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Buffalo, New York, United States
August 18, 2018

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Abdur Rouf

Phone :347-***-**** email:


My goal is to become associated with a company where I can utilize my skills and gain further experience while enhancing the company’s productivity and reputation.


2004 to 2018

Information technology Consultants limited

Last position at service : Senior Executive Vice President

260/B Tejgoan Industrial area (3rd floor)

Dhaka, Bangladesh.

•Plan, Implement & Maintain overall IT infrastructure (hardware) for the Bank

•Make procurement, Installation, repair and Maintained of all related hardware IT Division of the Bank.

•Make new project plans in line with Bank's future growth and expansion.

•Maintain proper inventory of assets by inventory management Software. (IMS)

•Procurement installation/ configuration, patch loading, upgrade of operating systems, its troubleshooting and other related software of Server/Client. Computer/Printer/UPS / DVR etc. in order to reduce service call.

•Ensuring the number of hardware present in the branch/HO Divisions and those in the IMS are same (hardware audit)

•Preparation of specification of hardware being handle by this unit procurement.

•To dispose of damaged items occasionally taking proper approval from the authority.

•Warranty claim to the defective items from the vendors.

•Troubleshooting (On site & remote) support to Branches and divisions.

•Troubleshooting (On site & remote) support to Branches and divisions.

•Ensuring proper Hardware inventory of all new items.

Network Communication

•Choose the right service provider to ensure reliable communication link for ATM/branch network.

•Keep well relationship and timely communication with different external vendor and service providers.

•Communication with vendors help desk for quick resolution of a failed link.

•Ensuring adequate network security through implementing security solution in the router.

•Proper documentation of every procedure/ troubleshooting technique.

•To ensure un-interrupted communication (Branch, H/O, ATM/DC /DRS)

•Planning designing and implementing of the communication infrastructure of the bank including IP planning.

•Ensuring adequate network security through implementing security solutions.

•Proper functional documentation and troubleshooting technique of every network product.

•Preparation of MIS report that contains performance information of all

IT Security Management:

•Proper IT security policy for the bank.

•Ensure IT security in all aspects.

•Ensure complains to vendor’s international standards and regulatory bodies.

•Execute and maintain Service Level Agreement (SLA) with all the software vendor for maintenance of services and licensing.

•Ensure proper Antivirus for all the systems, update regularly and troubleshooting of virus affected PCs.

•Ensure Insurance of all IT equipment.

•Ensure domain login and required user permission.

•Plan for training session, Courses, seminars, workshops and other similar types of programs to be conducted at data center for branches, divisions, clients, service providers, vendor etc.

•Procurement, installation, configuration and troubleshooting of VPN server, proxy server, DVR system and Access control system.

•Managing Access Control to all Application Software.

•Managing VPN Access control of outside users.

•Core Banking System (CBS) user maintenance and keeping records of all applications user privilege

•Keeping records of all root passwords (OS, DB, Application) in the vault.

•ICT Policy update time to time.

•Conducting security awareness programs.

•Liaison with Bangladesh Bank Audit Team.

•Selection, procurement and implementation of online security solution.

IT Audit

•Prepare audit scopes, reported findings presented recommendation and coordinate with various department to create remediation plans for deficiencies found during audit.

•Perform risk assessment, general controls oversight and review to ensure compliance with Bangladesh Bank ICT Guideline V2.0 and Bank internal ICT security policy.

•Development and update internal IT audit guidelines.

•Analysis and recommendation for the ICT Security policy update and modification followed by ISO27001.

•Periodically visit key IT installation in the data center/disaster recovery site, branches and head office.

•Conduct IT audit periodically to ensure the compliance.

•Delivery Channel Management

• Procure, setup and maintain ATM and POS services Supervise all activities of ATM setup and installation Supervision and providing training cash loading into ATM.

•Monitor ATM setup including cash position, ATM faults etc.

•Visit ATM booth on regular basis and ensure proper maintenance of booth.

•Setup and maintain card related services.

•Procurement, installation, configuration troubleshooting and maintenance of Mobile banking/SMS banking software.

•Installation, configuration, troubleshooting and maintenance of remittance Processing software.

•Installation, configuration, troubleshooting and maintenance of call center software.

•Installation, configuration, troubleshooting and maintenance of ATM switching software.

•Procurement, Installation, configuration, troubleshooting and maintenance of PBM software, image capturing software/scanner/HSM any other related hardware etc.

•CBS Management

Implement core banking solution for the Bank

•Ensure the core banking software (CBS) are running properly.

•Prepare various user manuals.

•Documentation of all business processes.

•Implementation of new business process.

•Introduction of new products/modification of existing products.

•Preparation of change request form for any change in CBS duly sign by proper authority.

•Coordination with the business team to implement any new system or modification of an existing system of CBS.

•Technical documentation of any business processes that will be implemented in the live system.

•Implementation of new business processes/modification of any existing business process in the live system after testing it in the test server.

•New product development/change of existing product should be done in development server.

•Release upgrade/patch loading in the CBS server

•End of day, Month of End, Half-year End & yearend process management


Operating System

Windows XP to Windows 10,

MS office (95 to 365) : Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Paint

Network Tools

TCP, IP, FTP, Telnet

CISC0 : CCNA 640-801


Masters of Commerce



Bangladesh National University

Vendor certification:

Wincore Nixdrof ATM : Hardware maintains & trouble shooting.

:Probase & ProNDC Installation & configuration.

ATM Model : 1500XE, 280 XE, 280 N, 285,2100,2100xe

CCNA : course & certification Done.

ITIL : Course & certification

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