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Engineer Civil

Salinas, California, 93907, United States
August 25, 2018

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CSA Supervisor/Resident Technical Officer (RTO) March 2015 to July 2018

Amec Foster Wheeler Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Projects: Roche Singapore Project

Exon Mobil Jurong Synthetic Plant Project

Evonik ME 6 Project

Supervised the civil, structural & architectural works for the Roche Singapore Project, Exon Mobil Jurong Synthetic Plant (JSP) Project & Evonik ME6 Project. Scope of works started to construct temporary facilities like construction of site offices & warehouse, followed by piling works, sub structure works such as excavation, rebar & formwork installation, concreting works of pile caps, tie beams, slab foundations, columns, 2nd & 3rd story slab, staircases & lift walls. For super structure works, it includes installation of structural steel beams, columns, trusses, rafters, purlins, canopy & pipe racks.

Performed also architectural works such as brick wall installation, drywall partition installation, plastering of wall, tiling works, painting works, door installations, epoxy coating on the floor, roofing sheet installation & cladding works.

Performed all QC inspection in conjunction with the QC inspectors & resident engineer to witness testing of rebar & concrete materials, site inspections in checking the quality of work of the sub-contractors prior for release for concreting.

Prepared also daily activity report & monitor the actual work progress on site based on approved schedule of the sub-contractors. Conducted also toolbox talk by implementing the safe performance self-assessment (SPSA) method & also see to it sub-contractors must follow the rules & regulations on site before commencing the work & working in a safely manner.

Assisted on site construction in resolving technical & engineering issues with contractors relating to civil disciplines.

Prepared punch list items to correct non-conformance or defects list items prior to project handover.

Resident Technical Officer (Civil & Structural) October 2014 to January 2015

EPM Consultants Pte. Ltd, Singapore

Project: Croda Alkoxylation Project, Jurong Island, 30 Seraya Ave., Singapore

Conducted site inspections with the sub contactors prior for concrete casting of foundations, concrete walls, columns, slabs, roads & drainage.

Inspected slump testing of concrete prior for casting, grouting of pump foundations, verticality checking of steel columns, materials checking of steel structures prior for fabrication & visual checking of welding and fit up works prior for full welding of joint of steel structures.

Inspected testing of materials such as bolts, nuts, re-bars, steel structure materials & compression test of concrete.

Civil, Structural & Architectural Supervisor March 2013 to July 2014

Jacobs Engineering (S) Pte. Ltd, Singapore

Projects: Nalco Champion Eastern Hemisphere Core Plant Proj., Jurong Island, Ayer Merbau Rd., Singapore

Directly managed & supervised sub-contractors for construction of temporary facilities prior for building up of permanent structures. Directly supervise & inspect on site the sub-structure work like bore piling, pile driving, excavation, form work installation, cutting, bending & fixing of rebar & concreting the foundations, beams, columns, slab & wall of different building structure.

Conducted site inspection with the RTO prior for concreting, compaction test, torque test, verticality checking of steel structure, testing of concrete & other steel structure materials.

Managed sub-contractors like TTJ for installation of steel structures, Audex for temporary facilities & SMCC for the substructure, super structure and architectural work @ Admin Building, Chemical Warehouse, Product Warehouse, SPPG Building, Tank Farm Foundation, Pipe Rack, Roads & Drainage and underground services nearby the structures.

Coordinated with the M&E sub-contractors to lay their underground services inside & outside the buildings prior for concreting & conduct coordination meeting with the sub-contractors to drive the project efficiently, safely & also monitor closely the daily activities to finish the project on time. If there is a deficiency on the working drawings, I coordinated with my structural engineer before the sub-contractor will commence their work.

Conducted inspections with my sub-contractors & prepare snag list prior to project handover.

Building Engineer Nov. 2008 to February 2013

M+W Group Singapore Pte. Ltd, Singapore

Projects: Mead Johnson Project, Tuas, Singapore

Expansion of Stats Chip Pac Building, Yishun, Singapore

DRT Project in International Business Park, Singapore

3M Singapore SG 5/6 Project, Tuas, Singapore

PMI Direct Farm Project in Science Park Road, Singapore

Renewable Energy Corp (REC) Project, Tuas South Avenue 14, Singapore

Directly supervised & managed sub-contractors for the sub structure work like piling, excavation, rebar installation & concreting to the foundation of building. For super structure works, include installation of precast column, precast beam, precast hollow core slab & installation of re-bars & formworks prior for casting of slabs and concrete topping.

Supervised architectural works such as installation of raised floor, cleanroom partition walls & ceilings, painting of walls & ceilings, epoxy coating of floor, installation of partition wall & block wall, installation of ceilings, installation of floor tiles & wall tiles & installation of steel grating inside the mechanical shaft.

Coordinated with the M & E sub-contractors to complete their installation of mechanical & electrical services before cleaning, wipe down of M& E services & final setting the alignment & level of raised floor.

Assigned & directly supervised wet works such as blockwork & plastering of wall, installation of cleanroom wall partitions & ceilings & raised floor installation

Prepared punch list items prior for handover of the data suite to the client and provided written correspondence to sub-contractors for non-conformance work on site.

