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Principal Geologist

Stafa, Canton of Zurich, Switzerland
August 24, 2018

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CV Senior Exploration Geologist

Dr. Benedikt Louis Lehner

Reasons for Application:

To positively impact on both greenfield and mature asset portfolios by means of Regional Seismic Interpretation Studies with 23 years of experience in exploration portfolio maturation, ‘Play Based Evaluation’, ’Integrated 3D Charge Modelling’ and play based ‘Yet to Find’ estimates for yearly Business Plan Reporting & Strategy definition. Experience in coaching local technical staff with

‘hands on’ practical work projects and transfer of skills as much as possible. Familiar with greenfield exploration and integrated basin modelling from work experience in deep water Angola, as member of the Shell MENA Regional Geology Team, as Principal Regional Geologist for Middle East Pz/Mz New Ventures and as Frontier Exploration Team Leader in Australia. Also familiar with NFE/NIE integrated asset portfolios from work experience in onshore/shallow offshore Nigeria, as exploration portfolio owner for the Northern North Sea and most recently ‘Integrated Charge Evaluation’ and play-based Exploration for both onshore and offshore Brunei.

Surname Lehner

Given Names Benedikt Louis

Preferred (international)

telephone number

Mobile: +41-79-384-**-**

Email Private:

Current Details

Nationality Swiss

Initial date joined Shell 2/Aug/1993

Line of Business UI - Upstream International

Present Company Independent Consultant (Senior Associate Westwood Global Energy) Skill Pool Exploration Geosciences & Seismic Interpretation Main Technical Skills

Exploration Prospectivity Studies for long-term Business Plan Strategy based on ‘Integrated Charge Evaluation’ (ICE), Play based YTF Evaluation

(PBE), 2D/3D Regional Seismic Interpretation, Applied Geophysics (QI / Regional Rock Property Studies), Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, Reservoir Geology, Basin Modeling, Regional Geology.

Availability details

Starting from: December 2018

Other relevant details



On the


• MSc in Micropaleontology/Sedimentology at the University of Zuerich, Switzerland

• PHD in Sequence Stratigraphy/Sedimentology at the Universities of Zuerich and Stuttgart, Germany;

• PostDoc in Strucutural Geology/Sedimentology at the University of Stuttgart;

• Lecturer in Seismic Stratigraphy and Organic Geochemistry at the University of Stuttgart.

-Regional Exploration Experience from 4 years in the Regional Global Exploration Team in The Hague,

-3 years in Prospectivity studies Offshore Western Africa with 2D/3D seismic for deep water turbidites and 6 years Regional Seismic Interpretation Studies in the Niger Delta including Regional Study Shallow Offshore.

-2 years as member of the MENA Team working on Algerian, Libyan, Syrian and Egyptian Bid rounds. ’Difficult Tight Reservoir’ and ‘Intra Platform’ SR Studies in Oman.

-4.5 years member of Shell Australia Regional New Business Team involved in gazettal evaluations through basin modelling and as PBE/BPA focal point responsible for Technology Planning, PBE based YTF estimates and Frontier Basin Gazettal evaluation Coordinator.

-2.5 year’s Norske Shell Northern North Sea Technical Lead for Regional Exploration Framework Project and APA 2012 & 2013 Bid Rounds resulting in the Award of Shell operated license blocks

-Finally 2.5 years Principal Regional Geologist and Portfolio Rejuvenation Project owner at Brunei Shell.

Languages English-Fluent



French & Italian-Business, Norwegian-familiar


Competencies &

Experience with lithostratigraphic and chronostratigraphic work (relative age dating with nanno-, micro- and palynofossils) of Jurassic to Early Tertiary deep water marine Skills sediments. Alternative geological mapping techniques (e.g. aerial photographic interpretation, satellite image interpretation). Whole rock analytical lab-experience (e.g. coulometry, XRF, XRD), know various preparation techniques for calcareous and organic micro- and nannofossils. Have operated and published work with the Hitachi 2300 & Jeol 320 SEMs. Participated in seismic acquisition (assisted in relief/surface geol. mapping along transects for static corrections) of Swiss part of European Alpine Geotraverse. German Research Foundation (DFG) PostDoc Project Leader concerning Neptunian Dyke classification along Mesozoic Carbonate Platforms in the Tethys. Regional Rock Property Studies Offshore West Africa, NW Australian Shelf, North Sea and NW Borneo Shelf. IT skills & related:

