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Injection Molding Engineer

Milford Center, Ohio, United States
August 18, 2018

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Career Background:

Goal oriented professional with 14 years of automotive experience with assured value addition to the company.

Experience in Automobile Injection, Blowmolding Plastics, Casting design, Structural and sheetmetal design.

Knowledge of Injection molding process, FRP molding process, Casting process.

Educational Qualifications:

BTech in Mechanical Engineering.

Key Skills: Domain and Tool

Automotive: Interior Trim, RR side liner, Engine systems and plastics.

Process: Plastic Injection molding, Fiber Glass molding, Sheet metal part forming and Casting.

Tools: Catia V5, NX 4,5 and Pro-E.

Enovia VPM Navi, Windchill PDM/PLM tools

Basic and Advanced GD&T Certification.

Experience Summary

Project 1:

Company Name: CSM Software LLC .USA

Client \ Project: Kasai North America… Ohio \ Interior Design- Rear Side lining

Duration: 06 months and till date… (From-01 Feb 2018 to till date)

Cad Tools: Catia V5, Enovia

Role and Responsibilities:

Predevelopment activities like Initial Weight calculations, B.O.M and Variant matrix preparation

Style analysis involving interiors packaging study, ergonomics and occupant safety.

Definition of locating and fixing scheme of Rear side which includes Base with soft trim,Armrest,front,lid, Speaker grill, preparation of master sections, Insulator design proposals.

Interaction with styling, BIW, manufacturing team for feasibility.

Cost estimation, Part Validation, DFMEA report preparation.

Different drawings release for engineering & manufacturing support.

Preparation CAE and test documentation.

Project 2: L&T Technology services ltd.

Client \ Project: Honda R & D Americas Inc., Ohio \ Intake System Design - Gasoline Engine.

Duration: 28 months… (From-07 Sept 2015 to Jan. 2018)

Cad Tools: Catia V5, Enovia

Role and Responsibilities:

Concept design for Intake system, Layout design with peripheral components, part design for prototype.

Involved in different types of new design projects from Concept design to validation of concept.

Implementation of detail design considering manufacturing feasibilities & testing standards.

Responsible for Proto and Pilot building of Intake System components.

Responsible for providing various concepts, Packaging Investigation and detail design for manufacturing.

Drawings creation for different plastic parts of Intake system like Intake manifold, Resonator, Air Flow tube, Intake Pipe, Air cleaner Cover, Air cleaner Case, Air Guide and Intercooler tubes.

Preparing models for FEA analysis and interaction with FEA team for model analysis, static analysis, fatigue analysis and durability.

Prepared PPAP, DFM and DFMEA documentation.

Co-ordination with Plant \ Supplier for understanding the design related real-time problems to implement suggestions in design & manufacturing drawing.

Discuss with supplier for manufacturing challenges and solutions, design finalization.

Project 3: L&T Technology services ltd.

Client \ Project: Oshkosh Industries Inc.USA, Ohio \ Door Interior and Engine Room component design.

Duration: 21 months (Dec.2013 to Dec.2014 (12months) in USA and Jan 2014 to Aug.2015 (09months) in India)

Cad Tools: Catia V5, Enovia

Role and Responsibilities:

Engineering and packaging study and defining ones and limits.

Development Engineer for Engine Covers, Engine Room Heat shield design.

Predevelopment activities like Initial Weight calculations, B.O.M and Variant matrix preparation

Style analysis involving interiors packaging study, style split proposal, ergonomics and occupant safety

Interaction with styling, BIW, manufacturing team for feasibility.

Supporting Styling, CAE and validation team for various activities.

Different drawings release for engineering & manufacturing support

Project2: Bottle Holder, Door handle development

Propose different concepts for bottle holding

Prepare Selection matrix considering cost, ease of operation etc.

Redesign door handle and per requirements.

Project 4: L&T Technology services ltd.

Client \ Project: PACCAR Trucks Inc., USA, Europe (EPA 2013 Program)\ Engine and Cab Component design.

