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Lab Technician/ Research Associate

Danville, California, United States
August 17, 2018

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Sylvia Khoo

**** ******** **.,

Danville, CA ****6

mobile: 925-***-****


OBJECTIVE: Lead Reagents Operations


*/** – 12/90 California State University, East Bay course work: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Representative Biochemistry and Molecular Biology techniques include: Protein Purification, Gel Filtration Chromatography, Lowry and Bradford Assays, Enzyme Assays, Enzyme Kinetics, SDS-Page, Agarose Gel Electrophoresis, Restriction Mapping of Plasmid DNA, PCR, Southern Blotting and Western Blotting.

4/86 – 12/87 Chabot College

course work: Computer Science

Rangoon Arts and Science University, Rangoon, Burma 9/76 – 3/80 Master of Science - Biology

9/72 – 6/76 Bachelor of Science - Biology with a minor in Chemistry EMPLOYMENT:

7/97 – 12/17 LAB MANAGER

Shwe Onmar Pharmaceutical, Inc., Rangoon, Burma

Managed home industry, organized lab, analyzing of results, review GMP/ GLP manufacturing and related documentation to support timely product and system release. Lab support function including correct procedures, health and safety guidelines. Responsible for activities related to providing required documentation and implementing related documentation systems. Support Achieve Request and Retrieval, and Issue document numbers.


Abbott Diagnostics Division, Santa Clara, CA

Assisted in testing stability of Cell-Dyn (CD) reagents product on CD- 900, CD 1500, CD-3000, and CD-3500 (Abbott electronic hematology analyzer instrument) using whole blood. Responsible for planning tests followed GMP, record keeping, records managed, temperature chart and product complaint analyses.

11/90 – 12/94 SCIENTIST

Abbott Diagnostic Division, Santa Clara, CA

Involved in investigation of new Cyanide-Free Lyse with Cell-Dyn product development for Abbott Hematology(Whole Blood) Analyzer Instruments. Weighing chemicals of experimental solutions, test experimental Lyse on Cell-Dyn Hematology instruments, ph meter, Osmometer, Conductivity meter, Hematology meter and Spectrophotometer. Investigate customer complaints related to reagent quality on instruments. Responsible for planning experiments, record keeping, analyze data, statistical analysis, generation graphs and tables, using Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word and ordering supplies. Received US Patents for assisted inventing Methods and Reagents for Cyanide-free determination of hemoglobin and leukocytes in whole blood.

US Patent # 6,740,527 - May 25,2004

US Patent # 5,958,781 - Sept 28,1999

US Patent # 4,343,726 – May 27,1997 Page 1 of 2

Sylvia Khoo 925-***-****


Matrix Pharmaceutical, Inc., Menlo Park, CA

Assisted in evaluation of chemotherapeutic drug-matrix formulations in tumor systems, pharmacokinetic analysis and cell survival studies in in-vitro and in-vivo. Handling of lab-mice, preparing tumor cell suspensions, inoculating mice and making observations on tumor growth. Injection drugs or anesthetic and surgical manipulation of experimental mice. Experimental techniques include culturing and passage of established cell lines and establishment of primary cell cultures. Weighing chemicals of experimental solutions, media preparation and test serum samples. Preparation and handling radioactive chemicals for liquid scintillation counting and radioactive isotope assays. Responsible for accurate record keeping, data analysis, writing notes, and generation of graphics. Assisted in setting up a new lab including purchasing equipments, ordering lab supplies and general lab management.


Becton Dickinson Immunocytometry Systems, Mountain View, CA Involved in the production of ascites and serum from mice, extensive mice handling, intraperitoneal and subcutaneous injections, eye bleeds, draining of ascites fluid. Used laboratory sterile technique according to GMP and company SOP. Employed techniques such as

immunoelectrophoresis. Maintained lab records, ordered supplies and maintained inventory of production lab. Documented the analysis processes and trained new personnel.

9/77 – 3-80 Volunteer/ Master of Science (Thesis) Student World Health Organization, Filariasis Control Project, Rangoon, Burma (Myanmar)

Performed laboratory tasks including handling animals, restraining, and dosing (oral, IM, and subcutaneous). Conducted blood tests using W.B.C. pipette and slide. Mosquito work included egg raft collection, culture, classification and dissection. Maintained records and prepared documentation associated with research programs. Statistical analyses of research data, computer report generation and graphics. Assisted supervisor in training new personnel, media preparation, sterile technique, and general lab procedure. Special Project and Thesis on: Research and documentation of percentage and prevalence of dogs infected with Dirofilaria immitus in urban, suburban and rural areas. Handling animals, restraining, dosing (oral, IM, subcutaneous), prepared cultures of various strains of mosquitoes, investigated periodicity of parasites in common mosquitoes, treated Dirofilaria using different drug dosages, documented different stages of Dirofilaria immitus.

REFERENCES: Available Upon Request

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