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Oracle Manager

Sunnyvale, California, United States
August 16, 2018

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Sr.Oracle database administrator


Cell - 512-***-****


A seasoned professional with 12 years of experience as an Oracle DBA and 5 years of experience in Golden gate, MongoDB, MySQL and MS-SQL server

Professional Summary:

Oracle DB Expertise:

Worked proactively and gave 24/7 on-call production support and Weekend support for maintenance and server level patching.

Handful of experience in Oracle Installations, Upgrades, Patches, Critical Patch Updates in various environment ranging from 9i/10g/11g/12c.

Expertise with Oracle 12c installation on cloud base system like AWS and google cloud

Experience with Various OS monitoring utility such as Top, sar, topas, glance, vmstat, iostat etc.

Expertise configuration and troubleshooting of like Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 13c,12c

Have good experience in migrating data from RHEL Linux, AIX, Solaris, HP-Unix.

Extensively worked on large scale database configuration, upgrades, complex migrations and cloning.

Developed both database and OS-level security policies for data protection and having good experience in Working with SOX, auditing, TDE and SSL.

Expert knowledge in Oracle backup and recovery using RMAN,hot backup,Flashback, Data pump and DD-Boost.

System administration, Oracle Problem analysis & resolution between servers.

Knowledge of various storage solutions (SAN, NAS).

Database refresh from production to QA, development and testing environments.

Experience in SQLTuning, SQL Optimization, cost based optimization and Hints.

Good analytical and problem solving skills with ability to work independently and in a team environment.

Written many shell scripts using python to Monitor and Maintain DBA task.

Experience with 12c Multitenant database, CDB and PDB administration on VMware and PowerVM.

Excellent SQL development and tuning skills to generate complex queries

Experience with infrastructure components including operating system, storage, network, hardware, virtual machines

Diagnosing database performance issues by analyzing Oracle trace and log files, AWR, ADDM, SQL statements, measuring system and database activity. Querying Oracle dynamic performance views.

Proficient in performance tuning, database optimization using Explain Plan, STATSPACK,SQL_TRACE,TKPROF.

Performance Management, Partitioning of large table for better performance.

Extensive experience of designing schemas for OLTP & OLAP databases, managing Critical Oracle Databases.

Excellent Project management, communication and interpersonal skills.

Experience with ERP systems, Amazon Web Services (Redshift, S3)

Goldengate-Streams Expertise:

• Experience of Oracle Golden Gate 12.2,11.2 installation, configuration and troubleshooting Extract and Replica issues.

Extensive experience in configuring unidirectional and bidirectional replication in Golden gate and streams

Experienced in tuning GG to handle large volumes of data for high transaction tables

Skilled in migrating databases using GG and RMAN in 4 node RAC db's

Experience in building GG Macros to handle custom GG code to handle Time Stamp data

Proficient in Upgrading Oracle golden gate version 11.2 to version 12.2

Expertise in troubleshooting Goldengate errors using logdump, CDR and Handle collision.

DR and RAC Expertise:

Extensive experience in configuring and troubleshooting Data guard broker, Observer and Fast start failover configuration.

Proficient with Physical & Logical Standby Database, Switchover, Failover,ADG and snapshot standby.

Expertise in setup/implementation/maintenance of 11g/12c Real-Application-Cluster (RAC) of 2/4 Node RAC on ASM and RAW devices.

Implemented RMAN Backup and Recovery, Incomplete Recovery and disaster recovery using Data Guard.

Experience in patching, upgrading of RAC and NON RAC databases.

Skilled in dealing with ASM environment such as Installation, configuration and conversion

from NON-ASM to ASM environment.

Expertise in converting database from NON-RAC TO RAC and adding nodes.

Expertise on CRS Installation, Upgrade to Grid 12c & Patch set Upgrades.

MongoDB -MySQL - SQL server Expertise:

Completed MongoDB M102, M202,M310,M312,M122 online courses.

Proficient with MongoDB installation, replica sets setup, data scaling, MMS and clustering.

Skilled in Optimizing, monitoring and performance tuning of MongoDB.

Expertise on Point in time recovery, import, export in MongoDB using onsite Ops manager.

Expertise in sharding, choosing a shard Key, replication and Security Maintenance-Encryption.

Expertise in migrating MongoDB systems from No-SSL to SSL authentication using certificates.

Experience in installation and managing high availability of MySQL db’s.

Experience in configuring and managing SQL server 2016,2012 and basic knowledge on informatica

Education :

Bachelor’s degree in computer science and information technology - JNTU – 2006


Operating Systems : AIX 7.1,6.1 MAC OS X, Sun Solaris 9,10, OEL 7, RHEL 6.x, HP-UX 11.x

RDBMS/No SQL : Oracle 12c RAC, 11g RAC, 10g RAC/9i/8i, SQL Server 2005/2008, MongoDB, MySQL

Languages. : SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Scripting, Python, C, C++, Java, HTML,PERL,T-SQL

Tools/Utilities : RMAN, ASM, Golden Gate, OEM,EXPDP/IMPDP, TOAD, Espresso, service now, Jira, SQL Loader


Certification :

Oracle Certified associate (OCA)

Oracle certified expert (OCE)


Apple INC, Sunnyvale, CA Jul 2017 - Till date

Role: Sr Database Administrator


Architected Business Critical Active-Active Database solution for database to serve for High Availability.

