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Security Officer

Syracuse, New York, United States
August 22, 2018

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My Resume will be

included in my cover

letter nd supplement l

inform tion bec use of

technic l issues

uplo ding file.

My n me is R j ndr

Singh I live nd work in

the United St tes

Syr cuse New York nd

I m citizen of this

gre t n tion of ours I

h ve been working

security for securit s

USA for seven ye rs

now my position w s s

senior officer t

he lth clinic de ling

with ll types of

situ tions clinic l nd

none clinic l. Now Iʼm

posted t st te site

the st te office building

in Syr cuse New York

s n un rmed security

officer my job is security

protection not only of

property but ll st te

employees nd visitors

some of those

employees re two st te

sen tors nd

ssemblym n nd

district court. Iʼm well

tr ined t different

types of fire rms

bec use Iʼm owner of

multiple I h ve my

conce led c rry permit I

h ve cle n driving

record my high school

diplom I did t ke some

cl sses for forensic

science, crimin l justice

cl ss in high school ll

under Syr cuse

University but I never

tr nsfer my Credit to

ny university bec use I

never ttended for

profession l reference

you c n cont ct

securit s security

services in Syr cuse

New York for more

inform tion on my work

ethic th nk you.

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