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Technician Power

San Jose, California, United States
August 18, 2018

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San Jose, CA *****

(669) 213 - 9361


A challenging and growth oriented position as RF Technician.


Over 9 years experience tuning, aligning, troubleshooting and testing RF microwave modules and systems.

Digital and analog testing knowledge.

Electronics and electrical assembly skills: knowledge of using hand tools, microscope, powers cope, basic soldering skills, west bond, ball bond, welding and reading schematic.

Ability to perform failure analyses and provide recommendations for corrective actions.

Knowledge of MS Office applications (Excel, Word, Outlook).


02/2017- 07/2018 Comet Technologies San Jose, CA

RF Technician

Calibration and testing of RF matching networks, subsystems and components with high power more than 1000 Watt.

Using test equipments (e.g. power meter, DC power supply, Signal generator, network analyzer).

Set up and calibration RF test benches and Network Analyzers.

12/2014- 05/2016 Space System Loral Palo Alto, CA

RF Technician

Set up, adjust, and calibrate standard and complex test apparatus or devices, test equipment to conduct, functional, operational environmental and life tests to evaluate performance reliability of prototype and/or production model satellites per the applicable test procedure.

Perform detailed RF test measurements such as gain transfer, frequency response, spurious search, noise figure, modulation index, insertion loss, return loss using manual and automated test racks.

Performing measurement RS, RE on the Space Craft.

Understand the operation of various types of test equipment such as DC Power Supply, HP Power Meter, Synthesize Sweeper, Series Noise Figure Analyzer, Network Analyzer, and Spectrum Analyzer.

Determine method and sequence of operations to test complex components and systems in conformance with published test procedures.

Analyze and interpret electrical and RF test data. Provide diagnostic malfunction and offer test result feedback to vehicle and system engineers.

09/2010- 09/2014 Cobham Defense Electronics San Jose, CA

RF Microwave Technician

Tuning and testing various types of modules

Performing Turn on DC and alignment on modules circuit thin film.

Using test equipments (e.g. Volt Meter, DC Power Supply, HP Power Meter, Synthesize Sweeper, Series Noise Figure Analyzer, Network Analyzer, Oscilloscope, and Spectrum Analyzer).

Perform hand soldering, welding and bonding.

Test Read, Record data at Hot/Cold temperature.

Tuning and testing modules for Gain, Noise Figure, VSWR, Spur and Gain Flatness.

07/2009-09/2010 Microsemi (RF Integrated Solutions) Santa Clara, CA

RF Microwave Technician

Set-up, Calibration and alignment using through for Pin.

Performing tuning Bipolar Transistor, testing, qualifying, troubleshooting of RF microwave equipment according to block diagrams, schematics and specifications using test equipment (e.g. Volt Meter, Power Meter, Boonton peek, power Analyzer, Boonton power Meter, Pulse Patten – signal Generator, TWTA Amplifier, Series Noise Figure Analyzer, Network Analyzer, Oscilloscope, and Spectrum Analyzer, DC Power Supply)

Tuning gain, return loss, Spur, Harmonic, Phase etc. of Bipolar Transistors L-Band

( Power output from 200 Watt to 1000 Watt ) and S- Band ( Power output from 100Watt to 400 Watt).

Manual testing VSWR-S and VSWR-T.

Testing high temp. and low temp. Bipolar Transistors.

Testing and record data RF Bipolar Transistors.

08/2007-12/2008 Catalyst Semiconductor Santa Clara, CA

Wafer Sort Operator

Set up Versatest, TMT testers and probers.

Experienced with system wiring cables, sort test, installation, programing robot handler, and troubleshooting the system.

Experienced in testing digital and analog dice.

Wafer sort management.

04/2005-07/2007 Excelics Semiconductor Sunnyvale, CA

RF Microwave Technician

Tuning and testing Transceiver- Receiver system, qualifying and troubleshooting of RF microwave equipment according to diagrams, schematics and specifications.

Using test equipment (e.g. power meter, series noise figure analyzer, scalar analyzer, oscilloscope, and spectrum analyzer).

Set up and calibrate test stations.

Perform hand soldering, welding and bonding.

Set up and work on VSWR, insertion loss, SSG, PA, LNA, LO, DR Frequency range from 6 GHZ to 38 GHZ

Tuning Gain Flatness, Noise Figure, IMD, 2nd Harmonic and Spur.


B.S Degree in International Business, Viet Nam, 1999.

US Security Clearance.

Certified Phlebotomy Technician 1 State of California.

Attending at Evergreen College, San Jose CA.


Available upon request

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