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Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
August 19, 2018

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Motivational letter from Martha Warren

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Martha Warren, I am 27 years old and currently employed with Mann Made Media Johannesburg as a Project Manager / Activations Producer. As this is a very small company, I have been responsible for a broad scope of work which has enabled me to develop a vast number of skills and on-site experience in the industry. These include project managing events/activations for various clients according to their given budget and special requirements. The events/activations vary from in-store promotions, field activations, family days and conferences. I have been involved in both the planning and executing side, which I believe has given me a strong advantage of self-management, thinking on my feet, as well as showcasing my social and peoples’ skills with the delegates. I have also stepped into a role of being Logistics Manager for a large Summit our company hosted, with managing the international guests. Throughout my career thus far, I have exhibited strong interpersonal and leadership skills. These skills have allowed me to confidently, lead, learn and drive success in various environments. I have a passion for challenges, creative problem solving, socializing as well as constantly learning new things and developing new skills. I am a hard worker who is self- motivated, goal-driven, and forward-thinking. Above all, I choose nothing else but to constantly think and remain positive. Being a very driven person, I see myself in a company where I can continue to broaden my skills, as well as my knowledge of the industry, while having the opportunity to expand my career. I believe in developing and learning various skills, but more so, mastering that one skill, that the company will forever be in need of and not many can easily do. In my studies, I have acquired numerous skills and knowledge in the fields of Marketing, Economics, Financial Management, Strategic Marketing Management, PR, Communications, Branding, Consumer Behaviour and Business Management among various others.

It has provided me with solid knowledge on the background of marketing strategies and development, marketing research, marketing segmentation, target positioning, public relations, as well as the psychology behind consumer behavior to name a few. I know I am more that capable of implementing the theory and adding creative value once I am offered the opportunity to do so.

If you would employ me I can guarantee an incredible work ethic and on-going drive to add value to the company. I am a person that thrives to achieve at any given challenge and I willing to put in the extra hours where needed to ensure I deliver my absolute best work.

Although I am not yet fully degreed, I believe I will be a great asset to any company as I know that I am a fast learner, extremely hard working, goal driven and highly motivated to be successful in my career and in my life. Please view my CV below.

Kind regards,

Martha Warren

CV of Martha Warren

Personal details

Surname: Warren

First name: Martha

Date of birth: 26 September 1990

Nationality: South African Citizen

Ethnicity: Black

Home Language: English

Other languages: Afrikaans (60%)

Drivers License: Code B

Own Car: Yes

Contact details: 061-***-****


Educational background

Tertiary: IMM (Graduate School of Marketing)

Year: 2016 - Present

Course: Bachelor of Business Administration in

Marketing Management (Degree)

High School attended: Jeppe High School for Girls

Highest grade passed: Grade 12 with exemption

Year: 2004-2008

Subjects: English, Afrikaans, Biology, Accounting, Mathematics, Consumer studies, Life-orientation

Employment history

Company: Mann Made Media

Position held: Project Manager/ Activations Producer Year: Oct 2016 – Present

Main Duties:

• Planning events and activations from start to end

• Budgets (Max 2Mill)

• Recons

• Taking in briefs

• Occasional Client Service

• Preparing agendas and taking minutes

• Raising purchase orders and following up on invoices from the suppliers

• Coordinating Additional Services by managing all the additional requests from client and facilitating costing and sign off with client

• Doing general research for events department

• Ensuring that the safety files for each event has all relevant documentation before the start of show

• Logistics for guest travels

Company: Dalani Marketing

Position held: Junior Events Coordinator / Project manager Year: May 2014 – Oct 2016

Main Duties:

• Managing events from production to end phase

• Hostess at various high-level events

• Traveling with HP staff and their clients

• Logistics for travels

• Doing general research for events department

• Client Service

• Preparing post-event reports

• Managing RSVP

Company: Primedia Broadcasting

Position held: Receptionist (ongoing temp)

Year: March 2014 – Jan 2015

Main Duties:

• Answering phone calls at switchboard

• Liaising with various guests (Local and International Celebrities)

• Taking messages and notifying the relevant people Company: Wealth and Investment Clients

Position held: Receptionist (ongoing temp)

Year: December 2013 – April 2014

Main Duties:

• Answering phone calls at switchboard

• Liaising with various guests (High level Private Clients)

• Taking messages and notifying the relevant people

• Organising meetings

Company: Studentwise

Position held: Promoter

Year: March 2010 – July 2012

Main Duties:

• Selling various products in stores

• Hostess at various functions

• Working on roadshows

• Attending briefing sessions

Company: Global Brands

Position held: Sales lady

Year: 2009

Main Duties:

• Selling leading brands of shoes

Skills and Personal Attributes

-Honest, loyal and trustworthy -Team Player and easy communicator

-Able to cope under pressure -Self-motivated

-High attention to detail -Analytical personality

-Excellent organizational skills, verbal and written communication skills as well as personal skills

-Hardworking -Confident and fast learner

-Persistent and eager to learn -Analytical thinker

-Peoples person

Computer skills/Skills: Microsoft (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, Outlook and Project). Adobe Photoshop. Budgets. Previous work experience

My first job was working in a retail shoe store, selling shoes and made extremely good sales for that period, with it being my first job with no experience. I have been a promoter/brand ambassador and have had my fair share of in-store promotions, various mall activations, trade shows, marketing various brands and selling products. I have worked as a hostess at events such as Aerosure, Nutrition and Financial events, FutureEd Expo, Spar exhibitions, Annual Oprah tea party and Johnnie Walker, to name a few. I have also worked at the MamaMagic baby expo as a market researcher and was given a target each day, and I had over exceeded the required daily target for the full four days. I have worked as a receptionist at quite a few places, handling quite a number of calls as well as liaising with high end clients. I have worked on many corporate events with Dalani Marketing, in South Africa (all around), Zambia, Botswana, Kenya, Angola, Morocco and Zimbabwe, with clients such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HP, Tarsus Technologies, Tibco and Fujitsu. I also offer a service to visitors and residents in Johannesburg, from business executives, to people looking to celebrate their birthday, to a random night out, offering venues to enjoy a fun night out and help arrange it for them. I now work for a Media and Events company which has allowed me to learn a bit more on a larger scale. I have worked on a few campaigns for South African Breweries, Absa, and the first ever Singularity University South Africa Summit. I headed up the Logistics in SA for the Summit, and this did not only challenge me in such a role, but I excelled at it and received endless praises with the excellent job I did. It pushed me up a level in my personal growth and work wise as whole. I have now learned how to do basic budgets and still learning to manage the larger budgets. I have worked extensively on the creative side of pitches for large brands and events and had been more involved on the operations side of the business too. I am so hungry to learn and explore so much, in South Africa and worldwide. References

Company: Mann Made

Name: Shelley

Position: HR

Contact details: 011-***-****

Company: Dalani Marketing

Name: Liz/Corine

Position: Co-owners

Contact details: 011-***-****

Company: Primedia Broadcasting

Name: Tebogo

Position: Head receptionist

Contact details: 011-***-****

Company: Wealth and Investment Clients

Name: Valarie

Position: Manager

Contact details: 011-***-****

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