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Supply Chain Management

Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
August 19, 2018

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Arland Sta. Teresa Peña

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#Int. 3147 12 Pilar Street, Manuguit, Tondo, Manila

Mobile No.

+639**-***-****(globe)/ +639**-***-****(smart)


“To share my knowledge and find a company that will help me to enhance my ability and my personality".


Polytechnic University of the Philippines

Anonas St., Sta. Mesa, Manila, Philippines

B. S. Industrial Engineering

(2002 to 2004)

City College of Manila

PNB Bldg., Escolta St. Sta. Cruz, Manila, Philippines


(1995 to 1999)







Aviation Security Specialist Course

LSWA Bldg, Quiapo, Manila

June 2000


Security Officer Training Course

LSWA Bldg., Quiapo Manila

November 2000


Emergency Response and First-Aid Training

IPT Bldg., NAIA 1, Pasay City

February 2002


Certified Security Professional (CSP)

Bayview Hotel, Manila

November 2004


Warehouse Management System

PWC-Agility (DDKS), Kuwait

November 2006


Operating Material Handling Equipment/Forklift

PWC-Agility (DDKS), Kuwait

January 2007


Internal Auditor Training for ISO 9001:2008

PWC-Agility (DDKS), Kuwait

March 2007


Security and Anti-terrorism Awareness

PWC-Agility (DDKS), Kuwait

November 2007


Auditing Integrated Management System (IMS)

PWC-Agility (DDKS), Kuwait

January 2008


Radiological Workers Safety Training Level 1

PWC-Agility (DDKS), Kuwait

March 2008


IATA Dangerous Goods Air Transportation Course/Initial ICAO

PWC-Agility (DDKS), Kuwait

June 2008


Security Management for Supply Chain (ISO 28001:2008)

PWC-Agility (DDKS), Kuwait

September 2008


Developing Quality Management System (QMS)

PWC-Agility (DDKS), Kuwait

January 2009


Combating Trafficking in Person Awareness Training

PWC-Agility (DDKS), Kuwait

April 2009


Entrepreneur Resources Planning and SAP Management

Citibank Tower, Makati

October 2010


Current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and 5’S Practices

Quezon City Hall

March 2011


Post Graduate Course in Occupational, Safety And Health (OSH)

UP-CPH, Ermita, Manila

April- May 2011


Preparing and Correctly Implementing School Security Programs

Ateneo, Diliman, Quezon City

April 2012


First –Aid Training (Philippines Red Cross)

ICC Bldg. Shaw Blvd., Pasig City

June 2012


Internal Audit Training for ISO 9001:2008

MVC, San Pedro, Laguna

April 2013


Document Control and Records Management Training

MVC, San Pedro, Laguna

November 2013


Certified Security and Safety Practitioner Course (CSSP)

CGC Bldg., Cubao, Quezon City

July 2014


Construction Occupational Health and Safety Training Course

MWC, Balara, Quezon City

April 2015


1.Supply Chain Management (specializing Demand Planning, Procurement, Warehouse and Logistics Operations).

2.Fleet and Transport Management, including truck maintenance and repair.

3.Administrative and Facility Management (handling gov’t transactions, documentations, contractual and maintenance).

4.Security Management (manage security operations, conducts security survey, design manual and security system).

5.Occupational, Safety and Health Programs (conducts training, prepares gov’t reports and transactions).

6.Human Resources (do tasks such as attending labor hearing, conducts training and do government transactions).

7.Contract or Vendor’s Management and facilitation of biddings.

8.Internal Auditor and Document Control and Records Management.

9.Well-known in ISO preparation and acquiring of certifications.

10.Client Relationship and Costumer Services (monitoring and implementing Service Level Agreement/SLA0.

11.Computer Literate (MS Office, Adobe, HRIS, SAP, Peachtree, QuickBooks, NetSuite and other applications).

12.Professional Driver with Code 123-8 and MHE/Forklift Operator.


