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Developer Software

Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
35000 Neto por mes
August 23, 2018

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Matias M. Marceca

Date of Birth **th October ****

Nationality Argentine



Personal Profile

I’m a fan of learn things regarding any kind of Software Development, from Embebded Systems to Game Development. Always doing research about new C++ standards and tools to improve knowledge andmakingalgorithmsexcercisescombiningwithstructurestomakethecodefastandefficiency. I’m studying computer engineering in the University but my real computer knowledge I’ve learn searching on internet, reading PDFs and moving that knowledge to the practice to save it. Education

Currently Bachelor Degree in Computer Science { In Progress ... } Employment History

Jan 2018 - Citi Bank, Prilidiano Pueyrredón 3001, Martinez, Buenos Aires, Argentina Present Ssr. Ansi/C Software Developer

• Updates on Platform Environment

• Develop and Design of Feature for a Bonds Application ReadDetails:::

Technologies: Ansi/C, GDB, Posix, Oracle, PL/SQL, Bash, Team City, uDeploy. Team Size: 7

Jun 2016 - Globant, 2442 Correa, Saavedra, Buenos Aires CABA, Argentina Jan 2018 Ssr. C++ Developer

• Working on a AAA Game with EA Framework.

• Developed Design of Feature:

- Api interface in Lua and C++ to manage player state

- Get Game information throw differents classes to send Telemetry data

- Creation of Services to send data to Lua and print data into the screen

- Creation of Layouts using MVVM pattern


I’ve worked on EA Vancouver Offices one month.

Technologies: C++, EA Framework, Lua, Json, Custom Tools. Team Size 4

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Sep 2013 - Intraway Corp. Campillo 2541, 1427 CABA, Argentina May 2016 Front-End Ssr. Developer

• Developed Feature that request SNMP Cable Modem information to improve Clients services.

• Developed Unit Test to improve and assure code quality.

• Developed Functional Test to improve and assure differents platforms flows.

• Developed documentation of Web Services, specifying Inputs and Outputs ReadDetails:::

Technologies: CodeIgniter, Oracle, SOAP and Rest West Services. Team Size 5

Software Engineering Skills

Programming Languages

Ansi / C

C++ [ STL, Multithreading, Templates, OOP ] std: 98-11-17 PHP [ Symphony 2 - CodeIgniter ]




Web Development

HTML5, CSS3, jQuery

Test Unit

Web Services - SOAP - REST

Apache Web Servers


Visual Studio, QTCreator, NetBeans, Sublime 3 - Ides Git, Bitbucket, Perforce, SVN - Source Version Control UML 2.0, Patterns Design, Algorithms, Data Structures, OOP Agile Methodologies, Scrum, Kanbam - Work Methodology Confluence, Hansoft, Jira - Administrative Tools

Fedora, Ubuntu, Terminal, Vim fanatic, gdb - Linux knowledge Always worked in teams of five developers average including my boss. - Teams Referees

Name German Nemes

Company Summa Solution.

Position Project Leader


Name Cristian Cabrera

Company Intraway Corp.

Position Full Stack Developer


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Name Diego Amil

Company Globant.

Position C++ Developer


Name Santiago Virues

Company Summa Solution.

Position Project Manager


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CitiBank Tasks Description

Continuous Integration Process

From the beginning of the year, I was in charge of a Continuous Integration Project for the Ansi/C Team.

The project was focused on Update the Entire platform Environment for Development and Deployment.

As a team we needed to reach a certain Engineering Maturity level to be able for make new releases.

This task was developed on differents stages:

1. Install Git on Development and Test Servers.

2. Migrate SVN Branches to Git using git-svn tool and being sure of SVN history was well migrated.

3. Modify compilation script to build the project using Git ( Bitbucket Server ). 4. Add Project to OpenGrok App for enable all the teams to see your code. 5. Add Project to Sonar Quebe for Analisis.

6. Configure Team City Application to run ( Compilation, Unit Test, Sonar Qube ) and link to uDeploy.

7. Configure uDeploy to set Servers where your Project is going to be Deployed. Develop and Design of Features for a Bonds Application This Application started as a Pacal program and then was migrated to Ansi/C . Is a complex set of processes, running on a Unix machine using MQs to communicate each other. The objetive of the application is register in a Database the transaction of Bonds operations. The tasks starts receiving Business Requirements for adds to the Application. Our normal steps are:

1. Create Jira with BR information.

2. Create new Git Branch to develop and test the feature. 3. Write Unit Test.

4. Deploy the Project on QA Test Environment.

5. Write Documentation.


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Globant Tasks Description

Working on a AAA Game with EA Framework.

In Globant I worked as Ssr. C++ Developer using the EA (Electronic Arts) proprietary Frame- work as FullStack ( BackEnd and FrontEnd, most tasks were about BackEnd stuff ) in the UI Team for make the UFC 3 Fight Game.

The UI Team is in charge of all relative with Menus and User option settings before to go to the Gameplay.

The BackEnd job has a simple purpose, grab data saved in files, put it on different objects and send it to FrontEnd (Lua code).

In Globant we did tasks that were features required by Producers of the Game. We used Hansoft to separate bunch of the task in sprints for all Devs and PMs could know how the tasks would be.

On C++ we manage chunks of data.

On Lua we manage the logic of how the data will be presented to the Player. Our normal steps are:

1. Develop the Documentation on Confluence Platform. 2. Create a new Change List on Perforce to develop the task. 3. Send Change List to QA Team for Test the Feature. 4. Wait until Jenkins Environment ends to Build the code, for then check the Build ends OK.. Api interface in Lua and C++ to manage player state This task was create from a skeleton class an api to manage a component that was in charge of deliver to the Player, different actions to modify properties to the player character. eg, Money, Population, Fight Hype.

The component core ( C++ ) manage the principal methods to communicate with ( Lua ) and show on the Player view the differents actions that has availables depending on the Player Stage, level, and other requirements that enables other options to trigger. Get Game information throw differents classes to send Telemetry data This tasks are all related to grab Player information on Runtime and send it by a telemetry api to a server for analize how the Player interacts with the game. What options are more visited, what kind of settings use and other things to have more idea about the player interaction with the game.


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Intraway Tasks Description

Developed Feature that request SNMP Cable Modem information to improve Clients services. In Intraway I worked as Ssr. PHP Developer, in the FrontEnd team, on a Suite of Application related to the administration and control of Cable Modems using SNMP Protocol. Those applications are tools to make the job of the Internet Provider easily for manage Cus- tomers Cable Modems.

The job of our FrontEnd team was the support and develop new features for this Applications. Our normal steps are:

1. Create Jira with Feature information.

2. Create new Git Branch to develop and test the feature. 3. Write Unit Test.

4. Deploy the Project on QA Test Environment.

5. Modify existing API Documentation.

Get Cable Modem Docsis Levels

This component was made to measure the Cablemodem Levels using SNMP Protocol and update the Support Platform to quickly know how is the state of the Cable Modem when the custome calls the Call Center.

Data readed from Cable Modem:

- Signal, Noise, Data (Downstream and Upstream), Speed (Downstream and Upstream)

- IPv4, IPv6, MTA info, Set of Box info, IPS info, and more ... DHCP Export Configuration

This component was made to return DHCP Configuration and save it on a Json file. This was made to easily replicate the same configuration on differents Cisco DHCPs. The component required to get information from the system Database to get all the devices related with the DHCPs.


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