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Manager Windows Server

Round Rock, Texas, United States
August 21, 2018

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César Monroy Olivares

**** ********** **

Round Rock, TX 78665-1304

Cel. 512-***-****

Date of Birth: December 24, 1959 Social Security Number and Permanent Resident Visa Available Upon Request

Work Experience

2013 – 2018 César Monroy y Asociados, SA de CV

2nda. Privada de Cipreses # 1A-L25

Arcos del Tetel II – San José Tetel

Yauhquemecan, Tlaxcala 90454

Position: IT Consultant

Technologies: Windows, Office, Maya, 3DS Max,

Cinema 4D, C#, Unity 3D,

Designed and coded custom-

made programs in C#

Provide remote IT support for

several clients involving

computers, servers, networks,

and peripherals

Provided basic training to

technicians involved in low

poly 3D modeling

Coded some basic walk-

through 3D environments

2009 – 2012 Zoltis Technologies

4127 S. Centinela Ave.

Los Ángeles

California, EUA 90066

Position: Technical Support Consultant

Technologies: Windows, Windows Server, Linux,

Asterisk, Virtual Servers, VoIP, PBX/PABX,

Grandstream, 3CX, VPN, Routers, Bridges, Switches, Ethernet, Office, HTTP, CSS,

Provide remote technical

support to overseas

customers in order to keep

their equipment working

Perform RDP to computers

and servers in order to

diagnose, maintain, and

correct any problems

Configure and maintain in

working conditions the VoIP

infrastructure of our


Configure and solve

connectivity issues among

computers, servers, and

peripheral devices connected

to physical and/or virtual


Documented administrative

and computational systems

for several clients

2003 – 2009 Monroy Corp

Ceibas # 104

Col. Bosque de Ceibas

Apizaco, Tlaxcala 90355

Position: IT Consultant

Designed, coded, marketed,

and provided technical

support for a software

designed to control Internet

Cafés selling machine time

and consumables

Designed and implemented

an Excel interface to manage

Technologies: Windows, Windows Server, ASM, C/C++, Office, PowerBuilder, MySQL, Adaptive Server

Anywhere, SQL Server

quality control in an optical

fiber splicer

Reverse-engineered a

database schema to migrate a

database used to manage

retail sales in a supermarket

chain (Supermercados Rivera)

Documented administrative

and computational systems

for several clients

2001 – 2002 Syscon Systems, SA de CV

Viaducto Tlalpan # 1013B

Col. La Joya

México, DF 14090

Position: Project Leader

Technologies: Windows, Windows Server, Office,

PowerBuilder, MySQL, RDP, Remote Access to

Databases, Oracle 9i, Virtual Private Databases (VPD), Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

Implemented an accounting

module for document system

used by a Public Notary

Implemented an on-line

inventory manager for a

casual clothes retailer (Levi


Implemented a statistical

sales module for a

supermarket chain (Carrefour)

Documented administrative

and computational systems

for several clients

1999 – 2000 Intertek Testing Services

Manuel Ávila Camacho # 182

Col. Lomas de Chapultepec

México, DF 11650

Position: Business Consultant for PEMEX-PGPB

Technologies: Windows, Office, C/C++, PowerBuilder, MySQL, Adaptive Server Enterprise, ISO 9000

Tested several Energy related

applications to ensure they

were Year 2K compliant at the

largest Natural Gas producer

in Mexico

Participated in the design of

an algorithm to distribute

Natural Gas in real time

Documented strategic

administrative and computing


1995 – 1998 Alfaomega Grupo Editor

Pitágoras # 1139

Col. Del Valle

México, DF 03100

Position: IT Consultant & Writer

Technologies: MS-DOS, Windows, Office, C,

Pagemaker, Ventura Publisher, CorelDraw,

FrameMaker, Publisher, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Wrote several books about

Computer Sciences in the

areas of Chaos Theory, Fractal

Curves, Fuzzy Logic, Neural

Networks, Genetic

Algorithms, and Artificial Life

to be used as textbooks at

University level (UVM)

Wrote several books about

Computer Technologies in the

areas of Operating Systems,

Information Technology, and

such to be used as textbooks

at College level (CONALEP)

Wrote the first book in

Spanish about Windows Vista

Translated, corrected, and

edited a book written by

James A. Anderson in the field

of Cognitive Sciences called

"An Introduction to Neural


Lectured at local colleges and

higher education institutions

about current trends on

Computer Sciences and IT


Review manuscripts and

translations on computer

related subjects

Promote the publisher's book

catalog among higher

education institutions

Evaluate and document

computational and

administrative systems used

by the publisher house

1987 – 1989 Compañía Importadora de Relojes, SA de CV Cádiz # 90

Col. San José Insurgentes

México, DF 03920

Position: IT Manager

Technologies: MS-DOS, ASM, C, dBase IV, Clipper

Programmed an interface to

process time attendance data

using a time clock and a


Developed a complete time

attendance tracking app

Trained the sales personnel

on the fine points of

electronic time clock vs

mechanical ones

1986 – 1996 Universidad del Valle de México

San Jerónimo # 82

Col. San Ángel

México, DF 01000

Position: Computer Sciences Professor & Researcher Technologies: MS-DOS, Linux, ASM, Pascal, C, C++,

Java, Prolog, LISP, COBOL, Fortran, JavaScript, MatLab, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, dBase IV, Clipper, Oracle SQL, TCP/IP, HTTP, HTML, CSS

Gave classes and lectures

about specific subjects on

Computer Sciences, like

databases, technical



operating systems, and such

to enrolled students in the

careers related to Computer

Sciences and IT

Rewrote chunks of the

curricula to be taught by the

University in the math and

algorithmic areas

Organized the first Congress

of Administrative Computing

and Artificial Intelligence

1984 – 1985 Secretaría de Programación y Presupuesto Plaza de la Constitución S/N – Palacio Nacional E3 Col. Centro

México, DF 06066

Position: General Comptroller Consultant

Technologies: MS-DOS, Lotus 1-2-3, dBase II, dBase III y dBase IV, Clipper

Designed and programmed a

computer app to balance

credits and debits among

Federal Government agencies

Designed and implemented a

working methodology to

perform administrative audits

using existing IT infrastructure

Wrote manuals and

procedures to document

administrative and computing

processes for this State


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