Worked with PDP-II, RSX, IBM RS6000, SUN and SiliconGraphics Workstations. Know how to handle files with VMS, AIX & UNIX systems. Have written programs in C for PHIGS and OpenGL implementations of geographically referenced data in 2- and 3D. Have also written programs for PostScript-output, have worked with the SunView, Xwindows, IRIX and GeoQuest windowing systems. Have written various graphic and database programs for the IBM PC in Pascal, Prolog, Basic and C++ using OpenGL. Experience in application development for geographically referenced data (e.g. PlateDrifter & GIS applications) as part of the Shell Group Platetectonic Service and 'MapConnect' development with Spotfire Decision-site for IHS data mining.

Seismic Structure Mapping experience with software packages like CPS3, Zycor Zmap+, GenaMap, ArcInfo, ArcMap and ERMapper. Seismic interpretation/evaluation experience in 2D and 3D seismic including mapping techniques with GeoQuest (Charisma), nDI, Landmark, SpiritTIS, SpiritII and Petrel. Additional experience in 3D seismic visualization techniques, such as seismic formation sculpting, amplitude body checking and automatic horizon mapping with VoxelGeo. 3D basin modelling experience with IBS+ and 3D Cauldron. Data visualisation/analysis by means of Spotfire. Prospect ranking experience with Space, Admer, Prospector & Fastrack Risk Analysis Software. Work


Shell Angola:

-Deep water acreage evaluation and negotiating experience in Blocks 16 & 18 Offshore Angola 1997-99

-Training Focalpoint for Exploration staff in Shell Angola from May’96 to April '99

-3D visualisation/VoxelGeo Focal Point in Shell Angola June’98 to April '99 Shell Nigeria:

-Niger Delta experience OMLs 13 & 30 evaluation 2000-01.

-Co-ordination of Niger Delta Sequence Stratigraphic Study and Shallow Offshore and Onshore Basin Play Analysis 2002-2003.

-Member of SPDC Nigeria BXE ELAN 2000 Change Team & Member of SPDC Nigeria BDD ELAN-lite 2001-2002 Business Plan Team

-Co-ordination of Shallow Offshore Niger Delta Seq Strat Project January 2000 until May 01

-Interim TL of Niger Delta Shallow Offshore BPA Study and Niger Delta Onshore Regional Prospectivity Evaluation, 2002

SIEP MENA The Hague & Rijswijk:

-Basin Play Analysis Cameroon Project, 2003

-North Africa Tight Gas Gamechanger 2004.

-Bid round support for Algeria, Libya, & Tunisia 2004

-Tech TL Syrian 2005 Bid round Evaluation & PRG Middle East NV..

-Tech TL Sinai 2006 Bid round Evaluation

Shell Australia:

-SDA Basin Modeling Focal point modelling of Bonaparte, Browse, Offshore Canning and North Carnarvon Sub-basins

-Frontier Basin Gazettal Evaluation Coordinator (Basins: Great Australian Bight, Mentelle, Duntroon, Offshore Canning), 2009 -10.

-Establishment of workflow and coordination of SDA Technology application plans for 2009/2010.

Norske Shell:

-Technical Project Lead for Northern North Sea Framework Study including 3D Cauldron Basin Model, 2011.

-Applied Strat3D visualisation for APA Bid round evaluation, 2011-13.

-Set up Northern North Sea Basin Play Analysis Project with Common risk maps and ‘Yet to find’ estimates for focusing of APA Bid Round evaluations 2012 & 2013. Brunei Shell:

-PBE/BPA based YTF for NW Borneo Margin (BSP license) Business/Venture Plans, 2014 - 2016.

