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Medicine Internal

Olathe, Kansas, United States
August 20, 2018

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Gwendolyne H. Gómez

Cellphone: (520-***-**-** E-mail

Experience as a Nurse in Mexico

Languages: Spanish and English.





Hospital ISSSTE Dr. Fernando Ocaranza (2012)

- Services: hemodialysis, surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, Central Surgical Equipment, urgencies, external consultation.

Comprehensive Hospital of Women of the State of Sonora (HIMES) (2012)

- Services: CEYE, emergency room, physiological and surgical puerperium, operating room, delivery room, recovery room, newborn room, newborn room. Surgery room. Children's Hospital of the State of Sonora (HIES) (2013)

- Services: emergency, TRIAGE, Unity of Intensive Care, Unit of Neonatal Intensive Care, growth and development room, oncology, surgery, internal medicine, infectology room, epidemiology room, operating room, recovery room.

Hospital San José Hermosillo (2013)

- Services: Emergency, endoscopy, operating room, recovery, ICU, Teaching, epidemiology, Traumatology, gynecology, general hospitalization, internal medicine, hemodialysis, hemodynamics.

Psychiatric Hospital Cruz del Norte (2014)

- Services: external consultation, chronicles room, women's room, men's room, teaching, epidemiology. aggressive patient room

Family Medicine Clinic ISSSTE 2015-2016

- Pap smear, somatometry, outpatient clinic, Mutual Aid Group program, vaccination campaigns, vaccines.

Salud Digna 2015- 2016:

- Pap smear, electrocardiogram, preparation for patients with magnetic resonance study. General Hospital of the State of Sonora (2017)

- Services: emergency room, ICU, infectology room, orthopedic room, internal medicine men, internal medicine women, hospital TRIAGE.


Courtyard by Marriott at Briarclif: Housekeeping services, cleaning rooms, attending costumers. 4000 N Mulberry Dr, Kansas City, MO 64116 Phone: 816-***-**** HABILITIES

- Monitored patients, most of the time 7 patients assigned, updating information on vital signs and progress of the treatment.

- Management of documented data related to de patients care, including interventions, medications, or treatment changes.

- Collaborated with other healthcare professionals to plan, manage and assess patient treatments in the acute care unit with a bed capacity of 40 patients.

- Administered blood product transfusions or intravenous infusions, monitoring patients of adverse reactions.

- Performed emergency medical procedures, such as basic cardiac life support, and other condition stabilizing interventions.

- Treated patients with acute conditions: heart attacks, respiratory distress, shock, observing advanced an intensive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

- Preformed basic duties such as feeding and bed bathing, recording vital signs, measuring food and liquid intake, and detecting symptoms such as bruises, wounds, and blood in urine.

- Learned the function and operation of the following tools: defibrillators, glucometers, stethoscopes, thermometers.

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