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Engineer Supply Chain

Houston, Texas, United States
August 23, 2018

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Apt# ****, Houston, TX 77042



Result oriented and efficiency-focused Industrial Engineer with having a 3+ years’ of professional experience on Lean Six Sigma, Supply chain and Quality in Manufacturing, Corporate and Customer service environments.

A Certified Quality Engineer and a Six Sigma Green Belt professional with consistency in enhancing customer experience through a proven track record of increasing productivity and profit potential using quality assurance and continuous improvement methodologies.


Master of Science in Industrial Engineering.

Wichita State University, Wichita, KS, U.S.A.

May 2015

Relevant Coursework: Design of Experiments, Statistical Quality Control, Risk Analysis, Reliability & Maintainability, Production System, Industrial Ergonomics. Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering. B.V.Bhoomaraddi College of Engineering and Technology, Hubli, India. June 2013


Certified Quality Engineer. - American Society for Quality (ASQ). January 2016 Six Sigma Green Belt. - American Society for Quality (ASQ). March 2015 Foundations of Six Sigma and Quality Improvement. - Wichita State University. May 2015 KEY SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGEABLE AREAS

Application Software/ Languages: Solid Edge, AutoCAD, CATIA, Solid Works, Minitab, JMP, Stat Graphics, Design-Expert, ReliaSoft, SAP, CXL, MySQL, JAVA, Python, Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. Manufacturing/ Production/ Ergonomics: Process Optimization, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Just in Time (JIT), Bill of Materials (BOM), Scheduling, Casting and Machining, Occupational Safety Analysis (OSHA), MODAPTS, Production Part Approval Process(PPAP), ISO 9000 Standards, GD&T, NPI, Injection molding process, Blue Print Reading. Lean/Six Sigma:5S, Kanban, KaiZen/Continuous process improvement, Value Stream Mapping, Process Mapping, Hypothesis Testing, Project Management, FMEA, Control Charts Analysis, SIPOC, Feasibility study, Gage R and R Study, Quality Auditing, Cost benefit analysis, DFX, 8D /5Why’s/ Root cause analysis, Poka-yoke, APQP, Regression Analysis, SPC, and Pareto Analysis. TRAINING

Workshop - American Society for Quality. Summer 2015

General Auditing principles to provide a broader scope that is applicable to all industries and the ongoing changes associated with auditing.

Drilling down to root causes utilizing tools that will eliminate the undesired condition in a process.

Six Sigma fundamentals and reduction of variation in the process.

Fundamental leadership skills that can be utilized at work and in everyday life.

Knowledge of different types of waste in the workplace and various tools of Lean like 5S, JIT, KaiZen, Value Stream Mapping, PDCA, Poka-Yoke, Root Cause Analysis.

Knowledge of the Different SPC charts and how to use them to monitor and control quality. WORK EXPERIENCE

Supply Chain Analyst. Reliance Industries Limited. USA, Inc. December 2015 - Present

Principally responsible for tracking, evaluating and monitoring supply contract performance and also additionally supporting the development of new business opportunities and optimization of current business activities.

Perform Inventory management for multiple product lines, in storage facilities across the globe using SAP ERP (Material Module & FICO), Excel & CXL.

Used lean tools and methods to manage oil container vessels which resulted in a reduction of Freight & Demurrage costs

Working with the CEO and CFO in developing long-term goals and strategic objectives for an organization.

Responsible for identifying and helping to develop strategic relations with suppliers and customers through direct or indirect contact and prospecting.

Responsible for identifying, analyzing and monitoring issues that affect profitability, growth and productivity.

Responsible for complying and analysis of financial information for an organization and also developing integrated financial analysis, projections and reports.

Analyzed key performance indicators based on business needs, discover potential issues and identify opportunities to increase operational efficiencies.

Identified & Implemented continuous improvements in forecasting, planning and execution of the demand and supply plan processes.

Engineer - projects, Intern. Able Design Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. India. January - June 2013

Worked on modeling and drafting of valves with various dimensions according to client specifications using Solid Edge.

Assisted the project team in design and development of Cargo hatch cover for Barge.

Worked with the design team for developing the CAD conversion of 244” Wheel Base Bus.

Analyzed the dynamic stability for different models by applying various constraints, forces & pressures using the ANSYS software.

Trained and worked on Product design & development from concept stage, prototyping, verification and validation stages through to final production.

Mechanical Engineer, Intern. Volkswagen India Pvt. Ltd. India. April - May 2012

Worked under Motorsport division for design and development of the POLO sports car for the POLO RACE CUP.

Received hands-on training in Body Shop, Paint Shop and Assembly division of Volkswagen and Skoda Cars.

Collaborated cross-functionally with Quality Control personnel, Operation, Supply Chain, and Supplier to provide engineering support towards daily manufacturing operations in Motorsport division.

Designed an effective product oriented facility layout for efficient storage and part flow.

Conducted time studies with the process flow and product manufacturing system to increase the throughput of a plant.

