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Project Manager

Miami, Florida, United States
August 25, 2018

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Phone: +1-786-***-****

OBJECTIVE I am a 51 years old Senior Business Consultant with more than 15 years of experience seeking In-house or Remote Job.

I will be able to bring to our business relationship extensive experience in Sales, Marketing, Project Management (will be further developed and utilized). Also Extensive experience in Oil and Gas, IT, Industrial, Banking and Logistics. I can provide your Company with two different scenarios or perspectives were I can be more than productive and problem solving: either working directly overseas in any of your facilities or working remotely developing all the strategies needed. I am based in Caracas, Venezuela, Latin America has become one of the most interesting Continents where to develop Business nowadays thru Branch Offices. Business Potential for International Companies from all over the World is growing fast. As a Latin American Business Consultant, I can provide all the "Market Intelligence" requirements and knowledge to develop your Business needs - Private or Government. I had experience promoting brands and scheduling logistics, meetings or any other task that your Company need. I have experience with several Companies from the USA, Canada, China, Japan, Germany, Portugal and South Africa to mention my Top Clients & Recruiters. As a multilingual, multitasking, problem-solving Consultant I can provide you with professional and neat reports and be managing all the tasks you will need. I am ready to start developing a business based in your Headquarters around the World or from any country in Latin America, depending on your needs (I can be relocated upon request). My primary challenge will be cover all your needs and increase your sales and branding Globally.



GB Advisors, Inc. Feb 2018 Present

ITSM & ITSEC Senior Consultant

ITSM & ITSEC Senior Consultantresponsible for implementing and maintaining an ITSM process management strategy and drive day-to-day activities. Working directly with ITSM Process Architect, PPM Process Architect, IT Architect, Business Analysts, developing projects (Commercial & Technical) for Oil & Gas, Industrial, Government, IT, Banking Companies who want to improve their IT Customer Engagement Solutions (SaaS, KPI, SLA, ITIL, CRM)

Experienced in ServiceNow, FreshWorks, BMC, Aranda Software, Bomgar Platforms

(OnPremise & Cloud-Based) - (ITSM), AlienVault, LogRhythm (ITSEC). Fernando Suarez


Fernando Suarez Gonzalez 1

Palabras Mayores, C.A. Jan 2018 Feb 2018

Servicios Integrales Cueva de Iria,


Jul 2017 Jan 2018

Pagos Móviles PayPhone Ago 2016 Ago 2017

Main Responsabilities: New Business Development, Customer Success. Projects Managed: $50K to $3M Quarterly

Type of Job: Remotely

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

As the CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER (COO) of PALABRAS MAYORES, C.A., I was in charge of the whole planning and operations of the Group. PALABRAS MAYORES, C.A., has three main Business Units: 1) Editorial El Estilete, 2) Libreria Lugar Comun Libraries and 3) Fanarte Lithography. They design, produce and print the Books, promote them and the Authors and then sell the Books thru their own libraries and third-party libraries in Venezuela and Worldwide.

My main task was to be the deployment of a new Planning and Operation System, where we covered all the services to our providers and distributors as fast as 5 day period of time - once the purchase order has been cleared from the Front Office and Administration.

Managing payroll function for 70 employees.

Frequent Travelling: 65% (Latin America, USA)

Type of Job: In-House

Senior Transportation & Logistics Consultant

As a Senior Transportation & Logistics Consultant for Servicios Integrales Cueva de Iria, C.A., my main duties were the implementation of the new service Structure for Customers (peer-to-peer ridesharing, food delivery and transportation Network).

One of the platforms that we are working with is called NEKSO APP

(, that is a Venezuelan Based Kind-Of-Uber, which give customers the ability to use their Smartphones to ask for Transportation Services around the city, country (Private or Shared Cars). Transportation Network: 350 Cars (Private Cars).

Also, I was in charge of the Planning and Logistics of Product Transportation in Venezuela and Worldwide.

