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Information Technology Engineering

Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, India
August 16, 2018

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Prof (Dr.) Manoj Agrawal

M.Sc. M. Tech, PhD

DoB 14th Nov 1976


New Delhi

Summary Profile

Bringing in 17 years of experience with 10 years as Director in the AICTE approved Engineering Colleges. Specialisation of subject knowledge being Nano Electronics with research done in IIT Roorkee labs. With the low job market and Employability reports from Engineering Colleges, fine tuning the Engineering Colleges with most contemporary skill with self learning resources in various domains. With excellent industry connect set up the best of the Academic Technical Labs similar to Texas Instrument, Intel, Microsoft and Cisco Labs for hands on learning. Develop a roadmap where the last mile of any education being successful placement, bringing in resources for internship right after the second semester

In career transition to where the Academic and Administration empowerment is there to deliver the following responsibilities

1.Regulatory compliance and inspection even when random surprise are process based

2.With Engineering College reforms, many AICTE colleges will be affiliated to IIT for collaborative practices

3.Bringing in Coursera and Udacity Nano Degree programme resources for the students to

have knowledge beyond the class syllabus curriculum

4.Prepare for the internship programme so that final placement predictable

5.Oversee affiliations, finances, accreditation and approvals

6.Bring in Industry resource experts and association with campus. Attract Industry professional for regular campus workshop. For both Faculty and Students

7.Set up the Campus Journal publication with research contents for branding globally. To attract the foreign students and faculty

8.Oversee the Administrative of Infrastructure of campus and hostel with guest house. Practice Green Engineering with renewable energy deployed

9.Attract the best of the Faculty and professional for period programme in different semesters

10.Use the Web PR tool for branding and creating the buzz in the market place

11.Develop reporting system and have campus wide ERP deployed for real-time monitoring activities of class and examination system

12.Set up process for the Ward and Parents counselling for discipline management

13.Set up the plagiarism control with students assignment are on the cloud technology to end the cut paste menace. Develop the critical thinking skills of the students

14.Conduct short term based programmes for revenue management ploughing in self financing

15.Attract the best of Research grant funding for the campus

16.Develop Technology based Entrepreneurship Development Programme (TEDP) launched by EDII, Ahmadabad with startup incubation hub and a new generation of job creators emerge.

17.Conduct Students and Teachers exchange programme with affiliations with overseas campus

18.Setting up Language Learning skills including foreign right from the very first semester with Dualingo partnership



Jan-2007 (Awarded)

Lab Association IIT, Roorkee

Research Interest-Nano Electronics

Topic of Research-Nano Electronics

M-Tech- IT

Punjabi University

M.Sc. (Electronics)

Meerut University, Meerut (First)

Employment. Total 17 years

Working as Director from last +10 years (AICTE Approved)

Last Assignment

Director, KSV, Bijnor, 2013-18

Other Past

Director, AIET, Alwar, 2012-13

Director, MIIT, Meerut, 2011-12

Director, JMS, Ghaziabad, 2010-11

Director, IET, Alwar, 2009-10

Director, ITR, Roorkee-2008-09

Professional Qualification

National Certifications

Technical Certifications

Technically Certified: XRD, SEM, TEM, DTA, SOL-GEL, FT-IR & UV-VIS spectroscopy

HNC (Computers)

NIIT, Delhi, 1997-98

Programming Language

(“C/ C

IGNOU, 2000

Operating Systems

Windows-98, 2000, XP, Vista, others

International Certification

DB2, IBM, Bangalore

Profile: As Director and Director (Research & Development)

As Director:

Provided a strategic vision for the Institute Lead and promote research within the Institute; Ensure the Institute attracts sufficient funding to ensure its future viability; Co-ordinate Institute strategy, research, education, training, and collaboration with National/International Academies.

Activities performed

1.Provide an Excellent Teaching & Faculty Retaining Environment.

2.Identify research priorities, as part of the strategic vision for the Institute.

3.Build a science research team,

4.Take a leadership role in the development of an international reputation for the Institute.

5.Attract research grant income, and other income, from a variety of sources, of a sufficient level that the Institute will become self-sustaining after the initial period.

