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Manager Project

Ocean Shores, Washington, 98569, United States
August 25, 2018

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P.O. Box ****, Ocean Shores, Washington 98569

Cell: 425-***-****


I bring to the job more than forty-five years of experience, positive attitude, and excellent work ethic. The depth and breadth of my experience and education is in Construction Project Management, Construction Quality Control and Quality Assurance, document control, ability to handle environmental issues, knowledge construction practices and extensive WSDOT, USACE and NAVFAC experience. My experience with both USACE & NAVFAC provided me with a thorough knowledge of Quality Control System (QCS) and Resident Management System (RMS), the associated computerized data bases and the generation of reports.

My proven track record shows the use of innovative solutions to reach goals in a fair and equitable manner, maximizing the company’s profits and assist co-workers in reaching their highest potential. Work with clients to ensure that their needs are met and that they receive the best value for the monies that they have spent.


My Administrative experience is in preparing construction and operational budgets and cash flow analysis which were used in the negotiation of contracts. My responsibilities included evaluating actual costs to the budget and contract administration, which included the oversight of accounts payable and receivable and payroll.

My Construction Management/Construction Quality Control Manager duties were to coordinate between engineers, architects, contractors and the local building department to document that the work is being performed per plans, specifications and applicable codes. My responsibilities include running the weekly Quality Control & Production meetings, representing the owners at all construction related meetings, review all Submittals, Change Orders, Request for Information and make recommendations, prepare Force Accounts and monthly Pay Requests and make sure that the owner’s money is spent prudently and not wasted.

My design experience requires me to work closely with the client to prepare a concept design and prepared the feasibility study. My duties included overseen the production of the project drawings and the preparation of the specifications; preparing construction and operational budgets; evaluating actual cost to budgets and administering contracts.

As an Engineering Geologist, my duties are to research, evaluate data and wrote Soils and Geotechnical Reports for site development. These reports included soils bearing capacities, foundation design criteria, slope stability, erosion control, environmental evaluations and ground and surface water mitigation. I handle environmental, sediment control and ground and surface water issues for the projects. In addition, I have designed foundations for building and retaining walls.

My environmental work experience is associated with hazardous materials that are encountered during construction, to ensure that the work to be done does not impact the environment and the employees and local residence are safe. In performance of these tasks, I have written environmental reports which including recommendations for remediation.

My inspection responsibilities are to ensure that all work is done in accordance with plans, specification and codes through reviewing inspections reports and testing data and maintaining the construction documents and photo records of the project. In addition, my duties include check that the work is performed in a safe manner for the work crews and the public, in accordance with L & I requirements for trenching, enclosed spaces, hazardous environments, fall protection, etc.

I am proficient in using a computer and am experienced with USACE’s QCS & RMS computerized data base system, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Corel Word Perfect, Corel Quattro Pro, Corel Presentations and Geo Systems. In addition, I have knowledge of Lotus 1-2-3, Microsoft Publisher, First Choice and Fist Publisher. I used these programs for word processing and spreadsheets, including correspondence, reports, manuals and presentations. I have written programs for cost escalation, budgets and cost analysis.


University of Miami,

1966 to 1971, bachelor’s Degree with majors in Geology and Economics, minor in Math and third sciences Chemistry and Biology

World Trade Institute:

1977 Certificates in Tanker Operations;

1978 Certificate in Chartering for International Shipment;

1978 Certificate in Evaluating Shipping Transactions for Liquid and Dry Bulk Movements;

American Management Association:

1978, Certificates in Marketing Technical/Industrial Products;

1977, Certificate in Finance/Accounting;

University of Central Florida:

1978, Certificate in Art of Negotiating

Dale Carnegie:

1978, Certificate in Public Speaking



Wrote a paper on the deposition of Arragonite through the world and the unique environment in the Bahamas, which allows oolithic Aragonite to be formed.


Wrote a portion of the EIS on the subsurface disposal of slag from an alumina plant and the effect it would have on the ground water in Fredrick County, Maryland.


Wrote a portion of the EIS on the subsurface disposal of trash and garbage from a sanitary land fill and the effect it would have on the ground water and nearby stream in Fredrick County, Maryland.


Licensed Geologist and Licensed Engineering Geologist with the State of Washington - Current

USACE certificate Construction Quality Management for Contractors - #784 (09/12/16)

USACE certificate PCC Airfield Paving

USACE certificate HMA Airfield Paving

ECATTS certificate (12/05/2017)

Excavation Competent Person Training

24Fall Protection Competent Person Training (12/21/17)

Environmental Compliance Training – Joint Base Lewis-McCord, WA

Hazardous Waste Origination Certification – Naval Base Kitsap, Bangor, WA

Washington Association of Building Officials (WABO) Certificate of Registrations (01/01/2021)

Washington Association of Building Officials (WABO) Certified Special Inspector - Current

Washington Association of Building Officials (WABO) Certified Supervising Lab Technician

Northwest Counsel of Engineering Labs Special Inspection Re-Certification Seminar (10/28/2017)

Campbell Pacific Nuclear, Nuclear Soils Gauges - Current

American Concrete Institute (ACI) Concrete Field Testing Technician - Grade 1 (10/20/2020)

American Concrete Institute (ACI) Concrete Strength Testing Technician

40-Hour Training in Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency

8-Hour Supervisor Training in Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency

30- Hour Occupational Safety and Health Training (OSHA)

30- Hour Mine Safety and Health Training 30Hr Course (MSHA)

40-Hour EM 385-1-1 (12/27/17)

