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Project Civil Engineering

Dammam, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
August 26, 2018

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(QA/QC Supervisor, Sr Inspector)

(Saudi Aramco sap number 70014554)

(Saudi aramco badge number-8223116)

(ISO 9001-2015 QMS & Lead Auditor Certified-61238)

(saudi engineering council membership Id-343087)


Mobile: 009**-***-****-**

Seeking Assignments in Construction Inspection and Project Execution.

To obtain a challenging employment opportunity, which fully utilize my professional skills, education and experience in the field of civil engineering QA/QC.

Manage all construction activities including providing technical inputs for methodologies of construction & coordination with site management activities.

Civil Engineering from NWFP Board of Technical Education. Grade (A)

Auto cad Punjab board of technical education Lahore.

Microsoft word, Excel, Internet Explorer etc.

I have hands on experience of almost 14 years in the field of Construction QA/QC and site inspections of heavy construction industries, nationally and internationally project in various plants such as petrochemicals,Pipe line,Pre-cast Industry,buildings,steel structurel in Pakistan,Qatar and Saudi Arabia with awareness of all international Codes. Quick to grasp new ideas and concept to develop innovative & Creative solution to problems.

My duties have encompassed the approval of contractors’ submittals, inspections of site works, project co-ordination among various parties, preparation of reports and handling variation orders.

Worked with national and foreign construction companies and consultants, fluent in English and local languages, good interpersonal communication skills, abilities to adopt the working conditions swiftly, capable of facing challenges and meeting the hard targets.





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Project : Mazalij & Abu Jifan Pipelines-Khurais Al Crude Increment Clint : Saudi Aramco

Employer : Saudi Kad

Designation : QC Civil Supervisor

Duration : 10-05-2016 to Till Date


Reviewing the construction method statements and making comments as per project specifications, Procedures & ITPs.

Interpret and support quality policies and implement guidelines to ensure compliance with quality standards and documents.

Ensure that vendors/suppliers quality assurance capabilities are evaluated and approved prior to awarding purchase order to any vendor. The extent of this review could range from the review of their manual to an audit trip to vendors facilities

Complies with all statutory requirements connected with the implementation of project.

To check and ensure that the work done is as per Project Specification, Method Statement and as per approved shop drawings. Also to ensure that all approved and Inspected materials are used.

Supervise effective implementation of all test and inspection schedule and ensure adherence to all procedures and coordinate with various teams to perform quality audits on processes.

Manage all work methods and maintain knowledge on all quality assurance standards and monitor continuous application for all quality assurance processes and recommend corrective actions for all processes.

Report to the QC Manger,control and monitor all activities related to Quality Management System,QMS.

Taking care of QA/QC documents of the entire project including certificates,calibration,test result,inspection request,nono-compliance report and site instruction/observation,permanent materials delivered and other QA/QC documents. Page 3 of 9

Project : Building Project Package C & D

Clint : Sadara

Employer : Al-Muhaidib Contracting

Designation : QC Civil Supervisor

Duration : 08-09-2014 to 10-04-2016


To lead the team of QC Inspectors for monitoring the on going daily construction activities.

Regular site visits for foreseeing the potential deficiencies based on his physical experience to share with construction crew and guidance to QC Inspectors.

Coordination with Civil testing agencies / batching plants for in tine delivery of concretes and Subsequent inspection & testing requirements. Ensuring the availability of QC Inspector during any operations.

Initiating internal Log Book Entries/NCR’s to construction crew for effective implementation of project Quality plan, ITP’s, written procedures, project specifications, IFC drawings etc.

Responsible to co-ordinate, control and monitor all civil quality control activities at project site with the construction team to ensure that the work is in compliance with Standards, IFC drawings and project specifictions.

Coordination with Clients inspectors for getting the feedback for open log book entries and preparations of corrective actions to close those violations.

Develop monthly reports showing inspection and audit performance and improvement opportunities.

Emphasizing on the control of documents and records by advising the document controllers, QC Inspectors.

Project : Test Line, Flow Line & Trunk Line Replacements For 16

& 19 UTMN Wells and 1743 Oil Flowline

Clint : Saudi Aramco

Employer : Rajeh H. Al-Marri & Sons Company

Designation : QC Civil Supervisor

Duration : 07-02-2013 to 01-08-2014


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Plans, organized, monitors and controls the entire QA/QC activities of the project management. Defines the position and responsibility for each of the discipline lead engineers and inspector to the Project Team.

Plans and schedules overall QA/QC activities. Monitor and control all inspection activities.

Prepare quality control reports and related to QA/QC documents to be distributed to Client Coordinator, TPI-QC Manager and Contractor Manager.

Ensures the correct submission of all QA/QC documents to Client.

Interface with Client and Contractor QC group for all on site inspections and/or testing requirements.