6.Produce high quality, peer-reviewed papers and oversee the production of papers by other members of the science research team.

7.Involvement in collaborative research within institute and with other universities, across the range of disciplines relevant to academics

8.Institute has a presence at relevant high-profile international conferences, in order to disseminate the Institute’s research findings.

Network building

Establish new links with external partners, and build upon existing relationships, in order to establish the Institute as a center of policy and practice-relevant, evidence based research. Key contacts in the Higher Education sector.

As a Director (Research & Development):

Research & Development Objectives

To develop new techniques / technology by implementing R&D Projects.

To uplift socio-economic status of target group by applied research.

To motivate & support Young Scientists and researchers for R&D activities.

To undertake R&D project for welfare and wellbeing to humanity.

To undertake Research & Development projects which are burning issues and need based in interest of National &State.

To maintain links with R&D Institutions.

Initiates, promotes and coordinates R&D projects of applied nature.

Industrial Visits

Grooming Personalities

Industrial Collaborations

R&D Govt. Funding Projects

R & D Activities

Currently working on Technology based Entrepreneurship Development Programme (TEDP) launched by EDII, Ahmadabad.

Parallel working on proposal on technology Development Incubatees Center (TBI)/ SEED sponsored by Technology Development Board and we have also cleared phase 1.

Worked on proposal on National Foundation Corporate Governance (NFCG) Project for Accreditation & Funding.

Worked on proposal on MSME EDP cell and EDP cell started on 26th August 2010.

Working on proposal on entrepreneur Development programme organized by Entrepreneur Development Institute at IET Alwar.

Worked on Proposal on Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp (EAC) launched by EDII,

Working on proposal of Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Park (STEP)

Science & Technology Development Group (STDG)

Associated R&D institutions of State

Research Labs: There are six laboratories in R & D Centre

COMFAC-Common Facility and Production Center

CRED-Center for Embedded Design

CFAC-Center for affordable Computing

CBME-Center for Bio-Medical Engineering

CLED-Center for Leadership and Entrepreneur Development

CST - Centre for student training


We got Journal IJITA ISSN No. From MHRD New Delhi

We have Accreditations (1st in Rajasthan) from NFCG under Ministry of Corporate Affairs New Delhi. Also grant 3 lakhs for the same.

Approved MSME Project on an Incubation & Conducted programme on IMC, EDP & MDP & Earned money.

MSME Offered technical Sponsorship in many National & International Conference at IET Alwar.

Intel Selected IET Alwar for an Academic Programme in 2011-12 & Accepted 4 years UG Curriculum for our Sunrise University.

We Got National Recognition & Won 3rd Rank among top 14 colleges in INDIA. Under SEED Project from the Technology Development Board under DST.

National Recognition in Arya Competition with making of 10 Projects Rs: 8,000/ (3rd Prize

Collaboration for Research & Development Funding Agency/Departments/Ministry

All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)

Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO)

Department of Biotechnology (DBT)

Department of Science and Technology (DST)

Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR)

Ministry of Communications & Information Technology (MOCIT)

Department of Information Technology

Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MFPI)

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy

Ministry of Power, Central Power Research Institute (CPRI)



Research papers/ Articles

Electrical and Dielectric Properties of double doped BaTiO3


Manoj Kumar, Puja Goel and K.L.,

P K Indian J. of Eng. & Material Science, 14, 64-68, (2008)

Synthesis of nano-crystaline xCuFe2O4-(1-X)BiFeO3 composite by chemical method,


Manoj Kumar and K.L.,

Materials Letters, 61,3065-3068, (2008)

Study of room-temperature magneto electric coupling in Ti substituted Bismuth Ferrite system,


Manoj Kumar and K.L,

J. Appl. 100, 074***-******,(2008)


Research papers/ Articles

Observation of room temperature magneto electric coupling in Ni substituted Pb1-xBax(Fe0.5Ti0.5)3 system,


Manoj Kumar and K.L.,

J. Appl. Doi:10.1063/1.2785009,(2009)

Effect of Ti substitution on magneto electric coupling at room-temperature in BiFe-xTixO3 system,


