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Data C

Bayside, New York, United States
August 17, 2018

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Alan Ni

**-** ***** **

Fresh Meadows, New York, 11365

347-***-**** Summary:

Abundance of project experience with languages and different areas of software development. Highly familiar with multiple programming languages and development tools. Exceptional analysis abilities. Able to work well within a team. Proficiency in C/C++ and Java.

Projects and experiences:

Community Bulletin Board:

Full stack IOS application using REST protocol. Implemented an online bulletin boards where individuals can create bulletin boards and locals can post text and/or pictures. Team attended daily SCRUMs.

- Front end in SWIFT

- Application Server written and compiled in C/C++ using Boost libraries

- Backend written and compiled in C/C++ using MongoDB with mongocxx drivers

- Server hosted on UNIX machine

Movement Analysis in R:

Supervised Machine Learning using data from motion captured suits to find if the computer can determine how a person is feeling depending on their body language.

- Data mined manually using motion capture body suits

- JavaScript was used to query and clean the data

- Data was separated into training sets and test sets

- Data was analyzed using R programming language

Artificial Intelligence for decision game:

Searches a game tree using minmax algorithms with alpha beta pruning to determine the best possible moves.

- Implemented and compiled alpha beta pruning in C++ for Tic-tac-toe

- Code can be modified to fit any game with a move set and conditions for victory/defeat

Web design & Database:

Designed several simple responsive websites hosted on temporary external NYU UNIX servers.

- Designed and developed several websites using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript

- Bootstrap was used to make responsive layouts

- Utilized MySQL databases and PHP to store and retrieve data Heightmap Generator:

Simple personal project involving a declared size n. Creates n x n sized array which use diamond-square algorithm to generate a procedurally generated array of random integers. Converts the array into a heightmap using the C++ easybmp library.

- Implemented and compiled heightmap generator in C++

- Applied easybmp library to create bmp images of heightmaps Education:

NYU Tandon School of Engineering, Brooklyn, NY

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Graduated Fall 2017

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