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1. Head of PMO 2. Quality & Risk Management (3) IT strategy

South Korea
August 22, 2018

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Ki Young(Claire) Bae

Address #****-***, ****** ***. **** dong-ro57, Wonmi-Ku,,Bucheon-Shi,, Kyungki-Do (14587) Mail ID: HP:010-****-**** HOME:032-***-**** PERSONAL INFORMATION :

Date of Birth 1968.05.20

Gender Female

Martial Status Married (with husband and 2 Children) PERSONAL PROFILE :

Good Sound & Good Health, Positive/Open Mind, Strategic Thinking & Simple Presentation, Solid Responsibility, Good Relationship with Member/Interpersonal Skills and external IT Business. OBJECTIVE

Senior CIO


May.2016 ~ Mar,2018 Atos Spain S.A Korea Branch ( Gangneung, Korea ) Business Type Sports Industry – 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Position Project Management Officer

Quality/Risk Manager

Aug,2012~ Apr.2016 WebStyle Korea ( Seoul, Korea ) Business Type IS Application Consulting

( Big Data Strategy, Data Mining, Online Research ) Position Senior Consultant for Political party of Korea Nov.2009 ~ Feb,2012 Bausch + Lomb Korea ( Seoul, Korea ) Business Type Health Care

( Vision Care/Pharmaceutical/Surgical )

Position IM&T Director

Oct.2008 ~ Oct.2009 Bluebell Korea ( Seoul, Korea ) Business Type Luxury Goods

Position IT Manager /BRM

Aug.2006 ~ Sep.2008 (주) CAS Korea ( Seoul, Korea ) Business Type IT Governance, Assurance, Security Solution Position IT Senior Consultant ( Consulting Group)

Mar.1995 ~Feb,2006 British American Tobacco Korea ( Seoul, Korea ) Business Type Fast Moving Consumer Goods (Tobacco) Position Technology IT Manager

Architecture Manager

IT Security Manager

System Admin/DBA

Business Analyst/System Admin

Dec.1990-Mar.1995 Hitachi Asia Semiconductor Korea, Seoul, Korea Business Type Electronics –Semiconductor

Position Assistant Manager

Role Business Analyst

MIS Management

• Management Area

1. Global Organization Engagement

- Company Audit Committee Coordinator (Central BAT) 1999 ~~

- IT Audit & Security Consulting for Business Demand 2002 ~~

- Technical Consulting for Business Demand (APAC) 2002 ~~

- Technology IT Manager (APAC) 2004 ~~

- Business Risk Committee Member ( AP Region) 2005 ~~

- Regional IT Committee 2008 ~~

- Regional CRM Manager 2008 ~~

- Regional IT Compliance Committee 2009 ~~

- Regional IT Business Relationship Management (CRM) 2009 ~~

- Regional Leadership Team ( AILT AP) 2009 ~~

- Regional RAD(Rapid Application Development) Operation 2010 ~~

- Chief of Privacy Officer(Bausch & Lomb Korea) 2011 ~~

- IOC Relationship management Committee 2016 ~~

- Contract Management with OCOG 2016 ~~

2. Team Management

- People Development ( in-direct 32 Local team, COE in HQ)

- Team Organization Management ( with shared Service Team in ML)

- People Development Management with coach & mentoring

- People performance and promotion management

- IT Budget Management in line with Company P&L

3. Representative of Country as IT Director

- IT Strategy Roadmap based on Business Strategy

- Leading of Key IT Agenda Drive

- Contribution of Dept Management

- Business Alignment with Regional/Global stakeholder.

- Regional Leader of SFDC deployment ( AP Region)

• Functional Area- IT : Business Engagement

1. POS System Point of Sales System at Department Store 2. EDI System Duty free&Dept Store EDI SystemOperation 3. Web Site Implementation

http://sfdc –Call Management

http://sfdc – loyalty program

http://sfdc – Web Payment

4. BPCS System ERP Operation with 3PL (DHL KR)

Intergration( BPCS& DHL) with BizTalk

5. Work Flow System Electornic Approval management System KR P&L Tracking System ( Web Based)

KR HR System

Integration with ERP System

6. Peoplesoft System HR Integration(Global & Local) 7. Reporting Integration Hyperion/COGNOS/Crystal Report 8. Clinical Test System Integration with Global System eDMS System Setup and Operation

