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Glassboro, New Jersey, United States
August 20, 2018

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David Rodriguez



Computer Scientist. Machine Learning Engineer. Very eager to learn. EDUCATION

Rowan University December 2018

Bachelor's Degree in Computing and Informatics


• Very Experienced in Python

• Computer Automation through Scripting

• Machine Learning Concepts

• Artificial Neural Networks

• Computer Vision

• SQL Server and database management

• Data Processing and Organization

• Data Analytics

• Predictive Modeling

• Fluent in English and Spanish


Smart Twitter Automation - Machine Learning, Python Automation Automated Twitter accounts that post content and follow users that are very likely to follow back

• Developed Python script to manage and grow numerous different Twitter accounts

• Automated data collection from Twitter and processes data into SQL Server database

• Pulled data from database, organized, and prepared data for model classification

• Count vectorized data and classified it with a Multinomial Naive Bayes

• Optimized model leading to a ~78% accuracy

Smart Mirror - Machine Learning, Software/Mobile Application Development Mirror Displays Daily Info When Face is Detected from Front Facing camera

• Developed iOS application to display info (time, weather, etc.) when front facing camera detects a face

• Application constantly processes video feed, prepares data for analyzation, and locates face(s) on screen with nearly flawless accuracy

• Screen is blank while no face is detected, and screen displays information while a face is detected

• Device is elegantly propped behind one-way mirror as to be hidden except when displaying info Number Recognition - Machine Learning, Python Development Created and trained a deep neural network to recognize hand written digits

• Used Tensorflow to create a three layer deep neural network with random starting weights/biases

• NN uses training data to evaluate cost and through a series of forward and back propagation, adjusts weights and biases accordingly

• Model was able to predict correct digit from testing images with 95% accuracy Learning How to Play Pong - Machine Learning, Python Development Created an AI to win Pong from scratch with reinforcement learning

• Process emulator's screen into a list of raw pixels and run it through the artificial neural network

• Computer earns reward from certain actions and learn from the actions that result in higher rewards

• The artificial neural network's parameters are optimized through Root Mean Square Propagation

• Computer successfully beats computer after three days of training

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