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RF Planning and Optimisation Engineer

Pearse Street, Dublin, Ireland
August 23, 2018

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Mobile Phone: +353-**-*******



Place of Birth: Istanbul, Turkey

Date of Birth: 8th of March, 1984

Present Resident in Clonmel, Ireland

Nationality: Turkish&Hungarian(EU citizen)

Sex: Male

Status: Married with 1 child (age 6)

Hobbies: International Travel, Chess, Tennis, Football, Basketball PROFILE

Over 10 Years of experience on 2G&3G&LTE Networks with managing skills. Managing teams and Project such RNO&P Team on Huawei 2G Swap Project. Over all worked with three different operators and five vendors. Have worked with two different operators (Vodafone & Turkcell&North Cyprus Turkcell) and Vendors (MOTOROLA,HUAWEI, ERICSSON, NEC and CERAGON) in Turkey and Cyprus.Have been involved in Post and Pre Launch Optimization, Cluster Optimization, KPI Monitoring, Improvements in BSC Stats by parameter modifications, Post DT Analysis and Reporting, Cluster Level, in-building planning, macro site planning, micro site planning and optimization, transmission network planning, ip planning and Site Level Acceptance Reports.Have used following Tools, Nokia NETACT, ACTIX, TEMS Investigation, MAPINFO, M2000, Genex Nastar WCDMA, Genex Nastar GSM, PCHR, Probe, U-net, OSS, NCPR, Atoll, IBwave, minilinkCraft, SOEM, SOM, Cisco and Huawei switch, pathloss, Atoll MW, NECCS, Mentor, IBWave. Currently working as an Senior Radio Network Planning and Optimization Engineer at Turkcell.


Kocaeli University Electronics and Communication Engineering, Kocaeli/TURKEY(2008) WORK EXPERIENCE


Senior Access Network Planning and Optimisation Engineer (2014June -- present)

Responsible for 250 eNodeBs, 2 RNCs and 2 BSCs including Antalya Region(345 - 2G sites, 370 3G sites, 250 LTE sites)

Performance monitoring each eNodeBs, BSCs and RNCs on cell level daily bases and Network KPI optimisation

Alarm monitoring via Faulty management

Preparing Automatic Frequency Planning every 6 months for all region

Responsible of customer care daily based

2G-3G-4G parameter optimisation on cell and eNodeB/RNC/BSC level

Responsible of planning new year rollout for 4G,2G and 3G network according to capacity, coverage and customer complaint

Responsible of drive test and analyze team daily activityAnalysis of statistical data gathered from Optima

Optimizing BSC and LAC borders according to BSC capacity, traffic, signaling and paging load

Responsible of Small cell Rollout as Project Manager for South-West region of Turkey.(33% of Turkey)

Managing Small Cell Project for South-west Region.

Attending to conferances to learn and search for new small cell tech.(Attended on SCWS 2016& 5G World Series 2018 in London)

Responsible of In-building Rollout for West region of Turkey.(15% of Turkey)

Problem analysis with Mentor Tool and drive test data for customer complaints

Co-operating Project with Central Teams such Product, Investment, Sales. TURKCELL – NORTHERN CYPRUS

Access Network Planning and Optimisation Engineer (2010 July – 2014 June)

Radio Network

o Analyze through counters and/or Drive tests the current status of the network in the concerned domain.

o Propose Methodologies adapted to the previously detected issues, based on parameter changes, RF optimization, HW modifications Implement these methodologiesAssess the results

o Ensure network Key Performance Indicators(3G CS Drop, HSDPA Tput, HS Accessibility, HS Limiting etc.) are better than before the beginning of the optimization phase.

o Preparing and uploading script.

o In-building planning for hotels and hospitals with IBwave. o Supporting to customer complaints about paramater and Log file analyze. o Preparing and done Automatic Frequency Planning(AFP). o Making model tuning by Atoll and coverage map.

o Preparing script for 3G.

o Making Parameter BM for 3G.

o Making DT for 3G.

o Prasing and analysing GPEH and UETR. Working on Ericsson UTRAN counters, KPIs and parameters. Improving GSM/UMTS radio networks performance. o Leading optimisation and planning team as an expert to increase network performance and solving network major problems.