Manoj Kumar and K.L.,

J. Condensed Matter 18, L503-508,(2006)

Observation of room temperature magneto electric coupling in Pb1-xBax(Fe0.5Ti0.5) 3 system,


Manoj Kumar and K.L,

J. Appl. 101,054105-14, (2005)

Magneto electric characterization of xNi0.75Fe2O4.(1-x)BiFeO3 nanocomposites,


Manoj Kumar and K.L.,

J. Solids, 68, 1791-96 (2005)

Study of dielectric, magnetic, ferroelectric and magneto electric properties of PbMnxTi( 1-x)O3 system at room temperature.


Manoj Kumar, K.L.,

J of Condensed Matter, 19,242202-08,(2004)

Magnetic field induced phase transition in multiferroic BiFe1-xTixO3 ceramics prepared by rapid liquid phase sintering,


Manoj Kumar and K.L.,

Applied Letters 91, 242901-6, (2004)

Seminars & Conferences attended


ICSSR, New Delhi, June 23-24, 2006


ICPR, New Delhi, March 27-29, 2004


NAS College, Meerut, Feb 2-6, 2006

S.I.S.I, Karnal, Feb 20-21, 2003

International conference on Laser, Meerut (2009)

ISOP International Conference, Meerut (2006)

Dielectric and magnetic properties of doped BiFeO3, 17th annual meeting of Material Research Society of India (MRSI) held at Lucknow University, during 13-15th (Feb. 2006)

Dielectric characterization of Li and K doped barium titanate ceramics,, 50th DAE conference at BARC Mumbai, (2005)

A comparative structural analysis PBZT Nano ceramics prepared by co-precipitation and sol-gel method in the proceedings of National conference in advances in condensed matter physics (ACMP05), TIET Patiala, (2005)

Synthesis and characterization of BaTiO3, Asian Meeting on Ferroelectrics, IISC Bangalore, (2004)

XLIX All India Conference - 14-16 Oct., 2000

Seminar on Question Framing at Academic Staff College, Jaipur 8.10.2004

Seminar on Syllabus and Courses of Study organized during Refresher Course at Academic Staff College (ASC), Jaipur 17.2.2008

Seminar on Media and Society, Organized at ASC, Jaipur 25.2.1999

National Seminar on Changing Perspectives in Management Education, UCC, Jaipur Feb. 2004

National Seminar on Tourism, NITTM, Gwalior, 9-10 Feb., 2006

International Conference organized by Research Development Association, Jan 9-10, 2006

National Seminar on Quantitative Methods for Managerial Decisions, Jaipur, Feb. 23-25, 2006

National Convention on Corporate Governance & Ethical Issues, IET, Alwar, Mar,7-11 (Chief Mentor)

International Conference, Global Business Recession, PIM, Gwalior, Jan. 2010

On “VISION BHARAT” - A Inter- State Techno Professional summit by ABVP at ‘Raj Kumar Goel Institutes Of Technology’ Ghaziabad (UP) .

On “Mobile ad- hoc Network (MANET)” At College of Engineering & Technology, IFTM campus Moradabad (up).

Attend and Present a paper titled Short Message Encryption Method in National Conference (Emerging Dimensions of Mathematical Sciences).

Attend a National Conference on Nano Technology Application & Implements.

Attend a National Conference on Communication & Network Security.

Attend Three days Training on Cloud computing at Infosys, Chandigarh

Other Academic activities and Achievements

Approved Research Guide

For many Private Institutions

Symbiosis International University, Pune

Singhania University, Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan

SVU, Meerut

Research Guidance



M. Tech thesis

MSc dissertations

B. Tech project reports

Key Areas of Research guidance


Nano Technology

Information technology

In Editorial Boards


Editor in Chief, International Journal of Information Technology & Applications (IJITA, Alwar)

Executive Councilor, International Journal of Information Technology and Management, U.P.