Supply Chain Manager (SCM)

October 2013 to October 2017

Hexagon Healthcare Corporation/Intercast Dental Corporation

Abad Santos Ave., Tondo, Manila


1. Purchasing Management

Facilitates and provide advice on all aspects of the purchasing function.

Contributes to the development and implementation of policies and procedures for the cost effective purchase, receipt, custody, and issue& cost control of materials, equipment and services.

Ensures the proper receipt, custody and issue of materials, goods, equipment etc within all Departments.

Ensures efficient Procurement Cycle time.

Communications with suppliers with regards to delivery commitment schedules.

Assures that all purchase delivery should meet the specified quality specifications at all time.

Checks all purchase orders and canvass sheet to attain the maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Ensures to keep the satisfaction of internal customers by attaining quality purchases and efficient procurement cycle time.

2. Inventory Management

Ensures attainability of required inventory stock level.

Reviews and analyze the future demand trend vs. forecast.

Manages pull in and rush delivery request for any critical materials.

3. Cost Control

Communicates simultaneously with suppliers for any discrepancy.

Reviews item master pricelist. (both local and imported items).

Contributes to effective operation in order to achieve efficient way of job completion.

Conducts negotiation of payment terms with suppliers to achieve efficient cash flow.

4. Importation

Ensures that all required documents are properly provided to the broker for shipment releasing.

Communicates supplier’s delivery commitments with the end users.

Communicates with supplier the required documents needed. (pre-alert, packing list, invoice and airway bill).

Assists with the development and implementation of an import/export standard operating procedure and compliance manual.

5. Forecasting and Demand Planning

Coordinate with interfacing department in formulating re-order point of items/stocks.

Generates working forecast for the quarter.

Reviews and validate sales movement in relation with the forecast generated.

Drive collaboration between Sales, supply Chain, finance and operations on future business projects and their holistic business impact.

6. Warehouse and Logistics

Confirm with the Importation Officer on the expected time or arrival of shipments.

Ensures that quality inspection is done and ensures that the product conforms.

Ensures that proper storage is strictly followed depending on product temperature requirement.

Ensures proper product handling is strictly practiced in compliance to product specifications.

Checks if proper replenishment of products is correct (first in, first out / FIFO, first expiry, first out / FEFO).

Checks correctness of product locations.

Checks proper recording of withdrawn items from the storage area.

Ensures that all prepared items for delivery are properly packed to sustain the integrity of the products.

Storage Area

Makes sure that all facilities in the warehouse are in good running condition.

7. Manpower Development

Conducts weekly summary meetings for the jobs done, pending and plan for the next week.

Conducts one on one personal performance review with each staff. To review the areas for improvements for each staff.

Recommends and conducts training and seminars staff needs.

Works with staff to share information and ensure consistency of systems and processes and adherence to policy and procedures.

8. Quality Management System/ISO

Assist in documentation of processes and activities.

Prepare manual, forms, process-flow and other documentation based on ISO standards.

Conduct awareness and training to employees and management.

Make recommendations on the systems and procedures being reviewed, report findings and subsequent implementation of any recommendations.

Promote, and implement quality management policy, procedures and processes to employees and management.

9. NetSuite System – ERP Management

Recommend set-up for Supply Chain Management.

Assist NetSuite Administrator to set-up ERP system based on company standards.

Review internal system to fit-in with NetSuite Programs.

Attend meeting with NetSuite Developer.

Quality Management Representative (QMR)

ISO 9001:2008 Certification Project

September 2014 to 2015 (1 Year Contract Only)

Star Special Corporate Security Management, Inc.

J.P. Rizal St., Proj. 4, Cubao, Quezon City


Conducts ISO awareness seminars to SSCSMI management, staff and security personnel.

Conducts system review; asset auditing; job analysis in all detachments; and documents mapping.

