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Boston, Massachusetts, United States
August 18, 2018

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Resume Shaochun Zhu

Shaochun Zhu

** ****** ***** **** ***: 857-***-**** (C)

Bedford, Mass 01730 e-mail:


Master of Public Health (MPH) concentrated in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. 16 years of professional experience in biostatistic and epidemiological researches in Drug Safety, Pay for Performance (P4P), Quality Measurements, payment and economics in healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

Commercial level programming in SAS, SQL and big data HDFS (Hadoop); working experience in MicroStrategy and Spotfire for data presenting. US healthcare database: Medicare SAF, MedPar LDS, BPCI Episode of Care data, CJR Quarterly Date with reconciliation, Medicaid administration data, commercial claim data from health insurance and providers, claim data with pharmacy dispensing from major data vendors (Truven, Optum), US census and world bank global population data, MEPS, NHANES and other survey or registrar data (CLIPPER). 7 years experience in project management and coordination of clinic trials and genetic studies in mental disorders with international collaboration. Recognized as a project manager and team leader who works in interdisciplinary team settings, excellent written and oral communication skills, highly self-motivated, analytical and quantitative, hard working and enthusiastic.


Boston University School of Public Health, Boston, MA 1999-2002 MPH (Master of Public Health, concentration in Biostatistics and Epidemiology) Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA 1992-1993

Research Fellow in Department of Social Medicine

Xiang-ya School of Medicine, Central South University, Changsha, China 1986-1988 Residency and licensed in Psychiatry at Institute of Mental Health Tongji Medical University, Wuhan, China 1981-1986

M.D. (Chinese National Board Certificate)

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Resume Shaochun Zhu


nThrive (MedAssets LLC), Bedford, MA 10/2010-present Director of Technical Solution

CMMI Bundle Payment models: importing Medicare Standard Analytic Files (SAF and monthly/ quarterly released ECO data) of participating clients from CMS portal, convert to SAS to create up to 48 (MS-DRG) Episode of Care bundle payments, deliver the analytic report on web base MicroStrategy; create CJR payments for clients, build CJR LIVE for active commercial clients; VBR (Value based re-imbursement) products for providers and payers; Harvard Pilgrim, Boston, MA 12/2009-2010

Lead Analyst

Projects: H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccine safety (PRISM, funded by CDC). Responsibilities: Write standard programs for participated health plans to make aggregated data for analyses, generate weekly summarization report for the leadership.

MassPro, Waltham, MA 04/2008-11/2009

Lead SAS programmer

Projects: Pay for Performance (P4P, funded by MassHealth), Evidence-Informed Case Rate

(ECR, Prometheus program). Responsibilities: Write SPEC document (analytic steps and statistic procedures) for programmers, develop data schema for data submission portal, import data from various database sources into SAS format, validate data quality, create national (CMS) and MassHealth quality measurements, create commercial standard user friendly SAS codes package for Episodes payments, create tables for deliverable reports; supervise and support project team with advanced techniques and standardized efficient codes. Optum, United Healthcare, Waltham, MA 02/2004-04/2008 Senior Analyst (Epidemiologist III)

i3 Drug Safety, Ingenix, Inc.

Participate in preparation of feasibility proposal for Drug Safety and Outcome study, design study and make analytic plan based on the requirements from the clients from pharmaceutical and medical industries. Conduct analyses, include remote extraction of Sybase and/or SQL tables, using SAS (connector or batch) for data manipulation, member enrollment continuation verification, index date selection, baseline characteristic definition, study cohort identification by using diagnoses(ICD), procedure (CPT4) or prescriptions (HICL, NDC or ther_spec) in medical or pharmacy claim data, building comparator groups include general population. Matching groups by propensity score, finding outcomes occurred in the follow-up period, confirming the outcomes with medical professionals by reviewing claim profile, submitting NDI search, sending request for extraction of medical for charts. With the confirmed outcomes, conducting intention_to_treat and time_on_drug analyses, run statistical procedures. Create report include descriptions and interpretations of results, graphs and tables for clients. Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA 06/1999-12/2007 Page 2 of 5

Resume Shaochun Zhu

Clinic Instructor and Project Coordinator

Department of Psychiatry, BIDMC/Mass Mental Health Center The primary responsibilities and accomplishments are: 1. Conduct multiple clinical research projects funded by NIH and private company. Manage and instruct collaborative studies between international institutes and research sites; 2. Analyze clinic data, pedigree information and genome scan (10cM) data, to identifying genomic regions that may harbor loci conferring susceptibility to schizophrenia, heroin dependence for genetic linkage studies; using random regression model (RRM) and SAS procedures (include macros) to evaluate the atypical anti-psychotic drug effects on subject’s negative symptoms, neuropsychological performance and social function. 3. Submit research protocols, regulatory documents and research subject recruitment materials including advertisements and inform consent forms for IRB review. 4. Select and evaluate research sites, interact with site investigators, monitor subject eligibility and safety, data consistency.