Books (all in English)

Information Technology for Engineers- S. Chand & Company, Delhi (In Writing)


Book Reviews

Books reviewed and commended by Foreign and Indian experts including:

Reviewer, The Times of India

Reviewer, Information sciences

Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education(SITE)-2012, USA


National/ International

QCI (Quality Council of India), New Delhi

Indian Nano Association, Mumbai

Indian Society For Technical Education, New Delhi

International Society For Technical And Education, DC Area, USA

International Society for Exploring Teaching and Learning (ISETL), CA,USA

Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education (SITE), USA

Other Positions & Contribution in Academic Career

Assistant Coordinator in IGNOU

Guest Lectures delivered in many Engineering institutes, at Jaipur, Roorkee, Dehradun, Ghaziabad, G.Noida, Faridabad, Delhi, Gwalior

Delivered talks on (Radio FM) IET, Alwar

Core Faculty in Refresher Courses

Co-coordinator of Postgraduate Diploma Courses

Acted as an expert in Ph.D. evaluation, moderation of papers, viva-voce, and syllabus framing in Many Private Universities.

Coordinator, M.Tech, B.Tech Programme,

Member of Board of Studies,

Participation in discussions in the faculty meetings and academic council meetings.

Proctor in college

Professor In /charge Library

Timetable In /charge

Admission In /charge

Director Research Committee

Member, Unfair Means

Member, Inspection for Affiliation,

Committee Examination Centers, etc.

Convener & Member of Various College Committees

Faculty Development Programme (FDP) & FEP Training

One Week Training of Faculty Enablement Program (FEP) Conducted by Infosys.

One Week Training on HIGH IMPECT TEACHING SKILLS (HITS) organized Wipro under Mission10X at IET, Alwar.

15 days Training on Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) organized by MSME Govt. of India.

Extra Curriculum Activities (Achievements)

Chief Coordinator (IBM DB2 Certification Programme )

Chief Mentor of MSME Training

Editor in Chief (International Journal IJITA )(ISSN No : 09768661)

Chief Mentor of Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp organized by EDII, Govt. of India

Chief Mentor of National Conference on EDMS in IET.

Chief Mentor r Entrepreneur Development program (EDP) Organized by MSME.

Convener/Co-convener/Advisers of Many National-International Conference

Convener, FDP, IET-Alwar

Co-Convener, NCNS-2011, IET- Alwar

Co-Convener, Nanotechnology-2010, IET-Alwar

Adviser, La-Tex-2010, IET-Alwar

Adviser, ICWTA-2011, IET-Alwar

Adviser, Annual Function, IET Group

Academic Positions Secured:

Second position in Examination in the University

First position in 12th Examination in the College

Second position in 10th Examination in College

Second position in Examination in the University

Worked on R & D Project Sanctioned

1. International Journal IJITA Launched ISSN NO-MHRD GOI, New Delhi

2. NFCG Got Accreditation for 5 years (first in Rajasthan)

3. NFCG 3 Lakhs

4. Academic Programme Intel

5. MSME-IMC Rs 3 Lakhs

6. MSME-EDC Earned Rs. 27000

7. MSME-MDP Earned Rs. 11500

8. EDII Rs. 22 Lakhs

9. AICTE-RIFD SDP Rs. 37 Lakhs.

10. MSME Rs. 62 lakh (Incubation)

11. MSME Technical Sponsorship in NCNS Conference ICWTA Conference.

12. TBI-SEED Was Apply for Rs.1.46 Crore But We Got National Recognition &

Won 3rd Rank among top 14 colleges in INDIA. But fail to have an grant of 1.46 crore

due to no TBI at IET. But we must have grant for the same in this financial year,2011-12

13.Many More funding

•Ministry of Water Resources (MOWR)

•Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA)

•University Grants Commission (UGC)

•Rajasthan University,

•MNIT, Jaipur

•DST, Rajasthan

•MLS University, Udaipur

•JNV University Jodhpur

•Rajasthan Agricultural University, Bikaner

•MPUT Agriculture University, Udaipur

•RTU, Kota

Referral on Request


I hereby declare that information and facts stated herein above are true and complete to the best

of my knowledge and belief.

Place: Meerut, India

Prof (Dr.) Manoj Agrawal

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