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Civil engineer

Alexandria, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt
August 21, 2018

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Personal information

Name: Mohamed Barakat Omar Ali Omar

Date of Birth: 17/08/1990 Social Status: Married

Military statues: Final Exemption.

Driving license: yes. Availability to travel: yes. Nationality: Egyptian


Mobile Numbers: +201********* Tel Number: +203******* Objective

To use my knowledge and experience appropriately in order to flourish within any This objective should be an upbeat way to lead into a very interesting and experience filled given position that I may encounter, while absorbing any and every experience along the way Resume.


Graduation Project

Thebes Academy, Higher Institute of


B.Sc. civil engineering “July 2010”


"Sanitary Engineering”

Graduation Project Grade: Excellent

Arabic: Mother language.

English: Good (speak/write). German: Fair.

Computer skills

Good experience in Auto Cad.

Excellent degree in (word, Excel, PowerPoint, internet, access, IT, Microsoft project Internet Surfing, browsing and searching.


Preparing for the American Equation Test (Fundamental Of Engineering) (FE Exam) AutoCAD 2D, 3D 2011

ICDL (International Computer Driving License)


Capable of working independently as well as in a team environment to meet project goals and deadlines.

Plan, organize and manage key staff positions so as to ensure the proper utilization of personnel to meet the ever-changing needs of the project.

Ready to travel either within or outside Egypt for extended periods and able to fit in a multinational environment.

Hard working and dedicated.

Able to work under stress conditions.

Performs other related duties as may be required.



Previous Companies

1-International for Constructions & Utilities: Contracting Company Working In the Field of Construction, infrastructure and Sanitary Drainage Work (from 09/2014 till now). ( (الدوليه للإنشاءات والمرافق Previous Projects Experience

1- Work as a site manager for the project implementation of sewage networks for Arab Abo Saeed village Elsaf - Giza Governorate with total value of the project twenty one million pounds. In this project 4 surveyors were working under my supervisory and 5 crew labor to carry out water and sewage network which consists of manholes, valves and UPVC pipes

(Main Contractor). ( (الدوليه للإنشاءات والمرافق

2-Work as subcontractor for the project implementation of the settlement of roads under the supervision of the Urban Communities Authority in New City of Badr and under command of International for Constructions & Utilities Company. 3- work as subcontractor for the implementation of water, irrigation and drainage systems under the supervision of the Urban Communities Authority in 10th of Ramadan City and under command of International for Constructions & Utilities Company. Achievements

I had been trained for three months under the supervision of the Arab contractors in wastewater treatment plant East of Alexandria in 2010.

Worked during my studies for international construction company in The integrated sanitation project Arab Abo Saeed village the project to establish a network of slope and lift station in Arab Abo Saeed village of Elsaf town of Giza,As an executive field engineer and Technical Office engineer Lifting Station:

Area is 625m square.

Consisting of:

1-Septic tank consisting of metal base, dacovel bars, reinforced concrete, Three lifting machines, roof consist and The roof contains animated tiles the tank with depth 12 m and diameter 4 internal and 5.20m external and it is containing Operating room. 2-Entry chamber Related to the well by a flexible cast-iron pipes with depth 5.5m 3-Valves chamber.

4-Pressure gauge chamber.

5-Generating umbrella.

6-And other civilian installations such as the administration building and the guard room railings and final finishes the entire building.

The network;

pipes type (UPVC), 20 kilometer for all diameters, The diameters of pipes starts from 150-millimeter for house connections and even 400 millimeters for pipes of enter matching lift station and the project includes implement of pipes with a length of 60m by pushing tunnel by using pushing room and reception room. Lifting Pipes:

Pipes type (UPVC), 3 kilometers for diameter 250mm, Manholes:

No. of manholes: 800 Manholes type (Ordinary Concrete), Circular manholes begin its depths of 1.5 m and up to 6.5 m. House connections:

No. of connections: 2000 house connections type (Ordinary Concrete), Dimensions (60*60) cm.

Lifting line pipes chambers:

No. of chambers: 5 Chambers type (Reinforced Concrete), 1- air flow gate chamber.

2- 2-washing flow gate chamber.

3- 3-wash and air gate chamber.


Implementation of the settlement of roads for the area of 100 thousand meter square. Implementation of water, irrigation and drainage systems of 8 km with diameters between 100 mm and 300 mm.


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