Responsible for Implementing FSFO, SOX, auditing, TDE, and SSL setup for PIO/SOX application databases, writing data purging scripts across different time-zoned Datacenters

Designing data flow between Apple sales application and inventory & accounting applications. Define data conversion rules.

Performed multiple db switchovers and switchback across datacenter’s with different time zones.

Analyzed RCA’s and suggested to optimized queries, memory and OS parameters for better performance of database

Proposed solutions to optimize data replication using Oracle Golden Gate 12cr1, streams in Bi-directional, consolidation for Apple sales application.

Spearheaded implementation of upgrading to latest versions database production upgrade across most complex and time critical databases with no impact to revenue

Involved in Overhaul and Database redesign to improve application and SQL queries performance

Pro-active in understanding business sensitive Applications in predicting the data load pattern and formulate ways to mitigate risk and coming up with a contingency plan.

Lead Brain Storming session with different application team to formulate an effective solution to resolve and support product releases.

Working across cross functional database platforms for an effective solution based on the business requirements

Implemented MongoDB 3.4 with sharding for Apple iOS customer support

Implemented MySQL 5.7 for Apple cafe services

Working with the Project owners and Business teams to aggregate business requirements, preparing Technical Specifications for relevant teams.

Proven track of record in big system design and implementation, code reuse, offshore team building, knowledge sharing, and good understanding of business processes.

PayPal, San Jose, CA June 2016 - Jul 2017

Role: Sr Database Administrator


Migrated hundreds of Payments impacting Tables through Golden Gate with zero down time.

Test Oracle 12c new partitioning methods for 12c readiness.

Achieve goal of readiness for Active-Active, data isolation, DLM and Query optimization.

Implemented Active-Active setup with Oracle bi-directional Golden gate replication.

Setup data shards in six databases from one source database.

Performed data copy for multi-TB tables using PayPal custom data copy methods.

Performance tuning of GG replication using parallel replicas, modifying GG parameters, etc.

Performance tuning of the SQL queries using indexes, stats copy, table partitioning, etc.

Used OEM, AWR and custom scripts for performance monitoring and improvements.

Prepared PL/SQL scripts for data corruption fixes.

Installed and configured multi-node RAC databases and copied data from Legacy databases.

Developed shell scripts for GG monitoring as well as data validations.

Setup Downstream ETL process using special GG replication and Oracle interval partitioning.

Setup process to monitor and quick fix scripts required during the Apps-cutover process (Go live to new DB).

Helped PD and Dev team for setting up Dev/QA and stage test environment.

Worked on setup and configure of Mongo DB platform. Performed MongoDB upgrades.

Project tracking using Agile-Scrum method, Document in PayPal wiki for easy reference.

Rebuilding of Indexes, Partitioning of large table for better performance and management

Dell INC, Austin, TX Aug 2015 to June 2016

Role: Sr Database Administrator


Implemented multi node RAC on Oracle 11g and Oracle 12c with ASM

Added nodes to RAC for minimizing downtime and maximizing the availability and also achieving load balancing

Upgraded Oracle 11g database to 12c version and also applied patch set and interim patches

Upgraded Oracle Golden gate 11g & 12c versions for critical databases

OEM Grid Control installation and configuration for monitoring and performance tuning

Implemented MongoDB 3.2 for Dell print services

Handling Performance tuning Escalations for RDBMS and NoSQL Databases

Apple INC, Sunnyvale, CA June 2011 - Aug 2015

Role: Sr Database Engineer


Responsible for providing 24x7 on call support for Apple Online Store Production Databases and Applications

Implemented Oracle 11g RAC with Standby Databases including Active Data Guard

Proactively analyzed performance of critical metrics graphed in MMS, and uncovered potential

Written shell scripts for backup automation and monitoring tasks

Migrated databases from Linux, Sun Solaris to AIX.

Involved in design and layout for the database structures and implemented them

Design and implementation of backup and recovery procedures

Capacity planning and benchmarking

Replication using Golden Gate 12.2, Oracle streams, Data guard and DG broker

Configured FSFO, SOX, auditing, TDE, and SSL setup for PIO/OCI business impacting databases

Implemented MySQL 5.4 for Apple cafe services.

Developed PL/SQL Functions, Procedures Packages and Triggers

Configured Failover mechanism for Apple iOS customer support using MongoDB 3.2 sharding

Developed and maintained scripts for SOX Quarterly Audit, Customized the reports.

CISCO, San Jose, CA July 2010 - June 2011

Role: Lead Database Engineer


Responsible for implementing Oracle Apps 11i and WebLogic 10g for mission critical customer serving applications.

Implemented Oracle 11g RAC, 10g RAC and Standby Databases for High Availability and Disaster Recovery.

Implemented Oracle 10.2, 11gR2 Grid control and configured 60 plus DBs under Grid monitoring.

Tuning the performance of the databases with respect to memory, I/O and contention.

Developed PL/SQL functions, procedures, packages and triggers.

Written shell scripts for the automation of backups and routine tasks.

Apollo Hospitals, Andhra Bank Jan 2007 - July 2010

Role: Database Admin


Responsible for all database related issues within the organization including database architecture, database integrity, database performance, and database construction

Responsible for 24x7 Support and to Customers on Oracle Databases Availability.

Implemented 11gRAC,10gRAC with DR to support critical applications.

Developed and maintain many shell scripts for Standby monitoring, gap detection, zero down time migrations and alerts etc.

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