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DSP Software Engineer

Ephrata, PA
February 24, 2020

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**** – PRESENT

Software Engineer - Intel, Allentown, PA

Developed speech coder software (Packet Voice SDK) and software based on telecom industry standards (e.g. 3GPP/ ITU/ETSI) for emerging Intel architectures using C and low-level intrinsics. Work included optimizing performance, algorithm development, porting/updating software and verifying compliance to latest industry standards. Supported various day-to-day requirements: e.g. customer training, customer modification requests, software repository maintenance.

1991 – 2014

DSP Software Engineer - AT&T/Lucent Technologies/

Agere Systems/LSI/Avago, Allentown, PA

Coded speech vocoders for AT&T/Lucent/Agere/LSI Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) including the DSP16XX, DSP16XXX and StarCore families of DSPs for use in cell phones and network media gateways. Work included creating software libraries, C models, test methodologies with documentation for the DSP Software Development group. Speech coders developed include AMR, EFR, EVRC, G.723.1, G.726, G.729A, G.729B, G.729AB, HR, SMV and many more. Performed competitive analysis for our solutions versus competitor solutions. Supported in-house development tools. Was promoted to DMTS (Distinguished Member of Technical Staff) in 2001. Developed for and supported DSPs and real-time, multitasking DSP operating system in the Multimedia group. Developed algorithms including complete JPEG image compression/decompression in DSP assembly language. Worked closely with customers and many third party developers to help them create hardware and software products utilizing our DSPs and real-time OS. Wrote magazine articles and data sheets and supported press and customer evaluations of our products.

Background: Interests include two-way radios, computers, dune-buggies and slot car collecting/racing. FCC Commercial License with RADAR Endorsement, Amateur Radio License. Languages used: C, Assembly for Intel, StarCore, DSP16000, DSP1600, DSP3210, DSP32C, 6800, 6801, 6809, 68HC11, 68000, HP Basic and more. Operating Systems used: Linux, Mac OS, Windows.

Resume of George Warner

461 Sturbridge Dr.

Lititz, PA 17543

717-***-**** Skills

• Proficient with DSP/C tools: compilers, debuggers, simulators, high-level design tools and more for embedded or platform applications

• DSP Software Development with emphasis on speech for telecom

• C and Assembly code development in Linux, Windows and Mac environments

• Implements C and assembly code in ways to maximize performance/size/power considerations

• Familiar with tools such as Eclipse, SDE, Matlab, XCode, SVN, Git and other C/DSP development tools.


M.S.E.E. / The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD B.S.E.E. / Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pa

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