Conducted meeting to sub-contractors especially when they are delayed on their schedule.

Building Engineer / Architectural Site Supervisor Dec. 2005 – Oct 2008

M+ W Zander (S) Pte. Ltd, Singapore

Projects: Intel Micron Flash Singapore (IMFS), Singapore

Novartis (S) Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (NSPM), Tuas. Singapore

Directly supervised & managed sub-contractors for the civil, structural & architectural works of Fabrication Building. Scope of works includes bore piling, excavation, installation of rebar, installation of formworks & concreting.

Directly supervise & manage the-subcontractors for the architectural works such us block laying & plastering of wall, painting works, epoxy coating on floor, wall & ceilings,, installation of external cladding, fire stopping works, waterproofing works, vinyl tiling, terrazzo flooring, installation of doors and louvers, installation of cleanroom partition and installation of raised floor at the Warehouse Building, Administration Building and Ancillaries Building.

Supervised the superstructure works such as installation of pre-cast columns & beams, precast waffle slab, single and double tee slab and casting of floor topping.

Supervised directly the interior and wet works such as brick works, plastering and skim coating of wall.

Supervised raised floor installation inside the cleanroom, epoxy coating of floor, ceilings, wall and drywall partitions installation @ Fab Building.

Coordinated with M&E sub-contractors to complete their services before cleaning & wipe down.

Monitored progress on site, prepare site instructions, work schedule, work permits and engineering observation report to the contractors.

Prepared letters, site instructions, engineering observation report and site infringement report to contractors especially if they are not following according to approved drawings.

Monitored progress and conduct site walk & meeting with sub-contractors to meet the target schedule.

Conducted tool box meeting with workers prior to start of work & prepared punch list items to improve the quality of work and can easily handover the rooms to the client.

Checked and coordinated with the Structural Engineer and Architect for any deficiency in the construction drawings.

Site Engineer March 2003 to November 2005

Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd. Singapore

Projects: C-823 Circle Line Stage 2 Project, Singapore

Directly supervised & managed sub-contractors for construction of MRT Station @ Old Airport Road. Scope of works includes road construction and diversion, site inspection with LTA inspectors and sub-contractor for excavation, rebar installation, asphalt paving & casting of diaphragm wall and concrete decking.

Supervised driving of sheet piles and king post, installation of strutting beams and support of beams in between the diaphragm wall. Also witness with the LTA inspectors the welding and preloading test for the strutting beams.

Prepared daily accomplishment report, site instruction report, permit to dig, request for inspection, and working schedule to meet the target schedule of the project.

Site Engineer Dec 2001 – Dec 2002

Jacobs Engineering (S) Pte. Ltd, Singapore

Projects: Glaxo Smith Kline Augmentin SR Project, Singapore

Pipe Rack Replacement Project, Singapore

Directly supervised sub-contractors for construction of Augmentin SR Project & Pipe Rack Replacement Project.

Conducted site coordination meeting with sub-contractors to coordinate project schedule and resolve site issues.

Coordinated the request of scaffolding and equipment for sub contractor usage. Conduct & inspect the re-bars installation and formworks prior for concrete pouring.

Supervised the architectural finishes like installation of wall claddings, steel stairs, steel structures, roofing, block laying & plastering of wall and fire proofing of steel structures.

Prepared also punch list items for the final handover of the building to the client, issue memorandum to the sub-contractors if the work scope and details are not indicated in the approved construction drawing & supervise for installation of steel columns, beams & bracing of the pipe rack and secure approval of working permits prior for commencement of work.

Inspected foundation of pipe rack prior to concrete pouring.

Prepared punch list items for the final handover of the building to the client.

Civil Supervisor Mar 1998 – Oct 2001

M+W Zander (S) Pte. Ltd, Singapore

Projects: Chartered Silicon Partner (CSP) Fab 6, Singapore

System in Silicon Manufacturing Co. (SSMC), Singapore

Chartered Semiconductors Manufacturing (CSM) Fab 7, Singapore

Directly managed and supervised sub-contractors’ sub structure works, super structure and architectural finishes of the project.

Supervised installation of cleanroom ceilings & partitions walls, raised floor installation & conduct inspections with the project owner prior for final handover.

Prepared & coordinated schedule to meet the target date, & prepared punch list for the defect works to improve the quality.

Conducted coordination meeting with subcontractors to resolve interfacing works and site issues.

Coordinated with project owner and consultant if working drawings are not clear and required amendments & to issue variation order to the sub-contractors if additional work is not part of the original contractual scope of work.

Civil Engineer Jun 1997 – Dec 1997

DUMEZ /GTM/ Wansoon / Woh Hup J.V., Singapore

Project: Tuas Checkpoint Project, Singapore

Directly supervised sub-contractors for construction of 20 staircases for arrival and departure area of second link at Tuas. Scope of works include excavation, backfilling, formworks installation, fabrication and installation of precast stair and pouring concrete up to 4th Storey level.

Coordinated with Quality Control and PWD inspectors prior for casting.

