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Materials Engineer

San Jose, California, United States
August 21, 2018

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JEREMY H. DUNN • 425-***-****


California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) - San Luis Obispo

Spring 2017, Bachelor of Science, Materials Engineering


2017 - Failure Analysis of Fractured SAAB Direct Ignition Cassette

Utilized FTIR, SEM/EDS, and XRF characterization techniques to determine the material and failure mode of a fractured SAAB direct ignition cassette manifold

2016-2017 - Senior Project: Design and Fabrication of Novel Glass Casting Mold

Designed a four piece optic mold housing capable of casting borosilicate glass objects with complex geometries

Manufactured and heat treated leaf springs, waterjet cut a mounting bracket, and 3D modeled mold plates that utilized a locking system to eliminate the parting line in molded products

2016-2017 – Materials Characterization

Hands on laboratory experience using DSC, FTIR, SEM/EDS, XRD, and XRF characterization techniques on a variety of materials while following standard operating procedures to analyze material properties and performance

2013-2017 - Mechanical Testing

Performed tensile and hardness tests on low and high carbon steel, aluminum alloys, composites and polymers while following ASTM standards

Documented results in technical reports written to industry standards

2015 - Electric Kiln Design and Fabrication

Designed and fabricated a mobile electric kiln capable of reaching 1800 C

Analyzed internal heat transfer to determine heating efficacy

2012 - Boy Scouts of America: Eagle Scout


2017 to Present – Gap Year: Glassblower and Independent Contractor

Working independently in hot material processing to develop new products for national distribution and optimize existing production methods

Productive in a fast-paced environment requiring extreme attentiveness and critical thinking

2015–2017 – Cal Poly: Associated Students Incorporated; Glassblowing Instructor

Taught three glassblowing classes per quarter

Developed step by step lesson plans for an intermediate level course for use by instructors

2016–2017 - Cal Poly: Materials Engineering Research Assistant

Worked under Dr. Linda Vanasupa to manufacture a technical paper based microfluidic device to conduct on-chip fluorescence assay

Responsible for designing and printing hydrophobic wax channels onto a 5 layer paper substrate that allowed for liquid to flow from the point of entry to testing chamber while minimizing dimensions

2012-2015 - Northwest Apartments: Seasonal Painter

Worked independently, creatively solved problems, performed under tight deadlines


Testing Equipment: Instron tensile testers, Rockwell hardness testers, DSC, FTIR, SEM/EDS, XRD, XRF

Software: Solidworks, Minitab, MatLab, JMP, Microsoft Office, CES material selector

Written: Ability to draft technical documents and reports to industry standards

Verbal: Ability to speak articulately and present with confidence

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