Cloud-based Apps Setup and operation

9. Vendor Management Integration with Vendor and B&L 10. e :TAX System Online TAX System

11. SFDC System Full Cycle of Call Management ( doctors) Point System ( Consumer CRM)

Web Payment System ( Customer CRM)

12. Server Consolidation with global council of BAT HQ 13. UNIX Migration for DW Service with Business Object XI 14. EAI Project Integration of various applications

( IBM MQ Manager)

15. Call Centre Project Customer Service Solution Buildup BAT Call Center Buildup and Operation

16. EIS /MIS Decision Making with analytic System(Business Object ) 17. Data Warehousing Project Company Dash Board Implementation 18. SAP Implementation Business Process Reengineering and implementation

19. SWIFT Direct Sales Management System

20. MOVEX Finance Management System

21. Tele Marketing Tele Marketing Sales Management System

• Functional Area- IT Infrastructure Engagement

1. VM System Buildup IBM Product + VMWARE

2. SUS/ Epo Build Up Global Security Standardization Build up 3. Office Moving Project Local Data Centre Buildup 4. Storage Project IBM FasT700 Build up

5. Tivoli Backup System Implementation with DR Site 6. GENA Implementation Standard Front End Implementation 7. Factory Datacenter Buildup PLC Integration and standardiation QA/QC System setup and automation

Physical Security System Automation

8. DRP Project at IBM Centre DR Site Implementation 9. Lotus Notes Migration Group Ware Implementation

• Functional Area- IT Consulting

1. Online Strategy Consulting Big Data management ( ELT with Hadoop) Alignment with opinion research

Strategy management through data mining

Data analysis with feedback tool

Real- time reporting service buildup

2. Korea IOI Analysis and Enhancement of Compliance of IT Governance

Payment Process Consulting to compliant

with IT Governance

(2006.Aug ~ 2006.Dec)

3. TCS Korea DRP Review, Design and Simulation

(2007.Feb ~ 2007.May)

4. Boram Engineering Co. LTD ERP Migration and Data Validation MM/SD/CO Module Consulting

(2007. April ~ 2008.Aug)

• Functional Area- IT Audit : Internal & External IT Audit 1. Periodic IT Audit BAT Japan & BAT Malaysia

2. SOX Project Company Risk Analysis and Implementation 3. NTS Audit Official Audit by Korea Government (2 Mon) 4. Outsourcing IT Audit IT Audit of BAT Korea’s External Contractor 5. Internal Audit Annual IT Audit by Other BAT’s entity 6. Company Compliance Setup Best Modeling of IT Governance Compliance

• Functional Area- IT Security

. 1. SUS/ Epo Build Up Global Security Standardization Build up 2. Office Moving Project Local Data Centre Buildup & Physical Security Establishment

3. IT Security Campaign IT Security Road show(Korea& Japan) 4. Storage Project Migration of Legacy Information 5. Tivoli Backup System Implementation with DR Site 6. GENA Implementation Standard Front End Implementation KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS and EXPERIEMCE

1. The broad degree of experience in the process of shaping the business through technology, e.g. effective involvement in cross- functional teams, involvement in special project teams, initiation of new ideas and innovative proposals etc.

2. The successful identification of opportunities and their exploitation by effective conversion of ideas into practical projects to enable the business to achieve its objectives

3. Broad and In depth of Knowledge of a number of Technologies and Standards, IT Governance and Apply ability its implementation to the business for a high-level of customer satisfaction with the IT service

4. Manage and Coach people to achieve the high performance team by encouraging and Inspiring with innovation

5. Manage work requirement through Priority and Time Management aligned with Business

6. Strong Ability of problem solving and suggestion of practical/optimal solution to achieve its objectives with Win-Win Strategy

7. Strong Self presentation skill and convince skill to business on crucial situation


ITIL Information Technology Infrastructure Library 2006


CISA Certified of information System Audit 2005

CISSP Certified of Information System Security Professional 2005 PRINCE2 Project Management-Practitioner 2004

EDUCATION & Training:

2010 SFDC Consulting Course

2009 ITSM Certificate Course ( 6 Months)

2008 ITIL – Practitioner ( 4 Weeks)

2005 Strategic Thinking and Presentation (3 Days)

2005 System Audit Course and IT Security Professional Course ( Each 2 Months)

2004 Project Management Course ( 1 Week)

2003 Business Excellence Course ( 1 Week)

2001 Global Strategy Buildup – Front End ( 7 Weeks) 1987 ~ 1991 Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Major in Japanese AWARDS & RECOGNITION:

Dec 2017 The Best Performer of Olympic Committee

Feb,2004 The best Employee of BAT Korea

Feb,1999 The best Employee of BAT Korea

Feb,1996 The best Employee of BAT Korea

Jan,1992 The employee Award of Hitachi Asia


Claire joined Hitachi Asia Semiconductor Korea, LTD in 1990 as MIS analyst. All of the analytic and forecasting information & reporting based on Hitachi standard template has been managed by her in Japanese. Its information was significant gear of business relationship buildup with several local electronic company such as LG, Hyosung, which relationship was trigger of sales growth, then after 2 years where promoted from MIS analyst to MIS assistant manager which had been included business analysis as well as database administration for following 3 years. The biggest contribution during 5 years was make a record management system in Hitachi standard EDMS( based on Armour Toolkit) . Company enabled and got the benefit from transparent information system.

Personally, during 5 years, she was taken countless of IT related in/external training, which was very essential treasures to her for future career path and also business related training was one of big asset for her.

On Mar 1995, she joined to British American Tobacco Korea( BAT Korea) as a IT assistant manager to avoid baby restriction at Hitachi. In 1995, BAT Korea tried to leverage business with tele marketing operation as a key sales& marketing imperatives among AP Region. She has been leading its operation automation with ( 9 branches, approximately 50 tele operators and delivery staffs ) by implementing in-house order and inventory system and Financial system( MOVEX) under IBM AS/400 platform at 1997 with regional BAT Project and Local IBM project team. Consequently, EIS system( based on IBM/DB2 ) was implemented for high and easy visibility of business information for future planning and analysis.

On Mar 1999, she promoted as a IT Manager and nominated as a security manager to integrate and make a standardization of heterogynous operations from big event ( global M&A with Rothmans Group). Business had to change the operation from tele- marketing(in-direct) to direct sales ( with approximately 600 sales reps ). Due to very complicated & sensible change event, she was required to make secure/flexible operation (joint sales system: out-bound call by operators + merchandising by visiting reps) . To make it realization of business demand, she implemented the SWIFT ( in-house direct sales) for delivery operation and Call Center system for tele operator

( approximately 30users). It achieved joint operation with sales rep and tele operators until 2001 to meet the internal business demand and also meet the customer satisfaction by providing flexible/various channel.

Meanwhile, on that Y2K potential crisis, she was required to assure all related business operation and automated process as a normal . She provided the business consistent and secure system

/service during the Y2K potential crisis as a Korea representative/Security council among global Y2K Project. At first working day( 3th of Jan) of 2000, business was using all system and information as usal.

At 2001, she promoted to architecture manager who was one of regional committee . She designed and implemented several major standardization such as server consolidation with IBM Platform, DRP in line with BCP with on WARM Site type in IBM. Database Consolidation with Oracle 9i, Front End automation with MSI, BI with business Object, SAP Implementation,VPN for 24 hours secure working environment .

At 2004, she moved to technology IT manager who was overall managed by all Technical IT field, that was included Help Desk, Infrastructure, MIS, Security with 25 pay rolled employees and several outsource vendors. Her main achievement to business was making a standardization of global/regional best practice and leverage it to all AP region as a pioneer. With a very good IT infrastructure in KR, she achieved best practice such as “ anywhere, anytime” with VPN connection, Real time Ordering with PDA. Those best practice has been leveraging all other AP countries.