-Pan-Brunei Portfolio Rejuvenation with integrated QI Rock Property model and 3D Charge Modelling supervision in PRG role, 2014-Q4 2016

References Roelof Janssen, RVXM Asia, Global tel.:+60-323****** mobile: +60-125******, Keith Gerdes UPX/C, Mgr Ext Liason & Sr Consultant, Global tel.: +44-207******* mobile: +44-797*******

Career History

Start : Oct-2013 Highlights: Portfolio Rejuvenation with integrated QI Rock Property and Pan- Brunei 3D Charge Model. Maturation and NFE Team support with 100% volume promise drilling success rate for 2014 & 15. Supervision of NW Borneo margin wide Tectonostratigraphic Project together with Shell Deep Water Borneo, Sarawak & Sabah for common play risking.

Brunei onshore Darat Deep Gas rejuvenation project including Asset Team. EMR Project with UBD concerning NWB margin Petroleum Systems Concepts and SR facies. Delivered workflows for NWB Tectonostrat. Project, GDE and Play Mapping ‘Sprint’ exercises 2016.

End : November-


Job Group : 2

Position :Principal




: BSP, Shell

Brunei & Shell


Start : May-2011 Highlights: Technical Project Leader Northern North Sea Regional Framework Study/integrated 3D Charge Model Basin Play Analysis Project 2011 and APA Bid Round evaluations 2012-13 resulting in successful award of License Blocks for Shell operatorship documented by Report 'NNS Regional Framework Study2012. EMR project concerning SR identification by means of WFC guided by 3D Charge Modelling.

End : Oct-2013

Job Group : 2

Position :Principal




: Norske Shell

Start : Sep-2006 Highlights: 3D Charge Models for Bonaparte, Browse, Offshore Canning & N. Carnarvon 2006 - 2009. PBE based YTF for Greater NWS Business/Venture Plans 2007- 2010. Permian Reservoir Fieldtrip Coordinator in Merlinleigh Basin 2008 - 2010. Technology Plan workflow and implementation 2009- 2010. Frontier Basin Gazettal Evaluation Coordinator 2010 for GAB, Duntroon, Mentelle, Offshore Canning. Pro-active Offshore Canning prospectivity study and Exploration Acreage proposal resulting in subsequent gazettal by Australian government & successful award of Offshore Canning Blocks together with Woodside as operator.

End : Apr-2011

Job Group : 3

Position :Play Eval.


Eval. Coord.



: SDA Shell


Start : May-2004 Highlights: As Principal Regional Geologist for Middle East NV’s Initiator of Tight Gas Game-Changer for North Africa, ADNOC & PDO 2004 -2005. As MENA PRG Libyan & Algerian Bid round evaluation '04- '05, Technical Lead Syrian'05 Bid round evaluation: Report, 2005;Technical Lead Sinai for EGAS'06 Bid round evaluation: 2006

End : Sep-2006

Job Group : 3

Position :PRG Middle


Pz/Mz NV




Start : Feb-2002 Highlights: PBE/BPA of Niger Delta Shallow Offshore and entire Onshore: Presentation ISC 2002: 'Niger Delta Value Assessment through Integrated Reg. Seq/Strat & PBE." Technical lead of BPA Cameroon project. Technical Lead of PBE/BPA Onshore Niger Delta Evaluation & fusion with deep water Offshore. Regional geological framework study of the Niger Delta - Resource assessment and geological risking, 2004.

End : Apr-2004

Job Group : 4

Position :Reg.Geol.Play

Analyst at EPT-S




Start : May-1999 Highlights: Prospectivity Review N.Delta, 2000. Presentation at ISC 2000:

'Integrated Reg.Seis-Seq/Strat Successfully Identifies New Prospectivity & Game Changers in SPDC's Shallow Offshore Acreage'. Seismic Facies Catalogue of the Shallow Offshore Niger Delta SPDC (2001). Member of BXE ELAN Change Team presented Best Practice of the Expl. Change SPDC Leadership. Part of BDD ELAN Lite 2001-2002 Business Plan Team. Technical Lead of Seq/Strat & Seismic Facies of the Shallow Offshore Niger Delta, Regional Shallow Offshore Prospectivity Review: 'Integrated Seismic Seq/Strat, HC Charge, Rock Prop.& Play Assess. Niger Delta', 2002. End : Jan-2002

Job Group : 4

Position :Exploration





:SPDC Shell


Start : May-1996 Highlights: Deep water Blocks 14 & 16 Offshore Angola 2D & 3D evaluation, Exploration Well Proposal Mbridge-B, (1998). Deep water Block 18 Offshore Angola 2D & 3D eval. Facilitated change from Early Cretaceous Pinda Play Expl. Strategy to Tertiary Turbidite Play during TCM with JV partner AMOCO. Presentation at ISC in Houston 98: 'Reduced Interpretation Cycle Time End : Mar-1999

Job Group : 4

Position :Expl.


