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Safety Power Plant

Round Rock, Texas, United States
August 16, 2018

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John Patrick (Pat) Cavanaugh

**** ***** **.

Round Rock, TX 78681

H - 512-***-**** M - 512-***-****


August 2016 to September 2016

Bartlett Cooke

Site Safety Sub Contractor from Code Red Safety

My work included two sites. The first site was at the Pflugerville Stadium and a new school. High work was underway at the stadium and finish work was underway at the school. Under the High Work "No Work Zones" for the areas under the work. PPE for tasks was observed in the work groups including ladders, clear pathways to exits, trash clean up and Fall Protection.

The second work group was at Mary Harden Baylor for a Performing Arts building. Fall Protection was the primary concern as masonry walls were very high and the steel erection. Scaffolds were inspected daily and safety barriers were used by the Masons. Steel Erectors used man lifts to a work area and used harness and safety lines. Close observation was made due to trenches, rebar, scaffolds, heavy mobile equipment and delivery of products.

Reason for leaving: Bartlett Cooke decided to get a second Asst. Superintendent

December 2015 to March 2016

Edwards Construction

Site Safety

As the Site Safety for heavy construction at Samsung I worked with several sub-contractors in the construction of an addition to an existing structure. Observation of all work was made as the frame went up and then use of walk through to observe work. I assisted with the completion of paperwork required daily and daily permits. PPE was used by all work groups as needed. Location of equipment and delivered products was made as needed daily.

Reason for Leaving: Work was completed, no other work.

May 2012 to June 2012

Safety Manager James Construction Group, Belton, TX

The work site was a large dirt project using heavy mobile equipment. Prior to work the equipment was inspected after a daily Safety Meeting. The location was a power plant that was in the finish stage. I would observe the activity of the mobile equipment and follow the direction of my Supervisor. Observation was made for the sub contractors who came into the work zones. Reports developed were taken to the site Superintendent's office.

Reason for Leaving: The General Contractor would not pay my expense.

December 2011 to March 2012

Safety Director

James Construction Group, Belton, TX

I provided Safety inspection and oversight of a heavy dirt project for the City of San Antonio, TX project. A daily Safety Brief was made and then the equipment was inspected prior to start of work. There was two different work zones so I drove back and forth between the two. If a hazard was observed the operators involved would be spoken to solve the problem. All work was straight forward without issues.

Reason for Leaving: Work was completed no other work available.

March 2010 to August 2010

Site Safety and Health Officer

W.G. Yates and Sons Construction, Philadelphia, MS

For the Corps of Engineers (COE) site was construction of several structures. I was to develop files for the Safety functions as directed by the COE, EM 385.1.1 and 29 CFR 1910 and 1926. Each sub contractor was required to provide Activity Hazardous Analysis for the task to be completed. If not in hand AHA's would be developed for them to use. All Mobile brought on site had to be inspected daily with a report by 0900. When attention was required a supervisor was called to provide a solution. Weekly Safety Meeting took place with discussion of hazards on site.

Reason for leaving: I was laid off to allow a senior employee to take my place.

September 2008 to May 2009

Site Safety Professional

W.G. Yates and Sons Construction, Belton, TX

The site was a Permit Required Confined Space Assignment. Work outlined was for excavation under a slab to find water leaks from construction. The work would be digging to find the drainage lines that appeared to be leaking. The excavation included a lot of hand work not mechanical. One sub had a group of men sent to a school to direct the excavation. Daily observation was made of the men involved in the excavation and the Watch that allowed them under the slab. Mobile equipment was limited to one small excavator and several Georgia Buggies to move the spoil. The employees all attended a training class for all persons who would enter the work zone. The site was provided with forced air and lighting for the work areas. Radios were used for communication. I observed all work daily by entering the trenching zone and looking at the work. Out side I would observe the mobile equipment and movement of the spoil. Shoring was used at the entrance points.

Reason for leaving: Work was complete and no other work available.

Military Service - U. S, Navy, Radioman 3rd Class


Eastern New Mexico University, Portales, NM

Bachelor of Science Sociology

Central Texas Regional Police Academy, Arlington, TX

Law Enforcement Certification

USDOL - OSHA Training Academy

Certification: Safety and Occupational Health Specialist

Click Safety - 80 Continuing Education programs included 30 hour

OSHA 30 Click Safety Professional Source


Field Safety Representative

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