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Chemical Engineering Plant

Phoenix, Arizona, United States
August 23, 2018

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Arizona, ***** Phone: (623) 256 - 5351

Focus: any position related to Chemical Engineering


• Software: can working with MATLAB with Simulink, Chem-CAD, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

• Languages: Vietnamese, English.

• Industrial: HAZOP, and LOPA safety design.

• SAChE Certificate: The most outstanding design manufacturing and NIST RAMP challenge (dye sensitized solar cell), the Important of Process Safety, Hazard Recognition, Minimizing and Identifying Process Safety Hazards, An Introduction to Managing Process Safety Hazards, Understanding Hazards and Risks, Inherently Safer Design, Safety in the Chemical Process Industries, and Process Safety 101.


Arizona State University

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, May 2018


Methanol Production Processing design plant

Made functional design for Methanol production plant that emission less carbon than others current process.

Estimated process flow diagram by Chem-CAD software which simulated from current process, as well as mass and energy balance.

Estimated economic projection for a processing with 20 years operating plant.

Aniline Production Processing design plant

Designed processing plant base con Chem-CAD software using nitrobenzene and H2 as raw materials.

Utilized conceptual design to minimize work for uneconomical designs.

Designed process diagram by Chem-CAD software which simulated mass and energy balance.

Estimated economic impact for 20 years of operating plant.

Dye Sensitized Solar Cell Production design

Utilized Discrete Part Manufacturing process to simulate on a processing plant with solar cell production.

Estimated economic for project to compare with base case and alternative case.

Familiarized with environment safety and health concept.

Estimated process diagram which simulated mass and energy balance.

Butanol Production by Fermentation and bioprocess

Delivered presentation about butanol fermentation processing.

Familiarized with enzymes and bioreactors including batch, continuous stir tank, and oscillatory baffled reactor.

Estimated economic impact for processing plant based on current prices.


Chemical Processing Lab – Arizona State University

Lab Have done: Familiarized with chemical processing such as heat exchanger, Hilsch vortex tube, forced convection, flow through Packed bed, Centrifugal Pump, Hydraulics, Dye extraction, Continuous reactors hydrodynamics, Batch reactor, fuel cell, dye adsorption, Bioreactor.

Familiarized with process control, inorganic membrane and film, microbial Bioprocess, organizational ethics.

Developed team work and communication skill.

Familiarized and gained knowledge regarding operating safety process system.

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