Interpretor through Fast-Track 3D Evaluation'. Co-author of paper at 1998 International AAPG Conference in Rio: ”The Use of 3D Visualization for Understanding Tertiary Deep-Water Clastic Systems: a West Africa Example” Employing


: SEPA Shell


Start : Feb-1996 Highlights: -Paleostress/fault integrity studies for Woodside, SSB and NAM.

-Plate-tectonic Evolution and Paleostress Analysis of Tertiary Basins in SE Asia: EP Report 96.

-Co-author and lecturer for the Carbonate Platform Fieldtrip of the Geological Seminar : Field guide 96

-EMR project supervision for carbonate reservoir rock properties study concerning ”Neptunian Dykes”

End : Apr-1996

Job Group : 4

Position :Exploration






Start : Nov-1993 Highlights: Global Plate tectonic SR Distrib.Atlas with Karl Roberti, SIPM EP Report 95. Plate tectonic Studies for Norske Shell, Expro, NAM, Shell Egypt, SDA, Woodside, Shell Thailand, CIS & Shell Philippines: Report 95. Setup of Play Knowledgebase with Geerd Konert & F. Chin: The Play Knowledge Base: General system outline Rep.96, Paleoclimate, SR & reservoir distribution studies for Woodside & Albania, Paleostress/fault integrity for SDA, Norske Shell, Shell Philippines & NAM, (1995/5). Presentation of plate tectonic case studies during the annual GSA conference (New Orleans 1995) titled:

”Paleostress analysis as spin-off of higher resolution regional plate tectonic studies” with Harry Doust as co-author.

End : Jan-1996

Job Group : 5

Position :Regional






Personal Academic Webpage: Personal Hobby Webpage 3 ‘Unedited’ Testimonials as provided by Supervisors in original format: 1.)

By ‘Mike Foley’ Shell Global PBE Principal Expert Sept 2003: Business/Technical competencies: Fulfil for next SG: YES Beni has demonstrated a broad and deep understanding of sequence stratigraphy, charge modelling, regional structure and sand fairway mapping and lead identification. He has been a lead contributor to the Shallow Offshore regional study and ongoing Niger Delta Framework study. He has been instrumental in contributing to developments of the Playsim tool and related tools and methodologies used for delivering integrated regional studies. These contributions have been recognised and had impact at a global scale through their application in other basin framework studies. Beni has also demonstrated a competence in portfolio management and has taken the lead role in development of a Nigeria-wide Exploration opportunity portfolio for the first time. Business/Commercial competencies: Fulfil for next SG: YES Beni has demonstrated a good understanding of the commercial levers impacting on Exploration in Nigeria. He worked closely with economists in BXE-COM and software engineers and provided the interface for integrating an economic model into the Nigeria Shallow Offshore Playsim tool. Team/Self competencies: Fulfil for next SG: YES

I support Beni Lehner’s progression . He has been a key player in the regional geology team in SPDC in the variety of forms it has taken – both in Nigeria and in EPT. He has demonstrated a high capacity to adapt to changing organisational set-ups and continue his meaningful contributions. He has taken on project management responsibilities in EPT for the high profile Niger Delta study, particularly during the long period when key members of the team were having to work virtually due to visa delays. He coordinated the activities of a number of staff in order to achieve project milestones.

Beni is a skilled communicator and has carried out numerous presentations within and external to the Nigeria/SPDC teams. He has been instrumental in promoting the use of Spotfire software, bringing spatial relationships into portfolio management discussions and thereby improving the power of the analysis. He has demonstrated a good disposition to working in a team setting and colleagues seek his advice on a regular basis.