Performs monitoring and preparations of all procedures, work-instructions, manuals, forms and all documents for quality management system (ISO 9001:2008).

Ensure that quality assurance policies and procedures are carried out in the actual product realization and service provision.

Assist in establishing and implementing in all detachments and offices the quality assurance policies, procedures, and programs which are linked to the organization's overall objectives in fulfilling the commitment to total customer satisfaction.

Developing quality related plans by conducting analysis, identifying critical points and preventive measures, corrective action and verification of procedures.

Liaise with process department on quality related issues to follow-up on effective corrective/preventive actions.

Improves the quality management system and promotion of awareness of customer requirements throughout the SSCSMI.

Make regularly communicate with EXECOM to ensure quality and delivery standards are upheld.

Consultant (On-Call Representative)

October 2011 to December 2017

Jinlong Development Group, Inc./Fatha Construction Company

351 Romari Bldg., Quirino Hi-way, Sangandaan, Q. C.


Prepare contracts, for suppliers and subcontractors, highlighting relevant issues specific to the job.

Ensuring all process and procedures for Quality, Environment, Health, Safety, and Security conformed to ISO, Government, and Company standards.

Offering creative but cost effective and efficient solutions for both regular and extra ordinary work situation.

Coordinate to Government office for any company related issues (i.e. Environmental issues, Traffic Alert, Employee related cases, etc.)

Review and revised including the designing of policy, procedures, process flow and forms to ensure it’s conformity.

Assist HR and Audit Managers in regards for the revision of ISO related company process.

Assist the Management to ensure the implementations of all the company policy.

Quality, Environment, Health, Safety and Security (QEHSS Officer)

August 2010 to August 2013

Mega Fishing Corporation (MFC)

Brgy. San Jose, Navotas, Philippines


Ensuring all processes, procedures, policies, manuals and other documentations for Quality, Environment, Health, Safety, and Security conformed to ISO, HALAL, HACCP, Governments, and Company standards.

Assist Corporate Auditors or Management in getting ISO, HALAL, HACCP and other certification needed by the company.

Monitor the quality of all mega products’ production by ensuring that the production team and quality team are exercising the standard process that complied with HACCP and ISO 22000 standards.

Review and revised including the designing of policy, procedures, process flow and forms to ensure that all are conformity with ISO 22001, 14001, 28001, 27001, OHSAS 18001 and other ISO related to the company

Conduct QEHSS analysis/surveys (Internal Control Assessment) to provide recommendation of process and/or control system.

Design training modules for QEHSS and administer training programs.

Conveys company policies and disseminate updates to all employees specially safety regulation.

Securing Asset Management is monitored and documented by checking and ensuring audit procedures are properly followed & implemented.

Assist all MFC Departments, sections and/or divisions for designing and implementation of their processes.

Supply Chain and QMS Officer

October 16, 2008 to June 01, 2010

The Public Warehousing Company (AGILITY)

Defense Depot of Kuwait Southwest Asia (DDKS)Mina Abdullah, Kuwait


To maintain, in line with best and emerging practice and colleague and customer feedback, the DDKS and DLA supply chain policies, procedures and templates.

Identifies training needs and develops training activities in supply management for DDKS staff/consultants and counterparts, designed to improve supply delivery.

To ensure that the above are commercial, lean, flexible and fit for purpose i.e. appropriate and proportionate to the subject matter

Incorporate and embed the use of supply chain tools, templates, processes and systems into all supply chain activities.

To provide quality assurance and governance of the DDKS and DLA’s supply chain processes and policies.

Working with the QMR and Legal Manager, to ensure the DDKS supply chain policies and processes meet all legislative requirements;

Ensure that the team’s practice is fully aligned to the overall DDKS strategy and priorities, including the Corporate and Business plans.

Ensure that the sustainable principles are integrated throughout the DDKS supply chain practices and processes through the adoption of a sustainable procurement action plan.

