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Engineer Manufacturing

Morgan Hill, California, United States
August 25, 2018

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WYNN A. RAY 408-***-**** (Plasmonics group owner, Metamaterials group manager) Career Summary

Skilled in research and development with broad expertise across multiple technologies, materials and process areas. Experienced in laboratory, manufacturing and commercial research settings. Trained and experienced in management of production, experts and engineers. Expertise includes chemistry, plasmonics, material science, QMS, reliability, FA, lasers, optics, physics, electronics, process implementation, cleanroom operations, robotics, manufacturing, nanotechnology, SMT/PCA, SPC, quality control, ISO, JIT, composites, surface science, and electro-chemistry. Six Sigma Green belt. QMS/ISO9001 auditor certified


01/17-Current Makplate LLC Quality Manager/Plant Operations

• Achieved 300% improvement in external quality control monitoring results within first six months.

• Reduced production downtime by 3x through proactive maintenance methodologies.

• Expanded and refined internal plant safety systems and equipment.

• Eliminated excess inventory and stored materials by 5% with positive cash flow.

• Restored DI water systems with addition of feedback controls for operational maintenance.

• Reduced electricity usage by 9%

• Quality feedback notification system instituted to educate production workers on quality issues in a bilingual environment.

• Created internal problem reporting system and forms for analysis of plant problems, production downtime issues, and accounting issues.

• Established system of ECN documentation.

• Managed hazardous waste reporting interface with regulatory agencies.

• Revise and maintain regulatory and QMS documentation

• Manage direct and indirect report personnel.

01/14- 12/16 Airight Technology Engineer (Start-up in stealth mode.)

• Evaluated test results and methodologies.

• Redesign of device modality for series and parallel combinations.

• Evaluated mixed flow chemistry for removal of targeted gases in process waste vents.

6/09 – 12/13 San Jose State University Researcher

• Investigate active plasmonic surfaces, electronic and electrochemical control of plasmonic responses in metals.

• Research project design to prepare commercial development applications

• Collaborate with Physics department on SERS research

• Managed students in active sensing and imaging with plasmonic surfaces. 2

09/97- 05/16 San Jose State University Lecturer, LL/A

• Teach chemistry labs and introductory chemistry classes as well as lower and upper division Materials Engineering labs.

• Coordinate multiple labs and instructors for weekly laboratory set-up. Instruct and council students, grading and evaluation of academic performance.

• Monitor chemical safety and waste stream management.

• Devised graduate and undergraduate courses involving inter-disciplinary coordination between Science and Engineering schools.

• Designed labs and co-authored lab procedures text, revising and introducing new experiments.

12/05-6/06 Armored Mobility Inc. Manufacturing Operations

• Coordinate all steps of manufacturing at several sites

• Qualify and coordinate vendors for NPI manufacturing processes.

• Reported to Manufacturing and Engineering VP to ensure flow of materials and machinery for production.

• Monitor quality and expense.

• Developed new composites for body armor, collaborated with testing and qualification of new materials and assembly methods,.

• Managed vender qualification.

09/05-06/06 Auto Organizers Operations

• Manage business operations including accounting, sales, and marketing.

• Weekly and Monthly financial reports to the CEO, purchasing, payroll and collections.

• Managed customer and vendor relations.

• Devised processes for sales order through delivery with back channels for communication and feedback for JIT manufacturing processes.

• Reduced back orders and unpaid invoices to 0%.

10/98-4/00 National Semiconductor Research Engineer

• Wrote test equipment specifications

• Tested wafers and devices for electrical characteristics of new technologies

• Installed and operated aqueous/solvent wafer cleaning systems for test and process development in Class 10 cleanroom.

• Materials testing of CMOS test circuits on silicon

• Wrote packaging specifications for IC devices

• DOE for basic research in testing of low k dielectrics (interlayer). 12/97-9/98 Equipe Technologies /PRI robotics Integration Cell Coordinator


• Manage engineers and technicians in the integration, programming and troubleshooting of robotic wafer- handling systems.

• Document throughput, quality issues, and analyze root cause in a full-scale, post- pilot manufacturing.

• Reduced WIP by 60% in the first month, kept it to less than 30% of previous 3


1/95-11/97 Pinnacle Research Institute Process Engineer

• Research alternative materials of active surface structure of “ultra-capacitors” for cost and availability

• Chemical Safety Officer managed and monitored chemical usage and storage, reduced chemical stores by 70% resulting in a positive cash flow

• Noble metal recovery from liquid waste streams eliminating hazardous waste costs and re-coup costs from resale of recovered metals.

• Analyze and interpret data from ICP, TGA, Porosimetry, titrations and cyclic- voltammetry of mixed metal oxide coatings and solutions.

• Etching and electrical treatment of electrodes

• Track pilot manufacturing processes and yields.

• Root cause defect analysis, and implementation of improvement processes for manufacturability.

93/94 Cardiac Pathways/Abaxis Manufacturing and Software Test

• Fine wire reeling and spinning machines for process control of weave density on flex control surfaces of intra-vascular heart probe

• Software mapping and troubleshooting for whole blood analyzer, initiated programming changes based on test results.

• Physical testing of instrument’s environmental operating functions. 4/90-1/93 Amdahl Corporation Manufacturing Engineer

• Devised and developed various processes for NPI manufacturing

• Devised and implemented new SMT manufacturing techniques for all aspects of machine soldering, placement and cleaning

• Developed demand flow supply chains and pick operations (kanban)

• Coordinated with overseas manufacturing plants for transfer and implementation of processes within TQM requirements

• Qualified laser based marking and cutting systems for production

• Supervision of CO2 laser wire bonder operations and transition to next generation of bonders. Evaluate Nd YAG laser bonding of wires, and fiber coupling for beam delivery

• Established chemical safety and hazardous waste handling procedures, and developed environmental controls for plant processes

• Successful transition from CFC based cleaning systems to aqueous cleaning of circuit boards and silk screens

• Evaluated and implemented Process Flow Diagrams and method sheets in JIT environment

• Implemented ISO standards in plant, passed ISO inspection for certification.

• Troubleshoot electronic and mechanical problems on equipment and repair or replace as needed.

• Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award finalist.


9/88-4/90 Amdahl Corporation Failure Analysis/Reliability Engineer

• Cross section and X-Ray of various electronic devices

• Research and asses quality and reliability of electronic and mechanical components.

• Operation of SEM and EDX systems with image processing

• Failure Analysis of components and systems

• Use and maintenance of carbon and gold sputtering system, use of plasma etch.

• Trace contamination analysis

• Interposer structural deformation investigation.

• Coordinate failure analysis details with manufacturing process engineers.

• Qualified vendors and evaluated devices to internal and Mil specs.

• Wrote and revised device specifications

• Issued formal technical reports on evaluations.


San Jose State University;

MS Chemistry (physical/analytical), Thesis: “SPR imaging of potentials across metal thin Films using electro-chemical events”

BA Physics, Concentration: Lasers and Optics, Minor: Radio-Chemistry College of Marin;

AS Physics, AA Mathematics

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