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Engineer Software

Frisco, Texas, United States
August 21, 2018

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Mr.Kwon DaeLeem’s Resume

Aug **th, ****

Strictly private and confidential

Circulation of this report is restricted to personnel concerned only.

DaeLeem Kwon

Address: **** ****** **** ***** Frisco Denton County, TX 75034



Firmware/Software engineer which will use my strong programming and debugging skills of S/W & H/W, skilled semiconductor background, and ability to work well with people.


• Around 10 years of experience in F/W & H/W designed and developed, designed main chip application and supported mass production of the Zigbee Application

• Design experience of many RF solutions including ZigBee Application(CC1020, MG2400, MG2455, MG2450, MG2470, MG2410, 88MZ100)

• Extensive knowledge & skills of RF(ZigBee etc.) & 8051 MICOM/Cortex-M3

• 3 years of experience in Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low energy

• Extensive skills of programming language of C and H/W Design

• Strong troubleshooting skills

• Strong interpersonal skill and good in team & co- work

• Very diligent work habit with positive mind & strong responsibility


OBELAB Inc. Dec 2016 – May 2018

Principal Software Engineer – S/W Team Leader

Medical Device Development

Main function : measure oxygen changes of blood in real time by Laser and Detector

Main technology : CDMA and TDMA to avoid an interference from near sensor.

Mainly develop embedded software for fNIRS (functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy) Device

Designed H/W with Hardware Engineer together

MCU solution : STM32F405 which is based on Cortex-M4

Compiler : Keil for ARM


Marvell Semiconductor Korea Mar 2012 – Dec 2016

Staff Application Engineer

ZigBee/Bluetooth Application Development/Technical Support

Developed remote controller platform based in classic BT and RF4CE

Design-Win in ESL(Electric Shelf Labeling) of SEMCO based in IEEE 802.15.4 with 88MZ100. (compiler : Keil, Non-OS)

Design-Win in TWIN Washing Machine of LGE based in IEEE 802.15.4 with 88MZ100. (compiler : IAR, Non-OS)

Design-In in Remote controller based in dual-mode BT4.2 with 88MB300

Design-in in BT module for Automotive with 88MB300(compiler : IAR, OS : ThreadX)

88MZ100 and 88MB300 are based on Cortex-M3

Contact with main customers directly to gather their technical requirements.

AACTechnologies Feb 2011 – Feb 2012

Senior Application Engineer

ZigBee Module Development

F/W development for ZBS242(SEM) Module M/P

F/W development for CC2530(TI) Module M/P

ZBS242 Module Schematic design

Radiopulse Inc. Oct 2005 – Nov 2010

Senior Field Application Engineer

Technical Support for ZigBee Application Development

Electric AMR using ZigBee-2004 Network( for Kepco)

Water AMR using simple MAC( for Local Government)

RC for TV using simple MAC( for Samsung, Design Win)

RC for IP STB using simple MAC(for LG Dacom)

Home Sharing Modem based on STB using simple MAC

Wireless Stylus using simple MAC(for Samsung)

Universal RC using RF4CE & ZigBee-Pro(for Ohsung)

Zigbee Chipset : 8051 based MCU

Build & Establish FAE Team

Hyundai Digital Technology Co., Ltd Jan 2003 – Aug 2005

Assistant Application engineer

AMR(Auto Meter Reading) Solution Development

Electric AMR(Jan.2003 ~ Dec.2004)

- H/W Design

- 8051 F/W

- RF Solution : CDMA Module(Any Data Net)

Gas AMR(Aug. 2004 ~ Aug. 2005)

-H/W Design

-MSP430 F/W

-RF Solution : CC1020 Module(Prochild)

Hanbit Electronics and Telecommunication Co., Ltd Dec1999 – Jun 2002

Assistant Application engineer

BTS(Base Station Transceiver Subsystem) for IMT-2000 as consortium company

of SK telecom(Dec. 1999~ Dec. 2000)

Support H/W Design for Analog Processing Card

Support H/W Design for CHBB(Channel Unit Backboard)

System Integration(BSC, BTS etc.)

BSC(Base Station Controller) forIS-95C(Jan. 2001~ Dec. 2001)

Support H/W Development for BIC(BTS Interface Card)

Support H/W Development for BSBB(BSC Backboard)

BSC(Base Station Controller) forIS-95C(Jan. 2002~ Jan. 2002)

NDAB(NCP Data Allocation Block Program based on VxWorks

based on Motorola 32bit CPU


DaeGu University DaeGu, South Korea

B.S., Information and Communication Engineering Feb 2000


Good command of English in reading and writing


Programming: C Language

Compiler : Keil, IAR

H/W Design : OrCAD

Applications: MS Office, (Altera - AHDL, VxWorks, Linux)

Driver’s License


Date of Birth :DEC.05th1974

Military Service: Fulfilled(ROK Army as Sergeant)

Green card Holder : AUG 11th 2017

I hereby certify the content of my resume to be true and correct in all respect.

Aug 16th, 2018

DaeLeem Kwon

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