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Customer Service Assistant

Riverside, California, 92507, United States
August 22, 2018

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Administrative IT Assistant UC Riverside, Academic Personnel Office

• Collaborate on creating a system in MS Excel to scan and validate confidential document for over 800+ professors

• Train and supervise student to fulfill departmental responsibilities

• Provide technical and labor-intensive support to improve work flow and time of department staff

• Manage and update information on department websites through OUCampus CMS in HTML/CSS keeping in mind the restrictions set by the software and university policies

• Design and implement a new website on Drupal 8 with the intention on providing a more aesthetically and strategic design for staff/faculty to easily locate desired resources


Student Leadership Acts2Fellowship/Klesis

• Collaborated on creative ways to interact with students and shared idea with five other student leader groups

• Coordinated with team members on tasks throughout the week in preparation of hosting students during weekly meetings

• Presented research through formal and informal presentation to engage with students in conversation on particular topics 2016-18

Director of Media Theta Tau Co-ed Professional Engineering Fraternity

• Created the position to satisfy the lack of publicity in promoting the fraternity

• Lead team-meeting and communicate vision for publicity projects

• Research and quickly learn new editing skills when creating video projects in Premiere Pro 2015-17

Support Media Officer UC Riverside, Multimedia

• Enhanced the quality and effectiveness of instructional delivery methods

• Provided technical support and customer service to achieve greater impact in the classroom

• Wrote thorough reports to ensure effective quality communication between clients and advisors 2015-16


Ideal College Apartment Control (ICAC)

• Developed embedded system protype in C allowing college students to manage house security by remotely controlling electronic component inside the house (i.e. light switches, door lock, garage door) via Android app 2016

Eight-Puzzle AI Algorithm Program

• Developed console application in C++ to find solution to unsolved eight-puzzle using A* Search

• Compared the run-time of different heuristic (i.e. Uniform Cost, Misplaced Tile, Manhattan Distance) returning the heuristic with the optimal solution



• Developed a wrapped system call console application which users can pipeline multiple commands through an emulated shell terminal

• Implemented multiple design patterns in C++ allowing ease in future build upon and reusability of program

• Managed a group progress, using agile methodology (i.e. Scrum), to ensure a functional program weekly

• Created bash scripts so that could streamline different test cases to test correctness of the program 2016

“A Dog For All Four Season” Embedded System Game

• Developed an embedded system program in C simulating the virtual game “A Dog For All Four Season” into a physical video game using different hardware components (i.e. keyboard control, LCD display)

• Implemented multiple finite state machines into the Atmega1284 microcontroller to control the interaction between different hardware component allowing the player to interact with the game and communication to Arduino via USART to display the game screen 2016

Jugs Puzzle

• Developed a console application in C++ to find if it is possible to get a desired measurement of water using two jugs with amounts different from the desired amount

• Implemented graphs to map relationship of the different consequences/states of the individual jugs based on different actions taken (i.e. pour jug A into B, fill water in jug B etc.) to get the desired amount and display the steps (if a solution is found) 2016


INTEREST Photography, Videography, Dance, Bouldering TECHNOLOGIES C/C++, Java, Javascript, HTML & CSS, PostgreSQL, Python SOFTWARE & TOOLS Android Studio, Arduino, Bash, Firebase, Git, Github, Vim GRAPHIC SOFTWARE Adobe Illustrator, Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Adobe XD OTHER TOOLS Agile Method, Drupal, OmniUpdateCampus (OUCampus), Sharepoint, Trello, WordPress NON-PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES English, Vietnamese


University of California, Riverside B.S. Computer Science 2014-18

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