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Engineering Design Engineer

Denton, Texas, United States
August 15, 2018

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Mechanical Design Engineer with more than four years of past design experience in Automobile Interiors, BIW, Powertrain, Driver information system and Air cleaning system, worked with various Manufacturing Companies (Bentley UK, Visteon UK, Honda USA, Daimler Chrysler Japan.)

Career History

Teaching Assistant at University of North Texas, College of Engineering, Engineering Technology Department. Fall 2017-Present.

Design engineer at Mahindra Engineering Services Ltd., Bangalore (Formerly Plexion Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.) from May 2004 to June 2008.


Master of Science in Engineering Technology with Mechanical Systems Concentration (2016-2018), University of North Texas Denton, Texas.

Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering (1999-2003), Periyar University, India.

Skill Set:

CAD: CATIA V5 & Creo /parametric

OS Windows & UNIX.

PDM ENOVIA LCA, Bentley VPM, Metaface (IDEAS Library), Pro/Intralink 3.3, KVS

Prior CAD CATIA V4, Unigraphics NX, I-DEAS C3P, Isodraw, AutoCAD.

Quality Tool PERT, CPM, ANOVA

Exposure MATLAB, Simulink, Excel-Data analysis (ANOVA, Histogram), Mastan, MS-Solid


In-house professional training on CATIA V5, CATIA V4, Wildfire and Unigraphics NX.

Certification in Pro-E 2001 (6 Months)

Academic Project: (Fall-2016 to Spring 2018) UNT- Denton-TX

1.Material characterization by Ultrasonic NDT technique: Product quality is assured by the calibration of its characteristic using the NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) techniques.

2.Quality assurance project in assembly line sampling: Design an assembly line using Simulink software. Sample Quality is tested by statistical process control method, Analysis variance method and confidential interval method.

3.Hands-Free Obstacle Assistant/AID: Design and development of a product from the concept level to Prototype. Techniques used in concept selection (House of Quality, AHP, concept scoring method) Designing (DFM, DFX), Cost analysis and Testing (Control chart, Histogram).

4.Project Management: Acted as a Project management consultant in one of leading HVAC company. Suggested few ideas by thorough understanding of their customer complaints and process. Used Gantt chart and Microsoft tool for management techniques.

5.Failure Analysis: Analyzed oil and gas pipes using Metallography (stereo microscope, optical microscope), FTIR, SEM and EDS methods. Found failure due to uniform corrosion and erosion corrosion.

6.MS Final-Project: Corrosion study using Simulation cell of microchannel heat exchanger in various corrosive electrolyte. Studied a Method of ASHARE Polarization resistance techniques for various manufacturing heat exchanger. Used various Metallography Study techniques (SEM, EDS) to generate the pit measurements.

Academic Paper:

7.Thermoelectric cooling(TEC) system: (Fall 2016): It covers the latest research on the material, ZT achievement and future trend on TEC system.

8.Innovation technology: (Spring 2017): Proposed a driver alerting system by including smoke detection, drowsiness and temperature alerting systems. This box is attached in car as an external device for a reasonable prize.

Work experience:

Mahindra Engineering Services Ltd. India. (Formerly Plexion Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.)

Plexion Technologies was a focused, high-end engineering services organization (ISO 9001:2000 & CMM Level 4) for firms in the automotive, aerospace and general manufacturing sectors. The company was finding by India’s leading Technocrats with significant experience and expertise in engineering derived from working globally in Automotive & Aerospace technology sectors.


Mechanical Design of Automobile parts in CATIA V5 & V4 and Pro-E Wildfire.

Detailing of automotive components with GD&T as per ASME Y14.5M-1994 standard.

Projects handled:

1. Reverse Engineering of Body parts of Truck and Bus Assembly (Client: Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (Client: Daimler Chrysler Group Japan) (Mar-2008 to May-2008) location: India

Reverse engineering of BIW panels, Castings, Plastics and sheet metal parts for medium duty Truck and Bus Components. Components are re-designed from CATIA V4 cloud point data, Drawings and Wireframe to Complete Parametric CATIA V5 models. Created the model by retaining surfaces and fillet continuities. Creation of Components using DC methodology and DC standards. Some of the components modeled are Door inner, Door outer, Pillars, reinforcement panels, Control arms, and Front cover etc.

2. Design of Mahindra Passenger Auto (Feb-2008 to Mar-2008) location: India

I was responsible in the creation of Canopy, trim parts from the given A-surface. All the components are linked with the A-surface. So entire canopy and trim gets updated with every iteration by relinking the surfaces. Modification taken place from the carrier auto.

3. Design of the seating foam and frame (Client: Bentley, UK) (Nov-2007 to Feb-2008) location: India

Creation of seat foam from the surrounding parts and previous Model year sections, the scope of work in this project involved complete study of sections, frames and surrounding parts and design of seat foam and frames.

4. Design of plastic substrate (Client: Bentley, UK) (Aug-2004 to May-2007) location: India.

This project involved design of plastic substrates for 2 Door convertible car. The areas of work involve door trims panel, upper edge mold, Quarter panel, A-pillar trim, roof header, console, cup holder, arm rest, Seating systems etc. The design modified as per customer requirement given in the form of ENT layout and verified for draft check, Clearance with the scenery components etc.

Drawings created with Bentley standardization and RPS table, Grid, manufacturing and material notes and layers. Installation Drawings for all systems (four-seater high-class luxury car, 2 Door convertible car)

5. Implementation of Design change (Client: Honda, USA) (Nov-2005 to Feb-2006) location: India

Involved in generation of high quality surface design and modeling of BIW components. Components worked were Side panels, Fenders, Trunk Lid, Floor panel & Roof Panels.

6. Drawing migration to Bentley system (worked at Bentley Motors Ltd-UK) (May-07 to Oct-07) (May-08 to June-08)

Created drawing from available information and updated the manufacturing information and uploaded into the Bentley V5 ENOVIA system. The scope of this project involved migration of CATIA V4 model and drawing in Bentley VPM to CATIA V5 ENOVIA system, setting-up process and new migration standards, creation of part number and adding them in the BOM for new model year car.

7. Redesign of End cover of Hydraulic valve AND Components (Client: Boc Edwards) (Nov-2005 to Jan2006) location: India

Involved in parametric part design and drafting from the given legacy manufacturing drawings. Both updates taken place in new CATIA V5part design and drafting per manufacturing requirement.

8. Design Modification in instrument panel (Client: Visteon) (Mar-2005 to Nov-2005) location: India

Designed Instrument panel with customer interaction with input, updating the model, Creation of CATIA V4 Drawing, Managed team of engineers for Driver Information system, Console, Interior trims, Air induction system and Powertrain system by understanding customer Standards and requirements with added GD&T. Manufacturing & Mounting drawing creation for Powertrain & Audio system components.

9. Redesign of driver information system component and Audio System assembly (Client: Bentley Mini cooper) (Jan-2005 to Jul-2005) location: India

Remodeled entire IP center stack and cage assembly, mechanism box and radio Bezel assembly using the Class A surfaces with Pro-E solid & surface modeling techniques and updated the drawing. Tooling for manufacturing also taken care. Interference and draft check analysis is done, and details generated in the drawings. Creation of Homologation drawing for the audio system.

General Details:

Visa status EAD (Eligible to work in USA)

Location Denton, Texas.

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