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West Newton, Massachusetts, United States
August 20, 2018

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Eyal Brosh

Newton, MA *****


Work Experience

Finastra (formerly D+H), Burlington, MA, USA Feb. 2015–Mar. 2018

QA Engineer

Finastra is the 3rd largest financial technology company in the world.

Performed both manual (UI-based) and automatic testing through tools such as SoapUI and Oracle SQL Developer.

Wrote test cases (procedures) and QA-related documents such as test report documents, including test reports for clients.

Performed knowledge transfer to a remote team of colleagues by lecturing, demonstrating and writing reference documentation.

Participated in high-volume testing schedules that included more than 120 tests per release and more than 3 releases per every 14-day period.

Stayed with the company through restructuring until being laid off (R&D was relocated out of the USA!)

Various locations and remotely Apr. 2013–Apr. 2014

Technical Writer

Worked on several short-term projects for various companies, including the following:

Wrote, edited and translated procedural documents for the VIP support team at Teva (the #1 largest pharmaceutical company in Israel and among the top #20 in the world).

Updated the online help with new features and performed various translation and editing tasks in coordination with the online marketing department at JFrog (re-hired after a previous temporary project).

JFrog, Natanya, Israel Dec. 2012–Feb. 2013; Aug. 2013–Dec. 2013

Technical Writer

JFrog is an award-winning company that develops and markets binary repositories, tools for binary management and other tools for social software distribution, including platforms for open source software.

Wrote from scratch online help for a new product.

Gave special attention to search engine optimization (SEO) and learned how SEO works.

Elpas (formerly Visonic Technologies) Tel Aviv, Israel Oct. 2009–Nov. 2012

Technical Writer

Elpas is a division of Tyco International that develops and markets hardware and software products for Real-Time Location systems (RTLS) and Radio Frequency ID (RFID) that are used for security in healthcare facilities.

Wrote and edited both software and hardware documentation, including data and specification sheets, user guides (up to 94 pages long), configuration guides and periodic release notes.

Converted existing and newly-written user and configuration guides to a consolidated HTML online help large project of 671 topics (including single sourcing and indexing).

Provided the screenshots, diagrams, maps and other visual components of the documentation, through the use of SnagIt.

Kept up with the company’s software products’ developments and functionality; became more than proficient with the software products.

Surecomp Development Ltd. Kfar Saba, Israel Sep. 2006–Aug. 2008

Technical Writer

Surecomp is a privately-owned company that develops and markets software products for trade finance and trade services.

Played a key role in a project of single sourcing, converting to XML (in the DITA structure, using Adobe FrameMaker) and updating more than 4,000 pages of existing documentation.

Trained outsource personnel and provided writing guidelines and a style sheet for a team of up to 4 outsource writers.

Took charge of the documentation as the sole technical writer in a company usually working with two.

Managed, updated and wrote general documentation including technical reference guides and user guides detailing functionality and procedures.

Maintained a 100% on-schedule record for release notes documents sent to clients; these documents were sometimes up to 17 pages and sometimes required as often as twice a week.

Kept up with the company’s software products’ developments and functionality; became more than proficient with the software products and very familiar with banking (trade finance) procedures and terminology.


OnTarget Communication, Ra’anana, Israel

Technical Writing Course

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel

Graduate Courses in English Literature

Taught classes of up to 30 students and of up to 90 minutes.

Took charge of the house style sheet and was a member of the editorial board of both an academic publication and a creative writing publication.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel

B.A. Degree in English Literature

Minor in biology; academic work included lab work and documentation of lab work.

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