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Mechanical Engineer Design

Trumbull, Connecticut, United States
August 19, 2018

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Trumbull, CT 06611


Senior mechanical/electrical project/manufacturing engineer with over ten years experience in low and high speed automation, machine design, machine control design, PLC programming, new equipment selection, factory layouts, and automation system sales. MBA, BSEE and BSME degrees. Worked for machine tool builders; watch maker; cosmetic/health/beauty care company, medical instrument/ equipment/suture manufacturers; N.D.T. equipment manufacturers; aerospace and consumer products companies; optical equipment; automotive equipment and parts manufacturers and in the food industry. Know Kaizan and lean manufacturing techniques, PCB component insertion and wave soldering.


SolidWorks – 3D models and 2 D drawings, Microsoft Office PLC programming, Machine design – mechanical, electrical, .controls, process sensors and safety systems. Sheet metal, mold design, casting design, and troubleshooting.

Vendor evaluation/selection/negotiations.. Management, people motivation, personnel training, International assignments.. Extensive shop floor experience.


• Designed tooling, fixtures, PLC controls and automation for several medical companies and cosmetic container manufacturer.

• Selected a laser system to replace drilling micro-holes at Wentworth Laboratory. Traveled to USA and England laser system manufactures to evaluate system performance. Project completed successfully with excellent payback period.

• Conceived and sold semi-automatic automotive component assembly systems at Huck International, a first success for the company. Project manager, automation tooling, machines and systems from concept to installation acceptance. Traveled extensively to Huck customer facilities to evaluate automation possibilities. Responsible for PLC programming.

• Managed the conversion of a 3,300 square foot Hong Kong Duracell warehouse into a battery packaging facility in three and a half months working with Hong Kong vendors and trades. The facility was operational on time and in budget.

• Conceived a semi-automatic test strip insertion machine and blister package designs for Duracell Asian market as a project manager responsible for build through production running. Selected the machine builder. Approved PLC control logic. Spent two months in Hong Kong to qualify a blister manufacturer, install machines, and train personnel. Project completed on time and in budget.

• Conceived and led project to develop a machine to continuously slit rolls of plastic material printed with an interrupted block pattern into 26 strips, cut the strips to length on the fly, test and reject defective parts, and stack good parts by lane. Machine programmed for 4 styles and automatically adjusted itself to the selected style. Specified and approved PLC controls and programming.

• Managed concept, design and development of an automatic blister packaging and shipping carton filling system for Cutex nail polish bottles. Coordinated machine building operations between East and West coast manufacturers and a Midwest plant. System installed and debugged during one week plant shutdown on time, in budget. Result was no empty or partially filled box shipments and one operator versus seven prior to automation. Approved PLC and ladder logic.

• Improved efficiency from 50% to 98% and reliability from 90% to 100% on a 60 ppm membrane tester via redesign of controller logic, part sensing, feeding, tooling, good/bad part selection/separation, and guards. Machine maintenance was reduced by 75%.


• Automated Aziza cosmetic case hot stamping machine with a part feeder/unloader and new nests. Covers were no longer being scratched, registration errors were eliminated, set up time and tooling were reduced to one fourth of their original values. Used one operator versus four prior to automation.

• Conceived and managed the design of an automatic machine to improve setting accuracy of mechanical watch timing mechanisms to one second accuracy or less a month at a rate of 20 per minute with a deviation between watches of sigma. Prior specification was 2 minutes per watch and 5 seconds per month.

• Redesigned tooling for membrane burst test machines to achieve consistent test results with a 75% reduction in load/unload time. Additional benefits were faster, easier tooling changeover and no damaged tooling. Rewrote PLC control program.

• Designed tooling/fixtures for inserting .007 thick battery test strips into blisters. Wrote the service and operational manuals. Traveled extensively overseeing fabrication, installation, startup of equipment, and training personnel. Approved PLC logic.

• Designed equipment to manufacture syringes. Worked on new syringe concepts. Designed concept tooling/machines to manufacture suture needles. Concept ideas to drill holes for suture insertion.


MECHANICAL ENGINEER, Thermatool, East Haven CT (Contractor) August 22 2017 – March 5 2018

Use SolidWorks 2016 to design and document tube welders, tube annealers and support equipment..

MECHANICAL ENGINEER, GSS, Watertown, CT (Contractor) April 25 2016 – December 9 2016

Use SolidWorks 2016 to design fixtures and tooling to assemble automotive steering shafts. Locate new equipment

MECHANICAL ENGINEER, Airgas, Cheshire, CT (Contractor) March 2015 – May 2015, September 2015 – December 20 2015

Use SolidWorks 2015 to design system components used to fill gas cylinders.

MECHANICAL ENGINEER, Carlin Combustion technology, Inc, North Haven, CT October 2014 – January 2015

Use SolidWorks 2014 to design and document fixtures. Create 3D models of product for 3D printing.

