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Teacher of Physics, Math and Chemistry.

San Cristobal de La Laguna, Canary Islands, Spain
2.000 $
August 19, 2018

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Francisco M anuel L ópez H ernández

C/Magallanes, 1 2, 1 o i zda.

Taco, S an C ristóbal d e L a L aguna

Santa C ruz d e T enerife, 3 8108.

Canary I slands, S pain

*** * ** * ** - 9 22 0 30 7 97


I l ook f orward t o f inding a p rofession w hich p ermits m e t o m ake u se o f t he k nowledge a nd t he s kills I have g ained d uring m y w orking c areer a nd h elps m e t o k eep g rowing p ersonally a nd p rofessionally. Work E xperience

October 2 015 t o p resent Centro d e E studios T aco, S an C ristóbal d e L a L aguna Teacher o f M athematic, P hysics, C hemistry a nd B iology f or S econdary a nd U ndergraduate E ducation. January 2 015 t o p resent. Department o f D efence o f S pain, S anta C ruz d e T enerife Teacher o f P hysics

July 2 013 t o A ugust 2 013 JDoble A cademy, S anta C ruz d e T enerife Math T eacher

September 2 012 t o p resent. Appen B utler H ill, I nc; N SW, A ustralia Freelance S panish a nd E nglish T ranscriber; W eb S earch E valuator. May 2 012 t o S eptember 2 012 Fibonacci A cademy, L os R ealejos, T enerife Higher E ducation T utor o n S ciences.

October 2 011 t o p resent. Lionbridge G lobal S ourcing S olutions, I nc. Freelance A ssessor o n W eb S earch R esults; S panish a nd E nglish T ranslator. October 2 011 t o S eptember 2 017. Adecco O utsourcing, S anta C ruz d e T enerife Sciences L ecturer i n M useo d e l a C iencia y e l C osmos ( La L aguna, T enerife). October 2 010 t o J uly 2 013 Educa'n C asa A cademy, S anta C ruz d e T enerife Home T utor o n M athematics, P hysics a nd C hemistry. August 2 004 t o D ecember 2 004 Ecometría, S anta C ruz d e T enerife Technical S pecialist i n B athymetry.

● Acquisition a nd p rocessing o f b athymetric d ata u sing m ultibeam e cho s ounder o n b oard s hip E .EVA Academics

July 2 012 Fundación C anaria E mpresa U LL

Social M edia M anagement a nd S earch E ngine O ptimization. ( 5 h ours) February 2 012 ULL L anguages S ervice

B2 A ccreditation i n E nglish, a ccording t o C EFR. September 2 011 t o O ctober 2 011 Fundación C anaria E mpresa U LL Diploma o f I nnovation A gent ( 60 h ours).

September 1 994 t o J une 1 999 Faculty o f P hysics, U niversity o f L a L aguna Degree i n P hysics.

● Specialization o n A pplied P hysics.

Languages a nd O ther S kills.

Spanish: N ative L evel.

English: B ilingual.

Esperanto: B asic l evel o n w riting a nd s peaking.

Microsoft W indows V ista / 7 / 1 0; G oogle A ndroid.

Microsoft O ffice W ord a nd E xcel 2 007/2010.

Apache O penOffice W riter a nd C alc.

Internet: M icrosoft E xplorer, M ozilla F irefox, G oogle C hrome, O pera, T or B rowser.

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