Conduct inspection on materials received at site and ensures materials to be used shall conform to contract plans and specifications. Project : Shaybah NGL Recovery Facilities Project

Clint : Saudi Aramco

Employer : Samsung Engineering Saudi Arabia

Designation : QC Inspector Civil, Precast & Steel Structural Duration : 28-11-2011 to 31-01-2013


Plan routine sampling and testing of materials. i.e Sieves analysis, Cubes/ Cylinder Crushing, Core testing, material inspections at storage area.

Collect, compile and file signed Inspection records and relevant test reports.

Monitor materials coming to factory; carry out receiving inspection on materials to verify compliance to project requirements.

Ensure that all project related documents are approved and implemented.

Checking binding of steel, fixing & Alignment of moulds, form work different members, Like, beams, columns, Hollow core & Solid slabs. Foundations of towers, claddings, Wall panels with architectural finish i.e. sandblasting finish, stairs landing, waists and core walls etc.

Conducts pre-inspection of all Pre-Cast element that were delivered at site.

Inspection pre-cast Elements pre-Pouring and Post pouring all Kinds in for The Fectory Eastern Precast Concrete (EPC) and Kifah Precast (KPC).

I inspected the activities like Form work, Rebar work, Concrete Pouring, Concrete curing & Treatment for Pre-cast Elements.

Positive material identification, material receiving inspection for all steel structure and other miscellaneous steel structure such as Access & egress,handrails,platforms structure.

inspection all deliveries of raw materials and mill certificates in proper handling per required specifications.

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Monitor carried out inspection of alignment, plumpness, levelness, and squareness of all erected structures.

stickers on equipment as per Saudi Aramco standard requirments.

Monitor Soil Quality Test, Cement Physical Test, Aggregate Quality Test, Concrete Compressive Test as per American Standard of Testing Materials (ASTM) and ARAMCO Specifications procedures(SAES)

Project : Construction of SBQ,MTD, Aviation and 5 School package Al Khafji.

Clint : Aramco Gulf Operation Kuwait Gulf Oil Company (KJO) Consultant : Saudi Consolidated Engineer (SCEC)

Employer : United Turkish Consruction Company (UTC) Designatiion : QA/QC Inspector Civil

Duration : 01-01-2011 to Date 27-11-2011


My job responsibilities include all Civil work activities according to Aramco standards, such as inspection of stone columns, witness of load test, witness of CPT test and other activities like execavation, backfilling and compaction test, witness of all type of concrete work according to approved ITP and IFC drawings.

Preparing and keeping records of the inspections at site for the elements according to the approved ITPs & Method Statements by the consultant and client.

To carry out all inspections, witnessing, monitoring, surveillance, as per requirement of inspection.

Project : King Faisal University Staff Housing Project Al- Ahsa,KSA. Client : King Faisal University, Al Ahsa.

Contractor : Al-Fozan Construction Company

Employer : Abdulhadi & Abdullah Al Moaibed Consulting Eng’g Co.(AMCDE)

Designation : QC Civil Inspector

Duration : 09-01-2010 to 31-12-2010


Review of QA/QC plan & procedures in order to implent them at project site. Page 6 of 9

Review of contract & project specifications staring to project requirements.I got done duties on different structures,coordinate with the consultant from time to time for materials approval to be reflected from drawing.

Submission of daily QA/QC reports to consultant and client.

Submission of weekly QA/QC reports to consultant and client.

Preparation of audit from client for all qyality procedures and documents.

Checks randomly that the QA/QC document controller files the hard copies and soft copies with the nature of the document and the activity.

Explains to the construction team the non-conformance and corrective action form. IN QATAR:

Project: Construction of Barwa City Phase 1 Project Qatar. The project consists of 128 multi storied buildings up to six stories excluding Ground Floor and to facilitate about 40000 people. All the components of the building are Precast from foundation to the top for example Wall Panels (solid & insulated), Stairs, Stair Landings, Columns, Beams and Hollow Core Slabs etc. There are two administration blocks in the city having recreational facilities, mosque, hospital and admin & security buildings. Client : Barwa Real Estate Company Doha Qatar.

Consultant : Maunsell Aecom Qatar (Barwa City)

Employer : Bilfinger Berger AG Civil.

Designation : QC Civil Inspector

Duration : 04-11-2008 to 30-11-2009


I was overall responsible in a designated area for checking and monitoring of ongoing activities of Civil works by Subcontractor to make sure that all the activities are according to approved method statements and ITP.

I was responsible to raise RFI,s for the inspections time to time.

I inspected the activities like Form work,Rebar work, Concrete Pouring, Concrete curing & Treatment with Consultant .

Supervision of foundation for pre-cast building structure, pre-cast boundary wall.

Supervision of post concrete, concrete pouring, curing, repairing, water proofing, backfilling etc

Familiar with the arrection of pre-cast members

Arrangement of rebar, formwork related material.

