through text files from SDS.

Developed and Implemented the Audit Trailing on Sales and Distribution system by using DB Triggers and DB object Type.

Experienced on migration from Oracle 8 to Oracle 9i, both database and frontend (forms and reports) as well.

Environment: Oracle 9i Database (, Oracle 9i Developer Suite (Forms Builder and Reports Builder), Oracle 8 and Oracle Developer 2000 Rel 2.1 (Forms and Reports) Builder, Window98 and Windows XP, Toad and ERWin.

Oracle Developer March 2002 - June 2003

Brookes Pharmaceutical Laboratories Ltd., Pakistan

Project: Marketing Information System (MIS)

Analyzed, developed and maintained Oracle Forms and Reports for newly designed Marketing information System (MIS).

Involved in developing Logical and Physical Data Models by using of ERWIN and MS Visio

Development included using the security access from the MIS system on user login and different menus for different access levels.

Interacted with end-users and business analysts to identified and developed business requirements and transform it into technical requirements.

Developed different modules of MIS regarding Field Force Expense, Chemist Club and Sales by using of Oracle Forms 5.0 and Reports 3.0

During the development used PL/SQL procedures, functions, packages and triggers to fulfill the business needs.

Creating and manipulating various database objects and their maintenance. Performing some DBA tasks, variety of duties such assisting and creating users, database import/export, backups, data transfer within the company sites, data reading sales and fixing errors, ensuring smooth performance of the system.

Heavy interaction with users, make them understand the use standard and management reports

Worked with team members to share functional and technical knowledge.

Extensively loading of external CSV Sales files from distributors into the database by using of SQL Loader scripts.

Environment: Oracle Developer 2000 R2.1 (Forms 5.0 and Reports 3.0, Oracle 8.0.4 Database, MS Visio and ERWin.

Oracle Developer March 2001 - March 2002

Millennium Software Ltd., Pakistan

Project: Human Resource Management System - ERP

Involved and participated in the development of Human Resource and Management System for different clients and it is the sub module of MERLIN-ERP (Millennium Enterprise Resource Planning)-ERP system on Oracle 8i and Oracle 6i.

HRMS system helped to store personal information of the employees as well as other details like promotions, increments, enhancement courses, experiences and other details for generating various MIS reports.

Developed and maintained the system using Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, SQL*Plus and PL/SQL.

Worked as a team member and had a separate individual development of reports.

Made character based reports and laser or bitmapped based reports according to the requirement from clients by using of Oracle Report Builder 6i.

Developed enquires, financial reports, group wise and matrix reports using Report Builder.

Environment: Oracle 8i Database, Oracle Developer 6i (Forms 6i and Reports 6i). / Windows 98 and Win NT 4.0


Master of Computer Science PAF-KIET, Pakistan 2003

Bachelor of Commerce University of Karachi, Pakistan 1998

Oracle 9i Master Program (Database and Developer Suite) - Oracle University, Pakistan 2004

Diploma in Oracle DBA and Developer ORA-SOFT EDUCATION, Pakistan 1999


Oracle Certified Associate 2004


Will be provided upon request

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