More than 5-year experience developing Import / Export Logistics from China, Europe, USA, Canada and Panama to Latin American Countries. Transportation Network: 1.500 Trucks Frequent Travelling: 70% (Latin America, South Africa, Europe, Asia) Kimera Consulting 3007, C.A., My main duties: Third Party Analyst (Caracas, Puerto La Cruz, Maracaibo, Maturi n - Venezuela) Tasks Project Third Party Monthly Reports Project Planning and Scheduling. Type of Job: In-House

Senior Business Consultant

As a Senior Business Consultant for Pagos Moviles Payphone, C.A., my main duty was the Development of the New Generation of E-Commerce and Mobile Fernando Suarez Gonzalez 2

Kimera Consulting 3007, C.A. Jan 2010 Jan 2017

Inspur LangChao China Apr 2014 Apr 2016

Payments in Latin American Countries.

Globalization and Internet, has been the " Economic Trigger" that opened the door to the development of a new "Economy" using new ways to make transactions around the World, virtually speaking.

New ways how to BUY and SELL has been emerging and new forms/methods have been appearing globally such as AliPay, PayPal, Apple Pay, Cryptocurrencies, etc. Our New Mobile equipment such as Smartphones, Tablets and Wearables has been promoting such "Payment Independency" no matter the environment that you use. Type of Job: Remote

Senior Business Consultant

As a Senior Business Consultant for Kimera Consulting 3007, C.A., my duties was the develop and strengthen the Global Business Plan in areas such as Marketing, Sales, IT, Innovation and of course nowadays developing a Social Media presence. Kimera Consulting 3007, C.A, has been developed an Import / Export Business in China and looking for new products and solutions in order to satisfy the Latin American Market.

Visiting several important cities in China such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and visiting the main Fairs and Factories, have been provided us a "look and feel" of the Chinese Business Culture of "Created in China" and not just

" Made in China".

During the last 10 years, visiting China has being a perfect example of growth and development.

We are developing the implementation of new Projects and applying New Technologies such as Smart cities: Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AI). My main goal is to continue my growing experience and the development of such projects & solutions around the World.

Frequent Travelling: 80% (USA, Latin America, Canada, Asia, Europe), So as the Global market is developing new ways of how to make transactions, Banks are no longer needed the way we knew.

My duties are widely engaging, looking forward to automating and implement Solutions using New Mobile Payment Technology to solve any situation in any place around the World.

Frecuent Travelling: 65% (USA, Latin America, Canada, Asia, Europe). Type of Job: In-House

Senior Latam Business Consultant

As a Senior Business Consultant (Latam) for Inspur LangChao (China) my duties: were to create and developed Business and Commercial Liaisons with several Corporate & Government Institutions providing them with suitable IT Solutions covering their needs.

The IT Solutions presented by Inspur LangChao (China) were: IT (Cloud Computing and Data Centers) Cloud Computing, Data Centers, HPC, Big Data (E-Government, E- Education, E-Taxation and Media Cloud).

New Business Implementation: SmartCities Implementation.

(Smart Metering) New Business Implementation: Energy and Sustainability (Green & Clean Energy Solutions and Efficient Lightning) Frequent Travelling: 70% (Latin America, Asia (Mainland China & Hong Kong), USA, Europe). Fernando Suarez Gonzalez 3

BioTEK Jan 2010 Jan 2014

Dierck Sistemas de Iluminación Jan 2008 Jan 2010 PDVSA May 1998 May 2002

Type of Job: In-House

Green Building and Energy Efficiency Consultant

As a GreenBuilding and Energy Efficiency Consultant for BioTek, my main duties was to be the Technical, Commercial Liaison between the Company and the Corporate & Government Institutions we developed Projects for. Part of my job was the introductory knowledge to our clients regarding LEED, BREEAM Certifications, ISO 14001 (Environmental Management). Type of Job: In-House

Green Building Project Manager

As a Green Building Project Manager for Dierck Sistemas de Iluminacion, I was in charge of the Green Building projects developed for several Companies in Latin America and to be in contact with our main distributors in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Spain.