Duration: 34 months (Feb.2011 to Nov.2013)

Cad Tools: Catia V5 and NX and Team center

Role and Responsibilities:

Responsible for applying knowledge of engineering principles and practices by referring SAE, ISO, AGIG, DIN and JIS standards for designing, integrating, releasing, prototyping, developing, testing, validating, optimizing and Interior components, launching 9.0L Powertrain Diesel Engine System, on commercial vehicles application for European and American automotive market. Responsibilities also included:

Air Intake System:

Creating various concept designs of Interior components door handle, cup holder gear handle to improve cost, quality, reliability, weight, performance, manufacturing, assembly, service and efficiency.

Implemented proposals/concepts sections for various parts to solve parts integration assembly sequence issues.

Incorporate design changes with various departments, supplier and manufacturing.

Development of Diesel Engine Coolant Flow Cycle for the whole Engine by extracting Cores design modeling of different functional assemblies like body roof, side walls and floor, lifting devices etc.

Door trim assembly:

To proposal master section development & measurements of styled A Class surfaces with environmental parts.

Feasibility study of A class surfaces by tooling & Ergo’s prospective for Door trim components like upper substrate: release handle, Arm rest, pull cup, PWS unit- Power window switches, Window motor mechanism, Lower substrate: Map Pocket, Speaker grill & Grab handle,prepared Insulator optimization proposals.

Consideration ERGO’s recommendation

Different kind of attachment scheme.

Material & Mfg Process selection.

Create Parametric 3 Model & drawings & BOM for release work.

Design review meetings at every before & after design.

Engine System:

Designing & detailing of various Engine components for engine installation, validating re-usability of existing components for new EPA 2013 Emissions Program by means of standardized clearance and interference check for these components with the surrounding geometries/components under static and dynamic conditions.

Designed different component groups like Air Inlet/Exhaust system, Lubrication system, Cooling system, Fuel System, Air Compressor, EGR system & Electrical System.

Designed Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) for after treatment system.

Investigation of Cross-Section Area details for different Engine Exhaust components for 2D-CFD analysis.

Designed and development of Engine cover from concept to proto, pilot and mass production 2D-3D.

Creating shrink-wrap geometry and mid surface extraction for FEA and maintaining proper co-ordination for implementation of necessary design change.

Designed 3d models and prepared and release drawings of Water pump pipe, exhaust pipes, air intake pipes, Intarder pipe, EGR Brackets for Diesel Engine.

Frame components design and development like battery mounting, Exhaust mounting and fuel tank mounting.

Project 5:

Client \ Project: Cummins India\ Engine exterior component design

Duration: 06 months (July2010-Jan2011)

Cad Tools: Pro E and PDM.

Role and Responsibilities:

Handled Individually Alternator Assembly Design changes and Details.

Co-ordinates with customers related project details and queries.

Planned, coordinated, communicated, conducted review meetings and worked effectively with Vehicle Integration, Manufacturing, Purchase and Finance to develop and deliver quality engine components on time.

Working on selected design projects and providing backup support to design team.

Preparing Engine after treatment assembly design layouts.

Project 6:

Client \ Project: Emerson India\ Solenoid Valve

Duration: 07 months (Jan.2010-July2010)

Cad Tools: Catia V5 PDM

Role and Responsibilities:

Involved in New Product Development Solenoid valve.

Designing of products using the inputs from Product Manager.

Creating assembly drawing, detail drawing, including bill of material, GD&T etc.

Coordinating with client or onsite engineer to resolve engineering problems.

Project 7:

Client \ Project: Kalyani InfoTech India \ Plastic, Sheet metal component design.

Duration: 20 months (Apr.2008 to Dec.2009)

Cad Tools: Catia V5, Team center.

Role and Responsibilities:

Analyzing the technical and functional requirements.

Prepares the plastic parts design concepts/modifications based on clients requirements.

Coordinating with client or onsite engineer to resolve engineering problems.

Working on seating system - Design support for stamped and tubular backrest frame assembly, Upper and lower cross members.

Worked on cushion frame assembly-inner and outer cross members.

Noise shield, Plastic grip handle, air duct 3D model required from concept through production. Providing complete drawing packages including details, assembly diagrams, and BOM structures

Manufacturing Experience:


Engineer: Plastic - Fiber glass components manufacturing and quality experience

PENTAIR WATER INDIA PVT. LTD. India –GOA (Jan.2004-Mar.2007)

Asst. Lead Engineer: Plastic- Fiber glass Manufacturing Experience.

Training Attend: DFM, DFMEA and PPAP.

Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Welding Process.

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