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Engineer Engineering

Kairouan, Kairouan, Tunisia
August 20, 2018

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Asma YOUSFI ** Rue Canada el mansourah, Kairouan 3100


A Biotechnology engineer, Highly determined and motivated seeks opportiunities to continue learning and growing.

Able to combine academic knowledge and training with practical experience to provide solutions-oriented service.

Demonstates exceptional pr

Education Contact

National Baccalaureate Date of birth 22/02/1991

From September

Ibn el Jazzar Highschool Kairouan, Tunisia

2008 to July 2009 Driving licence (B)

Obtained with Honour ( Average mark: 14.89/20).


Speciality: Mathematics.


Biotechnology engineering

From September

Ecole polytechnique Sousse, Tunisia

2013 to July 2018

- National engineering degree in

Obtained with Honour, average mark: 17/20.


Agri-food expertise.

Environmental expertise. - Baccalaureate degree

Pharmaceutic & Cosmetic expertise.

- TOEIC certificate

Preparatory route in Mathematics

From September

- DELF certificate (B2)

Preparatory school for engineer studies Kairouan, Tunisia

2009 to July 2012

- ISO 9001 (2015) certificate

i've succeeded the first year and had a national exam to enter

engineering school but unfortunately i've failed, so i'vedecided

- Health and Safety at work

to change my path and go for biotechnology engineering.


Trainings & Career Languages


From February Arabic

ANGed - Waste Managment National Office Kairouan &

2018 to June 2018

Nabeul, Tunisia

Mother tongue

Graduation project: characterization and anaerobic

batch reactor treatment of Errahma landfill leachate ( French

the energy recovery from lechate, alone or mixed

with activated sludge (50%-50%), by methan

Both written & oral

fermentation).- The experimental part of my project

was done in the Laboratory of Ecology & Microbial


Technology within National Institute of Applied

Sciences and Technology (INSAT), Tunis, Tunisia.

Both written & oral


July 2017


Medical School - Laboratory of Biochemical Sousse, Tunisia

characterization of the polyphenolic extract

of Globularia Alypium and its antioxidant activity.-

Design Expert Program: statistical software package

(Graphical tools help identify the impact of each

factor on the desired outcomes and reveal

abnormalities in the data).

Trainings & Career Assets

Assistant Determined

July 2017

America-Mideast Educational and Training Services

(AMIDEAST) Sousse, Tunisia

Despite my 2 years Failureright

I've had a part-time job at this organization for one after highschool, i never gave

month, My job was to coordinate with the teachers and up. In the opposite, i tried my

the administration, organize schedules and preparing best to make itwork and get to

exams. what i've always wanted to be

wich the Engineering Diploma.


June 2017

The National office of sanitation - Wastewater treatment First learner, self-starting

laboratory Kairouan, Sousse


Following up the wastewater treatment process.- usually have the ability to learn

Assessing mudd treatment.- Performing microbiology, new things in a very short time.

CDO, BDO, conductivity, clarification analysis


Quality control of the input and output water.



June 2016 motivated, positive and

SO.BO.CO - Soft drinks and candies Industry Kairouan, responsible person who believe

Tunisia in team work, able to work with

different kind ofpersons and

Checking out the microbiological, biochemical and

motivate them to handle with

degustation criteria of Sesame, dried fruit, Halwa


chamia Controlling and identifying the intial

incoming Sesame, dried fruits and Glucose Control

Communication, team working

production line process

& relationship building

Skills & Expertise

Analatycal, Time managment,

Problem-solving, optimistic &

Microbial analysis

positive can-do attitude



Responsible, flexible &

Solide waste

multitasking abilities


Biological waste

water treatment,


Activities &

Agri-food: Food



process &

Volunteering activities


systems, Quality Member of '' Ettakaful

control, association for emergency

Biochemical and development ".

aspects Member of '' the faithful of

Kairouan association ".

Member of the socio

Computer skills academic action '' Socio-

cultural project " -

Office Pack Communication, Teamwork,

Leadership and

Languages & Projectmanagment.

commands Pascal, C, Maple..

Reading & Traveling

Design Expert 7.0

Graphical tools help identify the impact of each factor on the

desired outcomes and reveal abnormalities in the data.

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