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Engineer Test Cases

Mountain View, California, United States
August 17, 2018

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Mountain View, CA *****

Green Card Holder No Visa Sponsorship Required


* ***** ** ******** **, Manual and Automation Software Testing experience

Working experience in different domain such as robotics, software development, banking, e-commerce,

Strong knowledge of SDLC and STLC methodologies

Extensive experience of working with Waterfall and Agile SDLC methodologies.

Experience of writing SQA test documentation such as test plans, test cases and check lists.

Experienced in performing Functional, Regression, Smoke, GUI Testing, Integration, System, Compatibility, End to End Testing, Database, Soap and Rest Services Testing.

Experienced in Web and Mobile (iOS and Android) applications testing using ADB, iPhone Configuration Utility, Perfecto mobile, familiar with XCode and other tools

Experience in using Appium and Java for creating automated test cases for mobile app testing

Experience in testing SOAP and REST web services using SOAPUI responses.

Experience in automation testing using Selenium WebDriver JUnit and TestNG frameworks.

Experience in developing automated Selenium test cases written on Python and Java language

Good understanding of Web technologies (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML)

Strong knowledge of VB Script and Descriptive Programming for developing test script and Functional libraries.

Experience in Linux based environments

Experience in creating Keyword and Data driven Test Automation Frameworks using QTP/UFT

Experience in customizing the scripts using Checkpoints, Re-usable actions, Parameterization, etc.,

Extensive experience in performing Oracle and MySQL database validation by writing SQL queries

Proficient in using Test Management tool Quality Center for Test Planning, Test Designing, Test Analysis, Test Execution, Defect Tracking and Reporting

Self-motivated, punctual, resourceful, easy learner and a reliable team-worker

Good interpersonal skills, analytical type of mind, ability to make reasonable decisions in stressful situations and in fast changing environment

High performance standards, including attention to detail, schedules and deadlines

Flexible and detail oriented


Web technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML,

Automation: Python, Java, Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, JUnit, QTP UFT,

IDE: Eclipse, PyCharm, IntelliJ IDEA,

Database: Oracle, MySQL

Query languages: SQL, XPath, JSON, XML

Virtualization: Oracle VirtualBox, VMWare;

Mobile testing: Appium, ADB, Android Studio, XCode, SDK, Perfecto Mobile

API testing: SOAP UI, Advanced Rest Client

Bug Tracking: QC ALM, Jira, Bugzilla;

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux;

Mobile Platforms: iOS, Android OS;

Browsers: Chrome, Safari, IE, Mozilla Firefox, Opera

Tools: Jenkins, Maven, Git


Device Test Engineer/ Software QA engineer 11/2017 – present

Google X (Moonshoot Factory) – Google, Mountain View, CA, USA

LINUX Debian, GoBuntu, ADB, Android, Buganizer, Android Flashstation, Bash, Python

Run full range of automated and manual tests on Android device and Android mobile application

Run functional, performance, regression, module, integration testing of different services of the mobile App

Run smoke test for the software and hardware testing of the device

Extensive use bash / linux commands to access and operate with the testing device

Write bash scripts to automate the process of analyzing text logs and video logs.

Install new firmware on the device and the app on a daily basis using Android Flashstation

Use ADB commands to operate the device

Analyze 4 different types of logs generated by device while operating for debugging purposes

Create Python scripts for parsing the log files for the future analysis of errors and easy debugging

Capturing, editing, analyzing video logs footages, synchronize video logs with text logs for the future analysis and bug investigation

Work on creating new test cases for the device’s software, hardware and Android App

Collect the data and metrics from different test to get the extended statistics

Participating in brainstorming meetings for creating new feature requests and updates for the existing services

Preparing daily observation forms and reports describing the main defects and user experience

Participate in daily meetings of QA team for monitoring, discussing and bug treasuring

Software Validation QA Engineer / Infrastructure / 08/2016 – 11/2017

Intel Corporation – Santa Clara, CA, USA

Administrate continuous integration and validation process in Jenkins

Create new and modify existing Jenkins jobs with proper configuration, settings, parameters triggers etc.

Write automation scripts for Jenkins using Windows Batch commands, Shell and BAT files

Create and modify automation test scripts written on Python using different modules and libraries

Perform functional testing, performance testing, API testing, security testing, malware testing, stress testing, browser testing and other types of testing using our framework

Extensively use QTP / UFT for functional and performance testing of Microsoft Office and Adobe and their behavior under McAfee antivirus module developed by our team

Run and modify test cases written in VBscript for UFT / QTP (Quick Test Professional), use descriptive programming, OLE technologies and object model

Check nightly reports, read log files to analyze results, re-run tests

Run test cases manually and in debugging mode when need to reproduce the issue

Use Jira for creating tickets and bug tracking when issue is found and confirmed

Use different programming languages for scripting and testing purposes: Python, VBscript, Bash and Shell

Push the updates to the validation repository using GIT

Administrate and remotely control more than 200 physical testing machines and Servers by Remote Desktop app

Create new images for testing machines with necessary configuration, iInstall the software on testing machines, configure and administrate, solve the problem with testing infrastructure

Communicate with other related teams in Oregon, Mexico and Argentina by Skype or phone conference

Participate in daily scrum meetings and discussions between software validation and development teams, tract activity and update user stories in Rally

Software QA-Engineer 11/2015 - 07/2016

Progyny INC - Mountain View, CA, USA

Developed test documentation such as Test Plans and Test Cases according to the requirements

Performed Manual and Automation testing of web based monitoring system application

Performed all types of testing according to the requirements including: Smoke, Functional, Regression testing, Integration, System, GUI, Usability, Security, Localization software testing positive/negative testing,

Created test environments utilizing virtual machines (VMWare, VirtualBox)

Developed new and modified existing automated tests for continuous regression testing using Selenium WebDriver and automation scripts in Java;

Performed REST web services testing using SOAPUI and validating the XML requests and responses.