As one of breakthrough milestone of BAT Korea, company built up a factory which was located in JinSa industrial complex ( near by Busan) at 2004. Consequently, she built up IT Data Center at Factory as well as all infrastructure was in place for normal service. The main achievement was that all PLC system for Primary/Secondary process & QC Process was all integrated into one consolidated system and automatic installed, which was able to visualize all manufacturing information in one single system for working smart frame. She stayed at factory for 9 months to settle down its normal operation with factory IT team. On Aug of 2006, after 6 months break, she joined to local consulting firm as a senior consultant. She consulted IT Inspection, IT governance/ compliance under Sarbanes-Oxley Act as well as ERP( SAP ) consultation. She consulted the IT Governance based on ITSM( IT Service Management) by providing her functional expertise which was officially verified with CISA,CISSP,OCP and PRINCE Practitioner( PM) and also, partially she consulted the ERP

(SD,CO,MM Module of SAP)

She tried to make a balance between work and life cause she has two kids . One(girl) was 11years old, another(boy) was 8 years old at that time . 2006 was the most important time for her kids to be taken care by their mum, but it was almost impossible for her to manage it, especially time management as a consultant during its work management. On Nov 2008, she joined to Bluebell Korea which is Luxury Goods Duty Free Agent Company

( total no of employees is 988) as a IT manager. She tried to manage ‘go to market’ concepts rather than consultation to companies. She made a standardization of CRM System for local business with SFDC, POS System for duty free business . After that, she focused on digital marketing standardization as a revenue generation, thereby company achieved 9.87 % sales growth at 2009 by eCommerce channel . she implemented several eCommerce sites to be inline with several brands demand(LV, Dior, Fendi, The place, Bourjois and so on) and settled down its service with each sales force team.

On Nov,2009, she joined to Bausch + Lomb as a IMT Director who was assigned to regional IT Leadership team( AILT). Her knowledge and background on consumer product was something new to the pharmaceutical/Eye Health company and she was keen to capitalize on her asset. She has been trying to become a pioneer in AP Region about consumer/customer oriented marketing imperatives in line with marketing strategies such as Point System(SFDC), Power Blog, Macro Sites. Awareness and company identity started to increase in the market in KR as of today. And also, for Process re-engineering of business operation,she was finding out Gross Margin revamping as financial perspective and achieved Finance Dash Board( Qlikview) visualization as well as EIS(cognos) for Sales Management. Especially, customer oriented trade spending operations was re-clarified and made a standard operation process for efficient investment with appropriate customer. After that, to align with global standardization, global clinical test system was applied to KR, linked with several local CRO system to activate the new pharmaceutical or medical devices. However, unfortunately, she had to resigned the company due to company restructuring as a global strategy at Feb, 2012.

On Feb, 2012, she joined to Webstyle Korea as a senior consultant who had been working as a project manager (freelancer ) . She wanted to contribute her expertise to build healthcare CRM Application( Phamaceutical/Doctors) in China through web based infrastructure which is good working as of now. And also, she has been working with political party clients to make election campaign strategy through big data ( based on mostly Oracle Database, from on/off line). The most big achievement was big success at local election at 2013. And contribution of national election at 14th of April, 2016 was also a big achievement which is implemented the big data flatform buildup, analysis system buildup. Once National election was over at 2016-Apr,she decided to move to other opportunity in order to contribute her expertise to the global project with successful Pyeongchang Olympic at 2018.

On May, 2016, she joined Atos Spain S.A. Korea Branch as a PMO and Quality/Risk Manager of 2018 Olympic and Paralympic winter games. As a core Olympic program, she is taking care of Integrator service project as a PMO, QM and Risk Manager with chief integrator . She has been establishing integrated project management system (progress, risk/issue, communication, Quality, Governance, etc) to secure project visibility and to help Technology staff and multiple providers ( OMEGA, KT,Panasonic,GE and so on) work under one system. Currently, she is taking a charge of integration with IOC Strategy with OCOG Operational readiness to the Games. Apart from PMO, she is also in charge of Projects such as Technology Rehearsal, Operational Readiness to be ensured the Game readiness in line with IOC guideline. She is very proud of her engagement of Olyimpic to present Korea IT Power to the world family. As a result, on Dec-2017,OCOG and IOC gave the Best performer Prize of Pyeongchang 2018 to acknowledge her best performance to establish the best practice with high quality and standard risk methodology.


She is finding out new career path to contribute of her all experiences during last 20 years as well as find new chance to grow her career path with global best company. She is keen to understand more about the opportunity from proposed company and wants to have a change to contribute her leadership in a new company with functional expertise and managerial leadership.

The End

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