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Manager Quality

Canton, Georgia, United States
August 16, 2018

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Seeking employment as an Analytical Chemist or R&D Chemist, where I can work efficiently, and diligently, ultimately becoming a beneficial member of the team. I have excellent communication skills, both verbally as well as in writing reports.


As a Research and Developmental Chemist, I bring to the table a vast knowledge of chemical analysis; coupled with the ability of working with a team in gathering, recording, and analyzing data with precision and accuracy. With my 20+ years of managerial experience and my attention to detail / quality control, I provide the team a seamless transition during the initial phase of onboarding and group development.


Directly responsible for synthesizing inorganic products which later approved for mass production, such as: Scotts Ortho, WM Barr, Glade, Zenex, Morton Salt, Central Life Sciences, and Perrigo.

Understands the EPA Regulations, regarding the active or intermediate oils, when formulating a product for production.

Worked alongside the senior chemist and was responsible for running assays and processing the analytical data for development of new products for fortune 500 Companies.

Ability to accurately calculate the head space for an aerosol product and fill the container using a beret safely to achieve the desired spray pattern and discharge level.

Able to analyze or design an aerosol product to improve its performance by selecting a valve, actuator, or propellant in combination to achieve the desired performance for the customer.

Experience in selecting the proper can for a various products, by understanding the pH and solvent properties, to ensure stability.

Able to select the right kind of propellant, either a hydrocarbon-propane, isobutane, butane, propellant or HFC’s like 134 or 152, compressed gases such as CO2 and nitrogen. While maintaining a low VOC or no VOC by using the new Honeywell propellant 1234.

Responsible for classifying the flammability of a product using the Closed Space Ignition Test (ESIT) - “Drum Test”, or for Canadian products utilizing the updated flame projection testing.

Proficient in working with chemistry analytical methodologies for Gas Chromatography (GC) and / or Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy.

Excellent with the Office Program, SAP, and Six Sigma.


- Analyzing mass spectral data - Assay of fermentation broths - Acid base chemistry

- Bacterial culture identification - Calorimetric assays - Titration methods

- UV/VIS Spectrometry - Agarose Gel Electrophoresis - Electrochemistry

- Nuclear Magnetic Resonance - Gas Chromatography Mass Spectroscopy


Served as the Quality Manager, which produced approximately 100K aerosol products daily.

Responsible for the quality of 8 Aerosol Lines, and directly managed 10 Quality Control employees.

Research & Developmental Chemist formulating EPA and non-EPA products.

Served honorably in the US Army for over 21 years, and awarded the Bronze Star (2x) in combat.

Served as the 1st Brigade Plans 10th Mountain Div., Non-Commissioned In Officer (NCOIC) in combat operations in Afghanistan, and Iraq.

oDirectly responsible for the synchronization of the senior staff of 45 personnel

oResponsible for gathering, preparing, and presenting quarterly and yearly briefings to the Brigade Commander (Colonel) and the Commanding General

oPivotal member in the briefing to, Senator Chuck Schumer from NY., in the brigade’s combat operations for 4,500 personnel while deployed to Iraq, 2006

Responsible for writing and implementing the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) on safety, for the brigade.


PLZ Aeroscience, Inc., R&D Chemist / QC Manager Sept. 2016 – Oct. 2017

Kennesaw State University, Student May 2010 – Jan. 2015

US Army Ranger (Airborne), Apr. 1986 – Jan. 2007


BS Degree in Chemistry, Forensic

Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw GA Dec. 2015

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