Performed the Back-End testing by preparing and Executing SQL commands to validate data.

Carried out load tests using performance testing tool JMeter

Investigated software complaints reported by the customers

Testing and improvement of software network features

Identified and reported defects using Jira, helped resolve issues with developers

Performed release acceptance testing and provided feedback to the software engineers

with the test results

Participated in project updates, meetings, defect review meetings and defect report meetings with Managers, Team Leads, and Developers to discuss testing process, business requirements and assignments.

Software QA-Engineer in IT department

Delta Bank – Minsk, Belarus

Mobile and WEB application testing cycle 02/2014 - 10/2015

Participated in the project of testing NEW Android and iOS mobile applications (Native, Hybrid, Web) on multiple versions of the devices before release.


The project followed an Agile Scrum methodology.

Involved in complete software testing lifecycle (Requirement Analysis, Test Planning, Test Cases and Scripts Development, Test Execution, Test Reporting, Test Result Analysis, Defect tracking).

Developed Test Plans and Test cases for new functionality for Native and Hybrid bank applications

Created new test cases for manual testing

Performed Black box, Functional, GUI, Smoke, Integration and Regression and API testing of Bank’s WEB and mobile application on iOS and Android devices and on multiple browsers and platforms;

Tested and Validated new functionalities in Client to Client money transfer, Tested the different aspects of the application like transfers between same and different banks, scheduled, recurring and one-time bill pay options, setting up and changing alert options and check deposits using both positive and negative testing approach

Used Appium for application testing,

Performed Compatibility testing on different versions of iOS (6.x,7.x,8.x) and Android (4.x, 5.x,6.x) for the Mobile application

Use Android ADB for installing and testing Android mobile application, produce corresponding documentation to cover new functionality;

Used various iPhone and Android support tools like iPhone Configuration Utility, SDK Android Debug Bridge (ADB) to install the builds and extract the logs from different phones and to maximize the test effectiveness

Get new build and install the apk package on Android devices with build using ADB commands (install, push, pull, devices, install, logcat, etc.)

Actively participated in regular QA team meetings to discuss testing process and suggested improvements to the application design and features

Used HP Quality Center for tracking and reporting for Internal High Level access and also create reports and update bug status.

Implemented automated UI testing of bank web application using Selenium WebDriver with Python

Created new test cases for manual testing, developed new and modified existing automated tests for continuous regression testing using automation scripts in Python;

Wrote and ran SQL queries to retrieve data from an Oracle database

Analyzed web service calls and carried out testing of SOAP and REST Web services using SOAP UI.

Executing test cases, reporting and tracking software defects, resolving issues with developers using Jira bug tracking system.

Environment: Windows, QC ALM, Linux Ubuntu, Oracle VirtualBox, iPhone Configuration Utility, XCode, Android SDK, ADB, MS Excel, MS Word, Chrome, Firefox,

QA engineer, Web and Mobile Software Tester 11/2012 – 01/2014

A1QA Software Testing Company – Minsk, Belarus

Working in different short-term projects in different domains such as e-commerce, retail, insurance websites for improving the functioning of existing features and implementing new functionality

Analyzed User Requirement Documents, Functional Specification Documents for a better understanding of the requirements.

Assisted in Developing QA test plan and created test cases based on the business specification and user requirements as specified in QC by the BA team.

Used HP Quality Center to create test cases for testing the application in various test phases involved in Manual and Automation testing

Performed Functional, Regression, Smoke testing, Ad-Hoc testing, UI testing, Database Testing, Integration testing, end-to end testing, System testing

Conducted manual and automation testing.

Performed testing of Native, Hybrid and Web based mobile applications.

Identified manual test cases to be automated, developed automation scripts using Selenium WebDriver, Eclipse, TestNG, and Java

Integrated TestNG with Selenium using Eclipse to generate test execution result.

Wrote SQL queries to define, identify and validate the code written for the data movement into the database tables.

Performed API testing using SOAPUI

Performed Compatibility testing across browsers and operating systems

Executed test cases, test suites, test scenarios to validate functionality of the applications;

Performed testing of new website and mobile application on iPhone and Android devices

Analyzed software failures and reported issues to Jira Bug Reporting System;

Testing Web, Android and iOS versions of the application on multiple devices.

Participated in regular project team meetings to discuss testing process, business requirements, and assignments with Managers, Team Leads, and Developers


Belorussian State Economic University - Minsk 1999-2004

M.S. in Economics

A1QA QA academy – courses of QA-Engineers

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