CPR and First Aid – (09/28/17)

Firewatch certificate PNSN Bremerton, WA (12/08/17)


RORE, Inc employed as CQC Manager from 2017 to present

Upgrade 480 & 208Electrical System from T-8 to Bldg. 184 at Fleet Logistic Center Puget sound, Manchester - $401,540.00

Prepared and submitted the preconstruction, product and the closeout submittals. The project entails remove, salvage, recycle or dispose existing electrical components; provide new electrical components; intercept existing circuit feeding the Pier Distribution Panelboard; deactivate or disconnect the interlock connection between the circuit breakers of circuit 52-5 and 52-6 located at the Main Switchgear; remove and dispose the existing 15kV cables; conduct cable tracing and inspection of the underground cable route; testing and commissioning of the installed equipment and components; modify existing manhole covers and demolition and disposal of existing equipment pads and install new bollards.

Redesign and replace roof at each roof elevation and install guardrails for BLDG 900 Steam Plant Naval Base Kitsap (NBK) – Bremerton – $1.9 M

Prepared and submitted the preconstruction and product submittals. The project entails remove existing roof and dispose of rubble, install a new roof and guardrails on each roof elevation.

Design and repair the Sinkhole at DD3 West Side by BLDG 703, PSNS, Bremerton- $ 1.2 M.

Preparing preconstruction documentation and consulting on ASTM & ACI codes during the design phase.

Garco Construction, Inc. employed as CQC Manager from 2016 to 2017

The Construction of the New Tacoma Amtrak Cascade Station. The project required the demolition of a 180-ft. section of the existing Freighthouse Square, ensuring that the business occupying space at either end of the project could remain in business during the construction. The Sound Transit was on the east side of the project and the on the south there was the BR and Tacoma Rail railroad tracks and could not interrupt their services. The project was administered by WSDOT and was funded by the Federal, State and local agencies and was valued at $15.3M.

CJW Construction, Inc. employed as CQC Manager from 2012 to 2016.

First project was at Joint Base Lewis/McCord on the Aviation Apron at Gray Army Airfield. The project consisted of the, demoing of an existing Rotary Wing Parking Apron, Taxiway Charlie, four existing light standards and some minor structures that are on or in the ground. Re-route the electrical and communication conduits. Relocate the wind sock. Construct a new 1,000,000 square foot, Rotary Wing Apron with a new fire line, lighting, drainage and in the ground storm water infiltration. The fill material was produced on site by two screening operation, produce 200,000 cyds of 2 inches minus select fill material and 12,000 cyds of topsoil and one crusher/screening operation that recycles 10,000 tons of concrete and asphalt. Project values at $13.8 M.

Second project was assigned to the construction of a single-story addition to the existing Navy Exchange building 2600 for use as a Package Store and incidental related work. The addition will contain retail space and supporting vestibule, stockroom, beer cave, and mechanical space. Construction will be concrete slab on grade, concrete spread footings, precast concrete wall panels, steel columns, steel beams, steel trusses with steel decks and including EPDM fully adhered roofing, rigid roof insulation, rigid wall insulation, steel studs and gypsum wall board furring and partitions, suspended acoustical ceilings, gypsum board ceilings and other finishes and equipment. The project includes demolition, civil, landscaping, structural, architectural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical power, lighting, communications and fire alarm work. The project value is $2.3 M.

Third project was the design/ build project to repave a section of Farragut Avenue from Building 850A to Building 435 at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, Washington. The project value design & construction is $2.3 M.

The last project was the design/build project to replace 900 linear feet of 18-inch force main, which will encounter existing utilities, an abandoned coal transfer tunnel, ensure the active railroad tracks, truck rout and fire lanes are not disrupted and maintain the overflow/spill berm for the existing fuel tank. The project value design & construction is $2.6 M.

Magnan Consulting Services employed as Field Project Manager/QC Manager from 2009-2012.

The first project was Meridian Ave. Sewer LID, which was to install a force main and gravity feed sewer lines, a lift station and making three connecting to existing sewer systems. The project was valued at $5.8 M.

Second project was Roosevelt Reservoir Project, which was to build and, in the ground, covered 50-million-gallon reservoir. The project was valued at $10.6 M.

Last project was the Pierce County Transit’s CNG Project, which was the reconstruction of the liquefied natural gas facility, which had been destroyed in a fire. The project was valued at $1.5M.

Gray & Osborne employed as Field Project Manager/QC Manager from 2007-2008.

The first project was the 256ST & 156 Ave, a roundabout, road approach improvements and utility re- alignment in Covington, Washington. The project was valued at $10.7 M.

The last project was the Civic Drive road construction including storm drainage infiltration system in Du Pont, Washington. The project was valued at $1.8 M.

Earth Consultants employed as Material Lab Manager/Construction Manager, 2005-2007. As a Material Lab Manager, my duties were to hired and trained staff to certify and perform the work for then Fife lab outperforming the primary lab. As Construction Management/Quality Control, my responsible was to document that all work was performed in accordance with plans, specifications and coded, to run the weekly construction meetings, review all Submittals, Change Orders, Request for Information and make recommendations, prepare Force Accounts, work on prepare the monthly Pay Requests.

The first project was the construction of Cedar River Water and Sewer District’s new Administration Building and VSB. The project was valued at $5.6 M.

Last project was Kitsap County Pump Station No. 7 Project was to construct a new sanitary pump station, construct a new force main and connect to the existing gravity feed system to move the effluent to the existing sewage treatment plant. The project was valued at $1.7M.

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