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Manager Project

Imperial, California, United States
August 17, 2018

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Education: El Paso Community College, 2000

Experience: Total Years’ Experience/Years with Firm: 18 / < 1 years


USACE Corps of Engineers - Quality Control Management Certification, 2010

OSHA – 30 Hour Safety Training

American Health Care Academy – First Aid, CPR/AED

EM 385-1-1 Hazard Recognition - 40 Hour

Heavy Equipment Operator

Class A CDL Truck Driver

Certified Welder


Mr. Luera is a seasoned Project Manager who has performed in the roles of Superintendent, Quality Control Manager and Site Safety Officer for Government agencies such as U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the National Guard. He has extensive Border Patrol experience including management of materials, deliveries and field crews for the installation and repair of border fences and gates.

Company: EW Corporation 09/16 – 04/18

Position: Project Manager

Mr. Luera was responsible for process documentation and metrics related to the practices involved in managing EW Fabrication projects. He managed over $27 million in project activities from award through project completion and final billing. He reported on project activities and schedule and budget to make sure project milestones were met. He was responsible for initiating or recommending corrective action to keep project on schedule. He supervised / performed quality control to monitor adherence to contract specifications. Mr. Luera tracked and monitored budgets, actual expenditures and forecasted future costs and revenues, as well as project overruns per project. He served as a primary source of information on all projects such as contract review, scope assessment, budget and billing, workflow planning, risk assessment and impact assumptions before the start of all projects.

Company: Cerrudo Services 05/10 – 06/16

Position: Project Manager / Foreman

Mr. Luera managed the El Centro Office working on Border Patrol projects, developing work plans and overseeing daily production schedule, as well as other various Government projects and bids. He was responsible for estimating costs for labor, material and equipment. He managed five crews totaling up to 25 employees performing construction and electrical tasks. These crews included: Fence/Welding Crew, Road and Bridge Crew, Drain and Grate Crew, Electrical Crew and Vegetation and Debris Crews. He was responsible for the daily reports, safety meetings and the safety reports for the company and employees, vehicle and equipment log sheets, and employee daily timesheets. Mr. Luera reported to the U.S. Border Patrol and F.F.M.E on the tactical maintenance crew on a daily basis. He communicated daily with the C.O.R. in charge on work performance and production. He researched heavy duty equipment and obtained pricing from vendors for Government clients to assist with finding the best suited equipment and purchasing options. He scheduled maintenance and maintained mileage log sheets of each assigned fleet of trucks for work crews. Mr. Luera tracked all receipts and invoices including credit card receipts for generating daily reports.

Project Name: Tucson Gap Fence Maintenance, Arizona

Project Owner: USACE/Border Fence Maintenance Dates Held: 3/12 – 9/12

Project Value: $1.5 million Position Held: Field Lead Tech

Description of Project: Mr. Luera was responsible for a variety of tasks associated with repairing fence breaches including checking breach reports, repairing breaches, reporting completed breaches and coordinating work with crew. He reported costs and expenditures to Management. He performed fence breach intake and developed response plans, reported response times, documented fence breach condition before and after repairs, communicated with Custom Border Patrol Stations and Sectors regarding site access, supervising laborer assistance and managing crew. He maintained the daily time sheets, which recorded daily work activities. He oversaw work activities for professionalism and safety and adherence to project specifications.

Project Name: K2-C 9 Gap Closure Project

Project Owner: USACE Dates Held: 2/11 – 10/11

Project Value: $9 to $12 million Position Held: Quality Control Manager / Asst. Supervisor

Description of Project: Mr. Luera was the Quality Control Manager and Assistant Super on the K2-C-9 Gap Closure project. He interpreted rebar plans and specifications and supervised rebar crew building rebar cages in adherence to specifications. He managed and performed Quality Control over subcontractors building the wooden forms around the rebar cages for the cement pour. He managed and assisted the welding crew with fence and gate location and installation. He performed Quality Control checking all gaps prior to final inspection by Army Corps of Engineers and Border Patrol Supervisors.

Project Name: Canyon 19 Project – Border Fence

Project Owner: National Guard Dates Held: 8/10 – 11/10

Project Value: $750k Position Held: Quality Control Manager

Description of Project: Mr. Luera was Quality Control Manager responsible for the Canyon 19 project including coordinating all truck deliveries and management of materials daily to perform fence breach repairs. He photographed fence breaches before and after repairs and completed documentation to be sent to Border Patrol. Mr. Luera performed fence breach repairs using various welding materials. He performed monthly maintenance of Access Gates to ensure they were in working condition.

Company: RMA Land Construction 04/05– 05/10

Position: Welder Fabricator- Border Fence Maintenance Crew

Mr. Luera coordinated management of materials daily to perform fence breach repairs. He photographed fence breaches before and after repairs and completed documentation to be sent to Border Patrol. Mr. Luera also performed fence breach repairs using various welding materials.

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