Transport Network

o Rollout and Rework: Projects include network expansion, interconnects, implementation, upgrades and optimisation across SDH, ATM, Ethernet and IP networks. Improving network performance and availability. Analyzing HS IuB limiting, defining problems and solving. Using Ericsson equipments as TN 20P, TN6P and TN 2P. And also controlling RB S100, Cisco 4849, 4507 switch and NEG longhaul equipment in our network. Testing Ceragon equipments on the field. o Providing yearly budget plan, rollout plan, regional needed. Searching new Technologies, vendors and equipments. Reporting network’s results and performance to higher managers. Providing FNI report for new products. o Providing transmission ip and capacity plan for trial LTE network. HUAWEI - TURKEY/ ISTANBUL ASIA REGION

Vodafone 3G Rollout Project

Radio Network Planning and Optimisation Engineer (2009 October – 2010 April)

Responsible for 16 RNCs including 2 Regions in İstanbul Asia

Performance monitoring each RNCs on cell level daily bases and Network KPI optimisation

Worst performing cell analyzes

Responsible of customer care for VIP customer all around Turkey

Analyzing low throughput cells and improving throughput for problematic cells

Optimizing missing neighbour

Physical optimisation including azimuth changes, tilt optimisation, antenna type changes, antenna height decreases

Preparation of weekly and daily progress reports HUAWEI - TURKEY/SOUTH EAST REGION

Turkcell 3G Rollout Project

Radio Network Planning and Optimisation Engineer (2009 February – 2009 October)

Managing 10 employees(6 DT Enginners and 4 Optimization Engineers) during Project.

Responsible for 7 RNCs including South Anatolia Region

Monitoring performance for each RNCs on cell level daily baes and Network KPI optimisation

Worst performing cell analyzes

Physical optimisation including azimuth changes, tilt optimisation, antenna type changes, antenna height decreases

Alarm monitoring via faulty management

Analysis of statisticak data gathered from Optima

Neighbour optimisation and preparing missed neighbour list

Optimizing BSC and LAC borders according to BSC capacity, traffic, signaling and paging load

Problem analysis with M2000 trace viewer and Drive test data

Checking inconsistencies by Huawei tools in the BSCs and RNCs

Preparation of weekly and daily progress reports HUAWEI - TURKEY/SOUTH EAST REGION

Turkcell 2G Swap Project

Radio Network Planning and Optimisation Engineer (2008 April – 2009 May)

Managing 14 employees(10 DT Enginners and 4 Optimization Engineers) during Project.

Responsible for 10 BSCs including Diyarbakır Region

Responsible for cluster optimisation activities in 7 cities(Diyarbakir, Urfa, Malatya, Bingol, Elazig, Tunceli, Mus)

Submitting necessary recommendation to the customer including parametrical changes on cell and BSc level

Responsible for preparation of Site Verification, New site, Benchmark reports after site installation and drive tests

Responsible for orginasing drive test teams in Diyarbakir Region.(includes 15 cities)

Responsible for analysing drive test data and report necessary recommendations including parametrical changes, hardware faults

Preparation of datafill files for Swap, Re-home and On-air sites

Daily evaluation of KPI statistics including TCH drop/block, SDCCH drop/block, handover statistics, TCH/SDCCH access fail, integrity, CSSR

Responsible for babysitting period


Vodafone Motorola Project

RF Planning Engineer (2007 October – 2008 April)

Preparation of necessary files for frequency planning of a complete region

Preparing site planning and survey

Preparation of city coverage for Vodafone


TEMS Investigation


TEMS Route Analyze


Genex Nastar


Probe Assistans


TEMS Visualization


Spectrum Analyzer


Minilink Craft

SOEM(ServiceOn Element Manager)

SOM(ServiceOn Optical Manager)



Atoll MW






Turkish (Native)


German (Basic)

Hungarian (Basic)


Turkcell Academy -- LTE Air Interface

Comba Wireless Academy – In-building DAS LTE Planning and Dimensioning

Qualcomm Academy – LTE Air Interface and signaling

Turkcell Academy – WCDMA Air Interface

Turkcell Academy – WCDMA Functionality

Turkcell Academy – HSPA Optimisation

Turkcell Academy – Basic GSM Functionality

Turkcell Academy -- Oracle Introduction to SQL

Turkcell Academy -- WRAN P7 Ericsson OSS Training

Turkcell Academy -- GSM Essentials.

Turkcell Academy -- TEMS Link Planner-MW Planning.

Huawei Academy -- Principles of the WCDMA System

Huawei Academy -- WCDMA RNP CW Test and Propagation Model Tuning

Huawei Academy -- 3G/2G HandOver and Roaming

Turkcell Academy -- UMTS RF Design and tools

Mapinfo Professional

Huawei Academy -- Huawei BTS 3012 and BTS 3900.

Huawei Academy -- Huawei BSC LMT 6000 and M2000.

Turkcell Academy -- CCNA1

Turkcell Academy -- CCNA2

Turkcell Academy – ITIL Foundation v3

Turkcell Academy -- PMP


Gökhan Yüksektepe

Turkcell South-East Region Director

009*********** –

Mustafa Karakoç

Turkcell Product&Architecture Manager

009*********** –

Barbaros İnce

Turkcell Radio Network Planning&Optimization Manager 009*********** –

Cenk Baykan

Huawei Radio Network Manager

009*********** –

Veysi Doster

Vodafone NOC Manager

009*********** –

Erol Hepsaydır

Three UK Head of RAN and Device Strategy and Architecture


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