Goals & Performance Appraisal 2009: 01 Jan 2009 - 31 Dec 2009 Status: Completed Created on: 01 Jan 2010

Appraiser: Rigby, Stephen (Regional Exploration Manager SDA) Overall Performance Summary

Beni took a leading role in Frontier Basin evaluation and contributed strongly in a wide range of proactive studies and gazettal evaluations, while also keeping up to date models and integrating in discipline areas such as basin modeling, YTF evaluation, PBE and technology planning. Beni's key 2009 deliverables include:

- SDA Technology Plan and workflow for AsiaPac reporting via virtual team. This was recognized as Group best practice and was rewarded with a SRA.

- Updated BPA for greater NWS CRS maps & GEPI run for BP09 EPX-N review visit by M & M & Venture Plan update.

- Main driving force for Merlinleigh Basin Field trip & Launch of Permian Reservoir EMR project including Lidar Survey. Delivered Merlinleigh Basin field trip and executed HSSE plan

without incident.

- Carried out DW Taranaki mapping and volumetrics & NZ BPA project creation for GEPI runs of entire portfolio with handover to NZ.

- Initiated and contributed to Charge Modelling/Geochem Paper on Caswell Basin with Paul Kralert and Alex Yeadon.

- Built Offshore Canning 3D Cauldron model and planned and executed Offshore Canning study including participation in STEP meetings and DRBs that resulted in DRB agreement for gazettal

acreage proposal that was agreed to by Government Authorities.

- Key player in planning and implementing 2009 Gazettal kick-in/out resulting in evaluation of Dampier & Southern Browse up to DRB3 with final kick-out.

- Planned, initiated and carried out Southern Margin GAB review up to Step 2 and DRB 2 and presented poster at prospect parade

- Bonaparte 3D Charge Model calibration and YTF update with Stuart and Juriaan.

- Bowen Surat 1D models and expertise transfer to Paul Kralert Beni continues to be an outstanding leader and contributor in all aspects of the regional evaluation team work and he is clearly demonstrating sustained high level of delivery and achievement in his role. 3.)

Individual Development Plan

Status In Process ( Reviewed )

Supervisor Ivo Rudolf Maria Jozef Verstralen (Exploration Manager BSP) Employee Benedikt Louis Lehner

Org. Unit XGJ

Personnel area Onshore - Office BSP

Pers. subarea Office

EE group Expatriate - IBAS

EE subgroup SG6-1

Personel no. 01002108

Position Title Principal Regional Explorer

Appraisal Period 01.11.2013 To 31.07.2016

Beni has a deep understanding of regional geology and basin potential and works towards taking Brunei's regional geology to the next level of understanding. Beni has a clear view on what need to happen to deliver a major objective / project (the Regional Framework Study across Brunei Acreage / Share Earth Model) over the next 2-3 years. Beni puts in whatever effort is needed to ensure delivery of this. He has designed a plan and sub plans to achieve the objectives and engages staff in department around this. He ensures that the plan is realistic and manages time effectively, anticipating and avoiding obstacles so that work can be delivered without unnecessary pressure on self or others. To achieve the long term objectives and to deliver a long-term product, Beni supports individual G&G staff in the teams working on prospect maturation. This is in line with his role as Principal Regional Geologist and advisor on Geology for the department.

Beni provides useful feedback and coaching to others and is himself open as well as active to identify ideas for improvement.

Beni acts with personal integrity and is a trusted advisor on geological matters. He conveys humility and openess in sharing his views and respecting others views, however he also needs to ensure that the content of his technical messages and beliefs are clearly understood by others and to speak up openly if this is not the case. Beni shows good resilience under pressure or when challenged. He remains calm and composed in dealing with direct challenge.

Beni shows the impact that regional work can have to improve a portfolio and to focus the aspirations of an Exploration Department not only on a country level. He has a talent and a passion for regional scale exploration evaluation and new business generation to upgrade and rejuvenate portfolios. His interest in holistic acreage evaluation and long-term OU growth aspirations and his long-term work orientation can help Shell to remain competitive in the global arena, well ahead of the pack and too fast to follow.

Longer-term Career Options

Possible Roles in which the Company thinks employee may achieve their potential- may be the intended final role subject to opportunity and performance:

Following from above, Beni's long term career should take him to provide technical leadership in a global role.

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