Pouring of concrete and coordination with concrete plant.

Properly use of machinery for Excavation.

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I also did job for erection and other activities of Pre-cast elements.

I inspected activities like Tamping, Grouting of Erected Elements after Alignment and got Inspection from the Consultant. Making sure that all the activties are going on within the parameters set by Consultant through approved Method Statements, ITP and approved Drawings.

I also handled Core Drilling in Hollow Core Slabs for the Plumbing points of MEP Department.

To keep and maintain all records of the same. I did a core role in Final inter-departments inspections for alignment & suface finishing prior to hand-over to Finishing Depertment. Project: RasLaffan-Mesaieed 20 Inch Dia Ethane Transmission Pipeline (120) Km Doha Qatar.

Tekfen has undertaken the construction of 120 km long ethane transmission pipeline (dia 20” & 24”)* from Ras Laffan to Mesaieed, construction of 2 new valve stations and expansion of 9 existing valve stations are also within the same scheme. The project, which took off within July 2005, is completed at the end of 2007. One year’s maintenance period, following completion of the transmission line’s construction works, is also an obligation of the contractor, Tekfen. The project is also including construction of a 30 km LPG pipeline (6”). Client : Qatar Petroleum (QP)

Consultant : Velosi State of Qatar

Employer : Tekfen Construction and Installation Doha Qatar. Designation : QC Civil Inspector

Duration : 22-04-2006 to 20-10-2008


I have been handling the civil works for structures and reporting to QA/QC Manager.

Inspection of all type of material like aggregates, cement, etc and their testing and approval to contractor as per agreement.

Making personal site visits of the civil works going on and advise the civil site management team according to the approved ITP.

Checking Different activities which I handled like rout survey prior to excavation, Excavations for Pipeline, Pre & Post Padding, Back filling, making berm, pre cast foundations, walls and roof slabs all steps like pouring concrete, form works, steel works, Protections, Transportation and Installation of the same, co-ordination with material testing lab for compaction test of soil / compressive strength of Concrete. Page 8 of 9

I have also got duty for the approval of next working schedule from Third party and Client (QP)

Measurement of different items of works for intermediate payments.

Conduct Internal Audits to ensure adherence to Quality and Safety norms across the entire course of project execution.

Prepare Daily & weekly reports/monthly programmed & performs quality control.

Coordinating with Mechanical & Electrical, Architectural and Structural works. IN PAKISTAN:

Project: Construction of Expressways and Underpasses at Lahore & Rawalpind The projects were to construct new underpasses and flyovers in the highly populated areas of Lahore & Rawalpindi to accomodate and manage the flow of traffic.The projects were completed in a short time by working round the clock.These also gave a new look to the city.The projects were:

The Mall Underpass Project Lahore.

F.C College Underpass Project Lahore.

Doctor Hospital Underpass Project Lahore.

Committee Chowk Underpass Project Rawalpindi.

Dharampura Expressway Project Lahore.

Client : Communications & Works Department Punjab. (C & W) Consultant : National Engineering Services Pakistan. Employer : SKB Engineering & Construction Lahore Punjab. Designation : Sr Civil Inspector

Duration : 15-06-2003 to 15-04-2006


I was responsible to conduct various inspections & testing’s to ensure designed products are in compliance with pre-set technical specifications.

To raise RFIs for the inspections with client prior to next activity.

Conduct Site Inspections of the installations and getting clearances from Engineering Consultants by handling, coordinating with execution teams. Making random and time to time visits of civil job site and coordinating with civil team to reduce rejection levels.

Familiar with Method Statements and Inspection Test Plan (ITP), approved Specifications, Relative Codes & International Standards.

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I handled the activities like Excavations, all steps of Raft foundations, Casting of Precast Beams, Precast of Railway Girders for railway line passing above the road, Casting of Pile Foundations, Pile capping etc. Inspection of concrete work, as per site and pre cast member.

Inspection of steel according to drawing of different structure.

Measurements of different items during interims and final payments.

Dealing with contractors during work with consultants and with consultants during work with contractors.

Take adequate measures like forming quality circles, maintaining necessary records and conducting audits to comply with statutory quality & environmental standards. To monitor the Civil activities with reference to approved Drawings and Method Statement. Got Special Training Courses Organized by Qatar Petroleum & Tekfen Construction Site Emergency First Aid Course.

Cricket, Snooker.

Father’s Name : Muhammad Ali

Nationality: Pakistan

Date Of Birth: 10-July-1984

Marital Status: Married

Relegion: Islam

Driving License: Saudi Valid

Visa Status: Work visa (Transferable)

Dialect can write and speak: English, Urdu, and some Arabic I hereby certify that all the information made herein are true and correct and that any falsification made herein shall be taken as sufficient ground for disqualification of my application.






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