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Data Entry Plant

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States
August 25, 2018

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Anjali Behera

**** ********* ***.

Marion, IA ***32

Phone: 319-***-**** (home)


Immigrant Status: US Citizen

Summary of Qualification

TEN year experience of various types of Laboratories.

WORK HISTORY Swissvalley farm 2006april to2008. Business closed in 2008 due to flood. After that I went two and half years to Kirkwood community college to get a scince degree. I know Jane nussle who is a nurse and safty worker there.

Penford Lab, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Aug1st 2004 to OCT2004 Tested,Rva,moisture,leco,anntech,ph,ca,cl,carboxyl,so2 for starch. Conducted light sensitivity, conductivity, metallic, nonmetallic, fineness, osmolarity, ph tests for sugar. Prepared different chemical solution according to the plant need. Tested all the starch according to the customer specification.

Quality Chef (Heinz Corporation), Cedar Rapids September 2001 to 2004

My current job title is Quality Assurance Tech. Pre-operational inspection, as well as inspections throughout all production shifts. Quality inspection of all raw and finished goods. Other responsibilities may also include retention of goods and or finished product. Visual and written review of each department’s process and HACCP documentation. Calibration of test instrument, salt analysis as well as viscosity, ph, RI of products and data entry. I also do color analysis of products by color machine and solve problems of high low salt, viscosity by calculation. All those activities are to ensure that our GMP’s

(Good Manufacturing Processes) and SSOP’s (Standard Safety Operating Procedures) are met through out the plant.

University of Iowa-Pathology Dept. Research Lab July 2000 – January 2001

Develop bacteria and yeast growth in blood, chocolate and potato agar. Disk diffusion, MIS by broth micro dilution, use of the Biomic instrument, Riboprimer Microbial characterization system. Vltex, Antimicrobial susceptibility testing and development. Worked with data base and spread sheet computer programs for data entry.

Swiss Valley Farms, Cedar Rapids, IA October 99 to Oct. 2003 (Pt. time)

Charm test for antibiotic positive or negative tests. Snap and phase test for virus by dilution. Use of petri dish and petrifilm for bacteria. Activity test. Moisture test, titration, ph, butter fat, checking weights of raw and finishing products, Autoclave, preparation of ager media, solutions. Water testing organizing and entering data in the computer data base. Running Foss.Daily skim report.

Frontier Chemistry Lab, Norway, IA October 98 to June 99

Conductor test including equipment set um of incoming raw material. Tests performed including but not limited to, Acid Insoluble and total Ash content, Steam Volatile Oil analysis (AOAC), Sulfite (Monier- William method) and Peroxide Value of edible oils (AOCS). Prepared samples for instruments analysis and entered test results into data base.

S.B. Women's College Laboratory: (1971-1973).

Chemistry: Worked in Chemical Laboratory on subject nature of Matter and experimentation with different gasses like Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Ammonia. Also worked to identify different Salt of ve and ve by applying different procedural method. Worked with acids and alkalies.

Botany: Performed testing concerning lives of plants using various slides of plant structures.

Biochemistry Laboratory, India (1973-1975).

Experiments to analyze organic and inorganic subjects to identify nitrogenous. Non-nitrogenous products such as Urea and Creatine

Experiments for acidity and alkalinity such as titration.

Experiments on water (general osmosis, surface tension and adsorption)

Experiments on Carbohydrates (sugar and starch)

Experiments on fat and related compounds (saturated and unsaturated fats)

Experiments on enzymes and reaction

Metabolisms of foreign compounds such as Calcium and Phosphorous

Mineral Metabolism

Other Skills and Experience

Completed 10 week Pharmacology class in 1994 from Kirkwood College on how to work in the Pharmacy.

Computer skills:

Operating system: Windows 95 and DOS

Tools: MS-Words, MS-Excel, Internet and E-mail


B.S. in Biochemistry, Biology,

1996-1998- I took lot of classes at Kirkwood community college laboratory, how to organize sterile techniques etc. Research paper writing.

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