To implement any Audit recommendations pertaining to the Supply Chain Management department’s policies and procedures.

Safety Inspector & ISO Coordinator

April 01, 2007 to 0ctober 15, 2008

The Public Warehousing Company (AGILITY)

Defense Depot of Kuwait Southwest Asia (DDKS)Mina Abdullah, Kuwait


Ensure the health and safety environment standard are practice according with the ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001.

Plan and conduct safety education and trainings for the awareness of all employees.

Safely ensure all work centers staff uses their personal protective equipment (PPE) and effective.

Ensuring all the forms/documents related to safety is filled daily and correctly in their respective folders for investigative reference in safety issues.

Documents violation through notes, sketches, measurements, photographs, and videos.

Gather evidence and prepare reports on violations, complaints, and occupational accidents and fatalities.

Visit all areas of the work site, walks for long periods of time; climbs ladders to reach catwalks,platforms and scaffolds; enters confined spaces or uses other means to observe all potentially.

Warehouseman/MHE Operator

Oct.15, 2006 to March 31, 2007

The Public Warehousing Company (AGILITY)

Defense Depot of Kuwait Southwest Asia (DDKS)Mina Abdullah, Kuwait


Consolidate the materials in proper Department of Defense Activity Code (DODAC).

Preparation of documents for the items received and shipping documents are complete such as Military Shipping Label (MSL), Material Movement Document, and Declaration of hazardous materials (HAZMAT).

Coordinates with the GATES TEAM for the Air Pallets Documents and Transportation.

Transport a single materials or package to their respective warehouse.

Loading and unload the materials in container and flatbed and Air pallets. Secure the materials inside the container when loading.

Transport Operations Head

June 2005 to August 2006

Prime Transport Inc.

NAI Village, Tandang-Sora, Quezon City


Under the direction of the General Manager and with safety, efficiency and customer service a priority, accountable for the overall warehouse operation, which receives and stores, moves and deliveries, stock and materials to and/or from the warehouse.

Manages the overall operation and ensures the safe and effective storage and distribution of customer goods on time and without damage. Develops and implements both short- and long-term warehouse planning.

Adhering to policies, procedures and regulatory requirements, plan, develop, organize, direct and control all aspects of the warehouse facility operations. This includes all activities involved in the shipping and receiving of products to and from the warehouse on behalf of customers.

Accountable for the planning and direction of all warehouse operations, including developing and monitoring of key performance indicators, security, change management, technology and all administration activities, such as production reporting.

Provide timely and effective communication through staff meetings, as well as written and electronic communication.

Operations / Inspector Officer

January 2001 to March 2005

Octagon Security Services Inc./Certified Security Professional Unit 4 Legaspi Tower 300, Malate, Manila, Philippines


Assist the President/CEO in his daily activities such as preparation of training modules; meeting with the clients; coordinate with CSG Office or in SAGSD; and his other related activities. Do other assigned task by the President/CEO.

Ensures the administrative and logistical needs of the Operations Department are promptly and satisfactory met.

Coordinate and ensure/maintain good relation to the customers for the future development of the company.

Serve as Liaison Officer for documents processing and to manage files and other records.

Manpower monitoring, scheduling, timekeeping, performance appraisal, administrative functions and other responsibilities.

Conduct In-House Training for Security and as per client request.

Conduct safety and security surveillance, including the preparation of security forms, manual and procedures.


Birth Date / Place

:August 19, 1977 / Sta. Cruz, Manila

Social Security System (SSS):


Age / Civil Status

:40 years old / Single

Tax Identification No. (TIN):



:Roman Catholic

PhilHealth Number:


Built / Marks

:Medium / None

Driver’s License No: (Exp. 8/19/2018)


Height /Weight

:5’5 Feet / 71 Kilos

Security Officer License: (Exp. 10/09/2018)


REFERENCES: Will be provided upon request if necessary for verification.

I hereby certify that all information and details above are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief.

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