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Customer Service Part Time

Lake Mary, Florida, United States
August 17, 2018

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Hale M. Bryan

Res: 407-***-****)

OBJECTIVE: As a bright ambitious person, I enjoy working in a fast paced, highly motivating position where I can assist others while challenging and expanding my knowledge and understanding of the task at hand. As a potential employee, I would like to obtain a position as a team-player in a people-oriented organization where I can maximize my customer-service experience.



City Publications, Advertising, Assistant, Fall 2013 to Present (Part & Full Time):

-Duties include basic customer service skills.

-Other essential qualities involve gently talking to people, relating to them.

-Most clients are lacking the need for advertising until spring, meaning good communication is key.

-The main objective is always to set good appointments in order to earn a higher income.

-All clients B2B, and my area were the Maryland and Orlando divisions.

Wind River Marketing September 2016 –April, 2017

-Made at least 55- 85 calls per hour! –Always made quota

-Set Appointments for contracting with various departments B2B

-Any appointments had to be made with a decision maker

-The calls were strictly outbound.

Terraboost Media- July 2016-January, 2017 (Part Time-Seasonal):

-Made anywhere from 40-80 calls per hour

-Always made quota in appointment setting.

-Worked under a well-educated manager who taught me great tricks in the trade.

-Worked under five major super-market chains to push the product of billboard advertising.


-Set appointments primarily in optimization and web design

-Always setting appointments that would close and sit down with proper decision makers.

-Nearly tripled the amount of calls I was asked to make. Proper compensation required proper effort!

-The appointments were extremely beneficial in understanding SEO’s and optimization.

Simply Beautiful Flowers, Florist, Summer 2014 to Fall, 2015 (Part Time):

-Loading truck or vehicle with flowers.

-Accounting for all orders and making sure nothing is incorrect on the manifest sheet.

-List all merchandise and account for any issues.

-Report to all managers prior to delivery with approved signatures.

-Extra taping and security for potentially thousands of dollars in profit.

-Precisely, quickly, and of course carefully delivering all orders to their respected destinations.

Baltimore Disability Benefits Advocacy Project, Spring-Summer of 2015 (Seasonal):

-Duties as the Document Retrieval included data entry, driving, and a lot of customer service with hospitals.

-Main duties assigned would involve picking up or dropping off signatures from disabled individuals.

-General office work involved faxes or scanning items.

-Temporary position and was not meant to last more than a few months.

-Job was more directed at a solid paycheck and good experience for the future.

Linwoods Catering, Food Service, Fall 2014-Early Summer 2015:

-Basic serving at events, taking orders, having knowledge of wine, etc.

-Was solid, part time work, but not quite as consistent due to their highly requested events.

Lexus of Orlando, Customer Service, Spring 2012-2013:

-Worked primarily in the service department for customer service.

-Duties included dealing with customers, assisting in basic knowledge of automobiles.

-All work consisted of current customers in the service department. I would provide assistance in various areas of the dealership.

American Top Team Instructor, Desk Consultant, Major MMA/BJJ Gym in Orlando Spring 2010- 2013:

-Assisted in teaching classes, primarily the no-gi (Basic to intermediate levels).

-Competed in three World Championships under ATT’s Banner*

-Duties at front desk also reflected upon rest of the gym.

-Work could range from front desk, to cleaning, to training others.

Johns Hopkins University, Special Projects Intern, Spring 2009- 2010:

-Duties involved the online shop, primarily.

-Helped research and consult the Near-Eastern Studies Department in their decision to make an online museum shop.

-My final verdict ultimately decided, after months of research, the online museum shop should wait more than five years.

-Most online museum shops have not generated much success, leading to my decision.

-Moat duties in this position involved customer service and speaking patiently on the phone.

Pinewood Elementary, Student Mentor, Spring 2008:

-Duties involved assisting elementary school teaching.

-This involved aiding children in their abilities to read and comprehend basic stories.

-Most students were very violent and had serious I.E.P. backgrounds.

-The use of basic customer service and patience helped with making sure all children remained blissful and calm.

Loves and Fishes, Volunteer Fundraiser, Fall 2006-2008:

-Duties involved preparing food for the homeless.

-Many work days only involved going into the city to hand out food.

-Most work primarily revolved around feeding the homeless.

Bachelor of Arts, Art History, Rollins University, May 2012

24 Cultural Competences

GPA: Overall 3.0/4.0 Major:

Dean’s Scholarship 2007-2011

Honor Roll 2008-2009

Complete List of Schools Attended:

Business of Health Care: Carey School, JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY

Arts and Sciences: ROLLINS COLLEGE

Adjunct Courses at: UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, Baltimore City.

Complete List of Advertisements Worked For:

I have over five years of experience in appointment setting in approximately nine companies with various forms of telecommuting. With my great amount of experience, I can handle any phone career from appointment setting, to closing, to vacation packages, or even general customers service. I have a phenomenal record of setting quality appointments with sophisticated, decision makers. Here is a list of advertising formats I have worked with

-Web Design and Optimization (SEO)

-Direct Mail


-Online Formats



Television promoting.

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