5. Provide on site training programs for local Investigator in Genetic Study Interview Schedules (DIGS), pedigree identification and selection criteria, clinic data and genetic materials collection, neuropsychological scales (memory, cognition and social function), Quality of Life, psychiatric scales (SANS [Scale for the Assessment of Negative Symptoms], Hamilton Depression, GAF [Global Assessment Functioning Scale], SCL-90), epidemiological procedures and statistical techniques. 6. Train local investigators in international regulations in terms of administration of clinical study such as US DHHS OHRP regulation on human subject protection; subject recruiting procedures; foreign government regulations on clinic trials and human genetic resources.

7. Analyses of clinical trial data for reporting to clients and publication. VA Medical Center, Bedford, MA 02/2002-02/2004

Senior Statistician

Center for Health Outcome, Quality and Economics Research Using federal VA health care data, include in and out-patient claims, pharmacy data, cost variables and VA economic data to conduct economic research and analyze the effects of health policies on VA health care. Major study projects include evaluating the impact of Millennium Act on VA extended care, such as the trends in numbers of unique patients and utilizations; costs analysis of clinic treatment modalities of chronic neuro-degeneration diseases and mental disorders; utilization of specific cares and their implications on VA health care. These analyses utilized VA administration data, Medicare/Medicaid claims database, ARF (Area Resource File) and national general population census data to develop economic models by using SAS, STATA and SUDDAN software.

Boston University School of Public Health, Boston, MA 02/2001-02/2002 Healthcare Analyst/Senior Scientist

Department of Health Services

Analyze health care data and Medicare claims database to study physician and patient’s behavior on drug prescriptions; cost analyses of specific diagnoses and cares. Primary duties and Page 3 of 5

Resume Shaochun Zhu

responsibilities: using SAS manipulate VA health care data and Medicare data to generate economic models; present summarized results and draft abstract for national meetings. BioTransplant, Inc, Charlestown, MA 1997-1999

Associate Scientist

Conduct gene therapy aimed in inducing recipient’s immune tolerance. Primary duties and responsibilities: prepare hematopoietic stem cell (CD34+) from bone marrow, transduction with recombinant retrovirus at high efficiency, localization of expressed protein, in vitro and in vivo assay of protein’s function.

Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA 1993-1997

Research Associate

Department of Medicine

Studies on molecular biology of novel genes that preferentially expressed in the hematopoietic cells.

Xiang-ya School of Medicine, Changsha, China 1988-1992 Lecturer of Psychiatry

Primary duties and responsibilities: teach psychiatry for medical students of Xiang-ya School of Medicine.

Attending Psychiatrist

Primary duties and responsibilities: train new residents and treat in and out patients. PUBLICATIONS


1. Shaochun Zhu and Derson Young: Patterns of Help-seeking Behavior in Rural and Urban Hunan, China, Journal of Chinese Behavioral Medicine, 01(1), 32-35, 1992 2. Shaochun Zhu, J. Guillemot, C.Adra* and Bing Lim*: LAPTM5: A Novel Lysosomal- Associated Multispanning Membrane Protein Preferentially Expressed in Hematopoietic Cells. Genomics, 35 (2), 328-337, July 15, 1996 *corresponding authors 3. C. Adra, J. Ko, Shaochun Zhu, and Bing Lim: RhoGDI-gamma: A GDI for CDC42 and RhoA with Preferential Expression in Brain and Pancreas, PNAS 94: 4279-4284, 1997 4. P. Banerjee, G.C. Kaynor, Shaochun Zhu, David Sachs and Christian LeGuern: A Polycistronic Retrovirus Vector for Expression of Swine MHC class II DR-alpha & beta Heterodimers. Xenotransplantation, 4:161-173, 1997 5. Shaochun Zhu, John Gardner, William West and Ann Hendricks: Do Enrollees Come to VA Page 4 of 5

Resume Shaochun Zhu

Primarily for Pharmacy? Department of Veterans Affairs, Health Services Research & Development Service, Annual Meeting, February 2002, Washington DC. 6. Lynn Wolfsfeld, Shao Zhu and Ann Hendricks: VA Utilization and Costs for Long Term Care Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease, Department of Veterans Affairs, Health Services Research & Development Service, Annual Meeting, February 2003 Washington DC. 7. A. Hendricks, J. Gardener and Shao Zhu: VA Long-term Care under Millennium Bill, in review.

8. Zavras, AI and Zhu S: Bisphosphonates are associated with increased risk for jaw surgery in medical claims data: Is it osteonecrosis? J Oral Maxillofacial Surgey, 64(6) 917-23; June 2006

9. S. Schneeweiss, M. Doherty, S. Zhu and J. Seeger: Topical Treatments for Atopic Dermatitis and Comparative Risk of Lymphoma, Dermatology, 2009; 219(1): 7-21. 10. F. Xie, I Strombom, B. Turnbull, S. Zhu and J. Seeger: Duloxetine for Depression and the Incidence of Hepatic Events in Adults, J of Clinical Psychopharmacology, submitted 01/2010. Books/Chapters:

Textbook of Psychiatry: Lingjiang Li, editor-in-chief. Chapter 13: Psychotherapies; Chapter 14: Rehabilitation and Community Prevention of Mental Disorders. ISBN: 704*******, China Higher Education Press, 2003

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