Main Duties: Green Building Project Planning.

Type of Job: In-House

Development Analyst

I was in charge to give assistance to the URDANETA PROJECT (PDVSA). My main duties: Third Party Analyst (Caracas, Maracaibo, Maturi n - Venezuela) Tasks Project Third Party Monthly Reports Project Planning and Scheduling., I was in charge to give assistance to the URDANETA PROJECT (Schlumberger). Type of Job: In-House

QUALIFICATIONS Professional Skills: Multitasking, Senior Consultant, Team Leader, Empowered Teammate, Organized Mindset

SaaS Literacy: ITSM, ITSEC, ITIL, KPI, SLA, ERP, CRM IT Literacy: G-Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, MS Visio, MS Project, AutoCAD

Digital Marketing Platforms: SEO & SEM

OS Environment: iOS, Windows, Linux (Desktop, LapTop, Mobile) Working Conditions: Full-Time, Part-Time, Contract, In-House or Remote. Personal: Creative, Problem Solving, Love Arts, Reading, Extreme Sports, IT Geek, PlayStation 4 & Netflix & Spotify.

Multilingual: English, German, Portuguese, Chinese & Spanish Travel Availability: 100% (SkyWalker)

Relocation Opportunity: 100%

Schedule (Working Hours): Due to my experience in several Countries and Continents I am suitable to work in different Time Zones (No matter where the Client is Located). I am 100% flexible with working hours even on Holidays or Weekends. Customer Service Experience in USA, Canada, Central & South America, Caribbean, Europe, South Africa, China and Japan.

EDUCATION Project Management Oct 2010 Dec 2010

Fernando Suarez Gonzalez 4

BA Industrial Engineering Oct 1993 Oct 1998

PMI Institute

Qualifications As a Senior Business Consultant, my project developments are constructed in a detailed manner as follows: Project Management Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: Proven knowledge, skills and abilities in: o MS Project / Visio / Excel in order to develop detailed work plans, schedules o Developing project estimates and resource plans o Documenting coherent and concise project status reports including issues and risks o Conducting project meetings and subsequently documenting/distributing meeting minutes and action item, including responsibilities for same, in a timely manner o Progressing complex project schedules, identify and manage the project's critical path, proactively identifying and escalating risks to project's schedule, budget or quality o Tracking project expenses, forecasting future spend, calculating estimates- at-complete and proactively advising of forecasted variances along with proposed corrective action o Managing the participation of resources assigned to the project and holding them accountable for completing tasks in line with the effort and timeline estimates they provide - escalating issues proactively to resource's manager to mitigate impacts to project expectations o Managing a team of resources through all phases of the systems development life cycle including the production of deliverables associated with advancing through the phases o Managing multiple major projects simultaneously utilizing standard project management processes as defined by the Project Management Institute (PMI) o PowerPoint presentation development o Excel to support project budget estimation and forecasting o Reviewing vendor's statements of work for completeness and relevance to project objectives o Managing vendors in the execution of their statement of work and holding them accountable;anticipating/escalating to direct supervisor if gaps or issues Requesting and obtaining commitments for project team resources, preferably via automated processes (ie., enterprise project management tools) Defines project scope and objectives.

Develops detailed work plans, schedules, project estimates, resource plans and status reports.

Conducts project meetings and produces meeting minutes and issues logs. Produces risk analysis and risk mitigation plans.

Responsible for project tracking and analysis.

Ensures adherence to Project Management Process, Systems Development Methodology and quality standards for producing project deliverables. Provides project management, technical and analytical guidance to the project team. Ensures quality deliverables are produced as planned. Univ Jose Maria Vargas

GPA: 3.4

INTERESTS Arts, Extreme Sports, Music, Cooking, Cigars, PlayStation REFERENCES Building Automation Certified (KNX): 14.448 Fernando Suárez González Climate Reality Project Corps (Al Gore): Johannesburg, South Africa Climate Reality Project Corps Mentor (Al Gore): Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

References Available upon request.

Fernando Suarez Gonzalez 5

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