Identified opportunities for cost reduction, lead-time reduction, inventory reduction and quality improvement by Lean methodologies (E.g., Error Proofing, Value Stream Mapping, Bottleneck Analysis, JIT).

Validated the complete plant layout and installation by assessment of the performance of all the production procedures by regular audits.

Analyzed and drafted a report on the flow process of Body Shop and Paint Shop for Volkswagen and Skoda cars. Process Engineer, Intern. Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery Company Ltd. India. June - August 2011

Worked on-site at the assembly division of the Excavator (model no. EX200) and successfully delivered products based on client specifications.

Reduced overall assembly time by refining certain standard operating procedures (SOP) and improved the efficiency of line performance significantly by eliminating bottlenecks using value stream mapping.

Applied Lean tools such as Kaizen, 5S & Process mapping as a part of continuous quality improvement.

Coordinated document control process with internal Quality Assurance team and also performed PFMEA in order to identify risks associated with modifying facility to add new equipment in Phase I of assembly division.

Attended an industrial training program on the design and assembly of earth moving machines.

Worked for improvement of production and safety by reviewing and improving the Ergonomic issues of the facility and also conducted safety audits to check operators are following the OSHA safety rules.

Developed production planning strategies and analyzed manufacturing operations to meet customer requirements.

Recommended certain modifications to existing process in Phase I of the assembly division for improving utilization of personnel, material, utilities and submitted a report on the same. ACADEMIC PROJECTS

Design of Experiment’s (DOE) approach for Soil preparation. Spring 2015

An experiment was conducted to study the effect caused by the different ratios of soil to food plant (fertilizer), moisture, and time elapses on the overall pH level in the soil.

Factors like Soil to Plant Food Ratio (gm), Time (min) and Moisture (ml) were kept as the Control factors of the experiment whereas Sun, wind, and other outside conditions were considered as Nuisance Factors.

The design of experiments (DOE) was conducted for a Two-level, full factorial design for three factors (23) with a total number of 24 Runs to determine optimal pH levels for best soil conditions for Horticulture.

The analysis of variance (ANOVA) was done to determine significant main factors and interactions that affect the overall pH Level of the soil using the Design-Expert® software. Supply chain Reliability evaluation for an Automobile industry. Spring 2015

A supply chain model for automobile body assembly was considered to evaluate the parameters of Uncertainty and Risk.

The model discusses about a modified idea about risk and uncertainty collaboration. Parameters like risk origin reasons, risk circumstances and risk origin probability were identified and analyzed.

A mathematical evaluation was made using ReliaSoft software to estimate the System Reliability [R (t)] and Mean Time To Failure (MTTF) for the supply chain model.

PFMEA and Fault Tree analysis was made to improve the System Reliability of the supply chain model. Implementation of Six Sigma Methodologies on Wichita State University Bookstore. Fall 2013

The Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control methodology was adopted for process improvement.

Process was Re-engineered using 'DMAIC' roadmap: D- Defined the Goals and CTQs for university bookstore, M- Measured the existing process to collect data for analysis, simulated test environments to determine the current performance, A- Analyzed the root cause for failures using Statistical Analysis, I- created daily report to check Continuous process improvement, C- Implemented SPC.

Various tools like SIPOC, Process mapping, House of quality (HOQ) matrix, Measurement system analysis and FMEA were utilized in DMAIC roadmap in order to improve the efficiency of the Bookstore.

Implemented PDCA (plan-do-check-act) to minimize wastes due to product defects (damaged books), faulty working techniques and transportation.

Implanted 5s in the University bookstore to facilitate defect free customer service and streamline the process. Experimental investigation on the properties of Hybrid Composites. Fall 2012

An Experimental investigation was made to understand the different behavior properties of hybrid natural fiber composites. The hybridization approach was used to make a cost effective composites.

Samples of several groundnut shell/glass fiber/epoxy hybrids were manufactured using hand layup method where total weight percent of filler was kept at 40%.

Specimens were cut from the fabricated board according to the ASTM standards for different experiments. The mechanical and physical behavior was analyzed.

Apparatus for Fluid flow visualization. Spring 2012

A simple apparatus for fluid flow visualization was designed to analyze the fluid flow phenomenon by using dye injection technique to indicate streamlines and pathlines on different small structures.

Dye was used to mark and visualize particular regions of flow or individual fluid streamlines. To mark streamlines adjacent to a test body, the dye is injected from small ports on the surface of the object.

The effect of streamlining on different structures like Airfoil, Cylinder and Flat board were analyzed. ACTIVITIES AND HONORS

Served as the General Secretary (GS) of the College, for the academic year 2012-2013 In BVBCET.

Served as the Treasurer of ‘’Association of Mechanical Engineering Students’’ of the year 2011-2012 In BVBCET.

Organized marathon for the community development cause, with the theme “Run for Women Safety Care and Empowerment”.

Organized events such as National-level technical festivals, a workshop on aircraft building, cultural festivals, blood donation camp, and Kites Festival during my tenure as General Secretary of the college.

Member, American Society for Quality (ASQ).

Work authorization status: H-1B

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