DESIGN ENGINEER, Edmunds, Farmington, CT (contractor) November 2013- May 2014

Use SolidWorks 2014 to design and document components and master gages for part checking machines

DESIGN ENGINEER, OnSiteGas, Newington CT (contractor) November 2012 October 2013

Use SolidWorks 2012 -2013 to update oxygen and nitrogen generating components. Consolidate components into configurations for

easy additions or modifications to product line.

DESIGN ENGINEER, BRIDGEPORT FITTINGS, Stratford CT April 2008-October 2012

Use SolidWorks 2008-2012 to design zinc casting molds and new product Have SolidWorks 3D models made into printed prototypes.

Update CADKEY product drawings or convert to SolidWorks model and document.


Use Solidedge 2004 to design and detail automation tooling and fixtures for Risdon produced cosmetic containers.

Use SolidWorks detail Andrews Corporation communications platforms and tower reinforcement components.


Use SolidWorks 2007 to detail Spine Wave equipment and surgical instrument concepts used in spine surgery.

Use SolidWorks 2007 to document and detail Sargent Lock new locking concepts.

Use SolidWorks 2006 to design Smith’s Medical fixtures for assembling prototype catheters. Use Excel to document progress.

Use SolidWorks 2006 to design concept for automating Memry in house process. Detail work to be done by outside vendor.

KITCHEN DESIGNER, HOME DEPOT, Fairfield CT Apr 2005–July 2006

Design kitchens using 20/20.

SENIOR TOOL DESIGNER, ACMI, Stamford CT Oct 2000-Dec 2004

Design tools and fixtures to assemble cystoscopes using ME10 and SolidWorks 2004.


Wentworth Laboratories

Locate a laser system and develop procedures to produce micro holes in materials used to locate chip testing probes. Travel to England to qualify system.


Design and detail equipment and components sleeve packaging machines.

Producto/Moore Tool

Upgrade existing machines, work on a new generation jig borer, and automatic tool changer


Design tooling for tube welder.

Merrit Davis

Create wiring layouts, electrical schematics and wiring details for a large wire winder. Check the accuracy of existing schematics and wiring inter-connections. Create GE, Allen Bradley, Direct, and CSS PLC programs.


Update/debug existing electrical schematics and PLC programs.

Kahn Industries

Update/debug existing electrical schematics and PLC programs.

ANCO Engineering

Prepare structural and sheet metal fabrication quotations and manufacturing routing Generate pull lists, crate sizes, packing crate invoices, and packing crate orders. Track inventory. Resolve customer’s prints and manufacturing problems. Develop customers.

Pitney Bowes, SVG and other companies

Generate AutoCAD 14, ME10 and 30, CADRA, or CADKEY7 3D or 2D mechanical or electrical concepts and details. Use Microsoft Office programs, WordPerfect or Lotus 1-2-3 for documentation and reports.



Use AutoCAD to document factory layout.

SENIOR PROJECT/SALES ENGINEER, Huck International, Division of Thiokol, Kingston, NY Jan. 1995-Feb.1996

Identify areas where the company’s hand held specialty fastener installation tools could be automated. Meet with upper management and engineers at aerospace, automotive, and transportation plants in the USA, Mexico, and Europe. Mechanical and electrical Project Management responsibility for concept through completion of design. Thiokol halted automation as a prelude to halting tool production.


Davis and Geck, Alford Engineering, Casco, Schick, and Rolock

Use AutoCAD 12 and some Intergraph to assist manufacturers of industrial heat treating furnaces, automotive accessories, personal razors, hypodermic syringes, and medical containers.


Manage design of new equipment and PLC programming to produce and incorporate Duracell “TESTER” strip into the blister package. Manage major projects to design and update alkaline, lithium, air and rechargeable battery manufacturing and testing at domestic and overseas plants. Do cost justifications. Select vendors and equipment. Travel extensively to install equipment and train personnel in the USA and the Orient. Create GE PLC programs. Use CADKEY and ANVIL 1000/5000 (2D/3D).


Dynamac, Mikron, and Ronson

Use AutoCAD 4 to create automation concepts for assembling tape measures and coffee pots. Use early version of ME10 to develop standardized pick and place mechanisms.

AUTOMATION ENGINEER, Cheesebrough-Ponds, Clinton, CT June 1983-Oct.1985

Conceive and manage the design of product handling equipment for this Unilever subsidiary manufacturer of cosmetics, home and beauty aids. Create GE PLC programs. Do documentation, visit and select machine shops, purchase components. Coordinate equipment installations/ debugging/ on site personnel training in equipment use and maintenance. Projects included a Cutex nail polish packaging system and an Aziza case handling machine.

SENIOR MACHINE DESIGN ENGINEER, Milford Rivet, Milford, CT Feb.1981-Mar.1983

Convert individual riveting machines into manually loaded semiautomatic assembly machines for the automotive industry. Develop wiring diagrams. Generate Allen Bradley and Texas Instrument PLC machine control logic/programs.


MBA, Operations Research, University of New Haven

B.S., Electric Engineering, Fairfield University School of Engineering nee BEI

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, airfield University School of Engineering, nee BEI

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