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Chemical Engineering, Lab Technician, Research Assistant

Jurupa Valley, California, 91752, United States
August 25, 2018

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Alexis Roberson

**** ***** ****** **** ****, CA *1752

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Cell: 951-***-****


Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, University of California, Davis Graduation date March 2017

Technical and Laboratory Skills

1. Knows fundamental chemistry/biochemistry lab/safety procedures 2. Process modelling and Simulation using Aspen Plus 3. Statistical Analysis using Matlab

4. Cell Culture and Tissue collection, sectioning and handling 5. Prepared reagent solutions/buffers and Amidite solutions 6. Immunostaining and Antibody labeling

7. Polymer Synthesis and Micropipetting

8. Microscopy-Collect tissue/cell images using Bright Field microscope 9. Software/Programming Skills: M atlab, Aspen, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook Experience

Western University of Health Sciences April 2018- Present School of Pharmacy Volunteer Research Assistant

-Reviewed literature to determine Vpu ( HIV protein) mutations needed in order to find sites on the protein that is involved in blocking interferons and Jk/STAT pathway

-Conducting experiments to find the which active site/structure on the Vpu protein blocks JK/STAT pathway in order to determine where a potential drug/blocker can bind to in order to prevent Vpu’s main function in transfected cells

-Cell culture( thawing cells, passaging, transfecting, media preparation etc) and protein measurement using lysis buffer

University of California, San Francisco September 2017-November 2017 Radiation Oncology Research 3-month Intern in Dr. Barcellos-Hoff Lab

● Worked under postdoc fellow on projects aimed to study the effects of radiations in combinations with TGF-beta inhibitors in preclinical models of brain tumors and brain metastasis

● Work on the characterization of the immune system landscape as result of different treatments by dual quantitative immunofluorescence

● Provided technical support, e.g. animal handling and restraint, tissue sample/bone marrow collection, tumor injections, treatments, surgical preparation, pre and post-operative observations and assisting with research procedures as directed

● Collect tissue/cell images using Bright Field microscope

● Created graphs/figures of data and assisted in the analyzation of data

● Used various biomolecular techniques such as cell immunostaining, tissue culture,RNA extraction

● Prepared reagent solutions needed for immuno-staining procedures for antibodies, etc. ThermoFischer Scientific, Pleasanton CA September 2017-October 2017 Manufacturing Lab Technician, Kelly Services 2-month Contract

● Worked in a team based environment to manufacture high quality custom oligonucleotides in a high throughput, fast paced environment

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● Evaluated non-routine test results in order to decide whether to fail the product or allow it to continue through the production cycle

● Provided team members with decision options and corresponding data/logic behind the decisions

● Followed established protocols and SOPs.

● Operated semi-operated and automated lab equipment(Hamilton, Jurrassics, plate assay readers) and handled hazardous chemicals

University of California Davis, Davis CA April 2016-June 2016 Senior Project: Designing Cyclohexane Production plant

● Designed a process of producing 60 million gal/yr of Cyclohexane through the hydrogenation of benzene

● Used routine engineering calculations (e.g. mass balances, energy balances, heat and mass transfer calculations).

● Created flow charts and s tudied the impact of new feeds of Hydrogen/coolant liquid, different catalysts, additives on unit operation and product quality

● Inputted process control parameters

● Led a team on the design process from research and development to modeling and presentation.

● Ran tests on the effects of operating variables on product quality, product yield and profitability.

● Develop Proof of Concept: fit, form, function, production costs calculated, including machinery, energy, salary. Simulated full production cycle to calculate net profit, expenses, and loan payoff using MATLAB and ASPEN PLUS(plc programming).

● Wrote and presented feasibility report for product to classmates and professor. University of California Davis, Davis CA January 2013-March 2017 Undergraduate Class Research

● Researched literature pertaining to mass and heat transfer of gases moving through packed beds and performed experiments to obtain information design a scale up process

● Conducted lab experiments to measure dehydration rates of tBA with industrial grade catalyst and analyzed data to obtain rate equation parameters.

● Interpret the rate equations in terms of the reaction mechanism to make conclusions on design process

● Ran tests on the effects of operating variables on product quality, yield and profitability.

● Measured diffusive motion of colloidal particles via “Brownian Motion” using a microscope and analyzing data and necessary statistics via Matlab coding

● Analyzed data through MatLab coding; presented results and recommendations to engineering professors

● Authored technical documents (feasibility studies, final lab reports and technical memos) University of California Davis, Davis CA May 2017-July 2017 LPFI SMASH Summer Program Residential Director

● Conducted in-person/final interviews and made Residential Advisor hiring decisions and assisted with on boarding procedures

● Refined and implemented RA training with Site Director

● Conduct routine meetings with residential staff to develop and review goals/outcomes achieved, implement short-term performance improvement plans, as needed

● Practice direct communication with residential and academic team

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