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Nurse Practitioner Registered

Kilgore, Texas, United States
August 18, 2018

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Curriculum Vitae

Angela Drake, RN, MSN, FNP-C


Current Title: Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

Goal: To obtain a position as a nurse practitioner in an ER, free standing ER or an urgent care setting. I desire a full-time and permanent position but I am also open to a temporary position that may in the future provide the possibility of full time employment in the future.

FNP (Student) Clinical Experience:

• Anne Moseman, NP-C (08/2011 & 01/2012; primary care)

• M.N. Almouie, M.D. (01/2012; pediatrics)

• Heather Kostoff, NP-C (08/2012 & 01/2013; Primary Care)

• Kathleen Bailey, M.D. (08/2012; OB/GYN)

• Brian Rich, M.D. (01/2013; Emergency Medicine)

• Dan Wagner, M.D. (01/2013; Emergency Medicine)

A sample of my skill set which was obtained working ER and urgent care: Evaluating, diagnosing and treating patients as appropriate based on the physical exam and diagnostic testing (labs, EKG, US, CT, out-patient MRI and/or x-rays) as needed. Interpretation of x-rays (skeletal, abdomen, lungs). Procedures carried out as needed: laceration repair (suturing, steri-strips, derma bond), I&D, cyst management (drainage), skin tag removals, reduction of dislocated joints or fractures, animal bite management, foreign body removal (skin, eye, ear and nose; fishhook removal). Female exams (pap smears/STD’S/foreign body removal) and eval and management of OB abnormalities/complications including deliveries of preterm infants. Bartholin’s cyst with Word catheter placement), Male issues: prostate, torsion, epididymitis, orchitis, balanitis, phimosis/paraphimosis, STDs. Toenail removals/wedge resections/ingrown toenails, and initial psych crisis management including the initiation of psych meds when necessary with follow-up depending on setting. Initiation of diabetes management/diagnosis. Management of hyperlipidemia, hypertension, gout and other chronic/long term conditions/comorbidities. Management of airway diseases and exacerbations. Recognition of life threatening conditions: stroke, MIs, respiratory distress, etc. Pediatric urgent/emergent conditions such as reactive airway disease and intussusception and the common illnesses such as strep throat, OM/OE, viral exanthems. Skin conditions such as Lyme’s disease and shingles for example. This list is far from complete as the settings I have worked at have presented me with such a wide array of conditions and complications making me a well-rounded provider. I am eager to continue to expand on my skill set and exposure to conditions that makes me a stronger provider.

Employment as a Nurse Practitioner:

Staff Care (May 2018 to Current)

Harris County Jail (May 2018 – August 2018)

Alumni Staffing (February 2018 – Current): Ortega Medical Clinic (Peds)

Mint Staffing; performing school sports physicals on site (March 2018)

Team Health for Memorial Hermann (Summer Creek Free Standing ER & Northeast Memorial Hermann ER) (May 2016 - January 2018)

Emcare for the Corpus Christi Spohn System serving the greater Corpus Christi area (December 2014 - April 2017)

• TLC Complete Care Free Standing ER (December 2014-current) • TLC Urgent Care (July 2013 - current)

Employment as an RN:

All Needs Healthcare Services, LLC (ICU) (June 2012 - April 2013)

Bay Area Hospital (ICU) (June 2010-September 2012)

Methodist Hospital (CICU) (September 2009 - June 2010)

Professional Licensers and Certifications:

Registered Nurse-Advanced Practice w/ prescriptive authority, Texas: Lic #775413; APRN LIC NO. AP123854; Exp. 12/31/2019

AANP Cert #: F0613467; June 12, 2013 to June 11, 2023

DPS, NPI and DEA are all available upon request

ACLS & BLS certifications; Exp: 03/07/20

PALS certification; Exp 09/21/2018

ATLS certification; Exp 11/09/2018

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