Prepared weekly accomplishment report, non-conformance report and working schedule.

Conducted meetings to meet the target schedule on time.

Supervising Civil Engineer May 1995 – Dec 1996

ABV Rock Group KB, Jeddah, K.S.A

Project: Saudi Strategic Storage Program Site 5 Project, K.S.A.


Directly supervised the construction of underground strategic storage and distribution facility for petroleum products. It includes fabrication and installation of reinforcement bars, erection of grid beams and wall plates and concreting of cavern floors and walls.

Prepared working schedule and monitor daily accomplishment report.

Coordinated with the inspector prior for the approval of wall plates erection and rebar installation. Supervise construction of roads inside the tunnel, which includes subgrade preparation, compaction, lay-out, leveling and paving.

Planned and organized group of men to finish the work in the most cost effective way.

Conducted tool box talks to maintain a broad awareness of safety on site.

Supervising Civil Engineer Mar 1994 – Nov 1994

FDPI/EEI, Manila, Philippines

Project: PSPC Project, Batangas, Philippines

Directly supervised the installation of insulation of pipes. Scope of works includes fabrication and installation of insulation material and installation of cladding to vessels, exchangers, columns and pipes.

Prepared manpower schedule to meet the target date

Coordinated with project inspector prior for final approval of isometric drawings.

Supervisor May 1991 – June 1993

Bechtel/EEI. Kuwait

Project: Al-Awda/Al-Tameer Project, Ahmadi, Kuwait

Directly supervised the refurbishment of the buildings which includes masonry works, such as block laying, plastering of wall, brick laying, tiles setting, concreting of footing, beams, columns, slabs and painting of walls and columns.

Prepared bill of material, manpower and equipment schedule.

Responsible for the processing of work permits prior to commence of work inside the oil Gathering Centers (GC’s) and Gas Booster Station.

Senior Field Engineer Sept 1990 – May 1991

Atlantic Gulf & Pacific Co, Manila, Philippines

Project: 24 Story Office Tower and Car Park, Manila, Philipoines

Responsible for all civil works. Scope of work included the construction of tower and car park. In charge also for excavation, formwork installation, concreting, fabrication and installation of re-bars for beams, columns and slabs.

Prepared work schedule and bill of quantities.

Directly supervised a group of foremen.

Civil Engineer Sep 1989 – Aug 1990

BES Engineering Corporation, Kuwait

Project: Sixth Ring Motorway Project, Safat, Kuwait

Responsible for the survey & construction of roads and bridge segments. Scope of work includes preparation of survey data, computing and plotting the cross section of the proposed roads and curbs, layout of road, curbs, barrier, and profile leveling of roads.

Prepared work schedule, bill of quantities, leveling of asphalt paving and compacting of soil.

Civil Supervisor Dec 1988 – Apr 1989

Japan Gas Corporation, Kuwait

Project: National Petroleum Company Replacement of Refrigeration System, Safat, Kuwait

Responsible for the supervision of formworks, masonry works, rebar works, lay-out and earthworks such as compaction testing and site preparation.

Prepared bill of materials, manpower and equipment schedule and monitoring work accomplishment.

Prepared updating of monthly and weekly cost report.

Conducted joint survey between the owner and contractor prior for pouring of concrete.

Civil Engineer / Surveyor Mar 1986 – Nov 1988

Campenon Bernard Jahra Ghazali

Project: Sixth Ring Motorway Project, Hawalii, Kuwait

Supervised layout of construction of roads, drainage and bridge segment.

Surveyed elevation control points prior for concreting and asphalting.

Prepared bill of materials, monthly and weekly cost report and monitored work accomplishment.

Coordinated with project inspector on the layout prior for pouring.

Field Engineer/Surveyor Jan 1982 – Dec 1985

Atlantic Gulp & Pacific Company, Manila, Philippines

Project: 300 M.W. Coal Fired Power Plant Project. Batangas, Philippines

Responsible for the construction of National Power Corporation 300 MW Coal Fired Power Plant Project.

Supervised for construction of water treatment equipment foundation, fire pump house, neutralization and wastewater storage pond and pipe rack foundation.

Prepared work schedule to finish the work on time and monitored daily work accomplishment.

In-charged for the layout of Building, anchor bolt & anchor frames of the foundations and driving of piles of the structure.

Conducted joint survey between the owner and the contractor prior for final approval of layout of buildings and roads.

PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION : Registered Civil Engineer, Philippines

Accredited Resident Technical Officer, Singapore

PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATION : Philippine Institute of Civil Engineer, Member

EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION : Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Mapua Institute of Technology

Manila, Philippines


Oil & Petrochemical Industry Safety Course for Supervisors

Building Construction Safety Supervisor Course

Occupational First Aid Course

Visual Inspection of Welds in Structural Steelworks Good Welding Practice

Risk Management Course

Work at Height course for Supervisors

Understanding Formwork Requirement’s & Supervision Training

Safety in Deep Excavation Training

Precast Construction & Supervision Training

Supervision of Piling Works

Critical Aspects of Construction Safety

Non Destructive Testing of Concrete Training

Industrial First Aid Course


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