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CFD Engineer

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
August 22, 2018

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Motorsports Research Lab [Advisor: Dr. Mesbah Uddin] Charlotte, USA, Jun 2016 – August 2018 Numerical investigations on the aero. of ground vehicles in platoon using the fastback DrivAer model (Thesis)

Intended on developing a baseline simulation methodology for examining vehicle interactions

Prepared a commercial type fastback car geometry (DrivAer)

Analyzed interference effects on wake development and drag on cars in platoon using Overset mesh

First ever CFD analysis of vehicle interactions using detailed car geometries Teaching Assistant

Mentored and guided over 150 students in engineering techniques, data collection and processing

Trained the students in tire mounting, balancing and wheel alignment techniques

Guided the students in writing Matlab codes for vibration analysis of systems and to fit Pacejka curves for tire modeling & analysis

Thermal management of a power plant exhaust system and pipeline using CFD

Modeled the exhaust system and pipelines of a power plant that produces roughly 3.6MW of power

Troubleshot thermal breakdown and back pressure issues

Designed a new exhaust pipeline to reduce pressure losses while maintaining heat recovery Influence of CFD setup on simulation results with tandem bluff bodies

Detailed the influence of numerical models, turbulent levels and meshing strategies

Outlined the inefficiency of quasi-steady methods and RANS models in simulating cases with multiple bodies Construction of scaled-model open-circuit suction type wind tunnel

Provided wind tunnel design support and engineering drawings

Hands-on support during construction of plugs for the wind tunnel parts

Trained in fabrication techniques using fiberglass and wood PROFESSIONAL AND ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE

CFD, Thermal Analysis and FEA

UNC Charlotte, Charlotte, USA

Custom 2nd order accurate DNS code for shock tube problems Jan 2017 – May 2017

Created a modular Matlab code based on Riemann and Godunov solvers Steady state heat conduction analysis of 2D composite chimney cross-section Jan 2016 – May 2016

Developed a code for structured grid generation to solve the section with a heat source at the center

Achieved solution up to 2nd order accuracy and verified the results by solving the same case using ABAQUS Demystifying racecar rear diffuser and tail gate analysis for pick-up trucks Jan 2016 – May 2016

Modeled mock-up CAD models of a formula racecar and a pickup truck to run CFD external aero. analyses Anna University, Chennai, India

Effect of combustion chamber geometry on performance and emission characteristics Dec 2014 – Mar 2015

Redesigned the combustion chamber, varied the number of holes in the injector and the injection timing and attained optimum values

Achieved better brake thermal efficiency, lowered the specific energy consumption and emissions

Tested and compared the Re-entrant chamber with conventional chamber using diesel and bio-diesel blends Dynamics and Design

UNC Charlotte, Charlotte, USA

Time domain approach to a single degree of freedom forced vibration system Aug 2016 – Dec 2016

Generated a custom code to solve a vibrating system using Euler Integration method in time domain

Transient and steady-state responses were recorded for varying forcing frequencies

The solving method was validated with the solution from the closed form Anna University, Chennai, India

FSAE/SAE SUPRA Apr 2015 – Sept 2015

Determined dynamic braking forces, torque, braking distance and pedal leverage values for a formula racecar that met braking and handling performance targets

Designed and modeled the mounts for the brake system and hoses Effects of Side wind gusts on a four-wheeler moving on a flat ground Aug 2014 – Sept 2014

Employed Matlab Simulink to simulate on-road conditions and crosswinds acting on a vehicle

Evaluated the directional stability and yaw rate on the vehicle under different wind speeds and angles of attack


Chennai, India

BOSCH Regional Training Center

Student Intern Apr 2014

Successfully trained in assembly, dismantling, working and calibration of fuel pumps and injectors Renault Nissan Automotive India Pvt., Ltd.,

Student Intern Dec 2013

Carried out cycle-time analysis of the Gearbox assembly line using custom formulae devised based on technician’s age, working time of the day and experience

Overhauled the rework area to reduce the downtime and offline rework hours SKILLS SOFTWARE

Geometry modeling & preparation, turbulence

modeling, overset meshing techniques, FEA, thermal analysis, vehicle dynamics, signal processing, data acquisition(NI-DAQ) & analysis, basic programming

StarCCM+, ANSA, Abaqus, PTC Creo, Solidworks,

LabView, Matlab, Simulink, C++, Engineering

Equations Solver(EES), Office Productivity Tools, LaTex

[Windows, Linux (CentOS)]


The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, North Carolina August 2018 Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering GPA – 3.1 Anna University, India May 2015

Bachelor of Engineering in Automobile Engineering GPA – 3.7 PUBLICATIONS

"Experimental Investigation of a Single Cylinder Diesel Engine with a Re-Entrant Chamber using Diesel and Bio- Diesel Blends”, ISSN: 1054-853X

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