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Engineer Software

Clearwater, Florida, United States
August 15, 2018

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Clearwater, Fl 3375

Phone: 727-***-****


To secure a permanent or temp to perm position as a computer programmer which will allow me to continue developing my skills using C/C++, Perl, Python, Bash shell scripting, SQL, embedded systems, networking, and Linux.


UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA, Orlando, Fl. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, August, 1989. UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA, Orlando, Fl. Bachelor of Arts in Economics, December, 1988.


KEYW CORPORATION. Tampa, FL Nov 2010 to present

Software Engineer/ Embedded Developer/ Linux System Engineer. Primary target platform Arm9, Arm7, X86.

Wrote application to translate, send, and receive encrypted Google protocol buffers over a bluetooth link between embedded devices and android phones.

Wrote application to generate digital audio waves with a fluctuating pulse and frequency corresponding to device proximity.

Wrote multiple perl and python scripts for release engineering of builds. Wrote numerous shell scripts for general use in the embedded operation system. Wrote and edited Makefiles for C/C++ projects.

Ported and configured multiple apps to home grown arm based Linux embedded system. Wrote applications on Android for generating wavs. Used GNU C/C++, Perl, Bash Shell Script, Eclipse with Java. Python Worked on custom embedded Linux platform on Arm with Uboot and various Android based phones. SAGE HEALTH CARE. Tampa, FL March 2010 to November 2010 Data Analyst /Conversion Programmer/ ETL engineer/ Unix System Engineer. Wrote applications to analyze and convert data from a variety of legacy and third party health care system and import that data into Sages latest healthcare software system Intergy. Wrote applications to parse and join different tables based on index built from different fields in other tables. Wrote application for viewing data from different tables based on different fields and delimiters. Wrote countless shell scripts for data cleaning and data mining. Wrote Shell Scripts and Perl applications for loading a pulling data from various sql databases. Used C#, with Dev Studio 2005, C/C++ using gcc, g++,Perl, Python, lua, and Bash Shell Scripts on Linux,SCO, and AIX

FORTRESS TECHNOLOGIES INC. Tampa, Fl April 1999 to January 2010. Software Engineer, Embedded Developer/ Linux System Engineer. Primary target platform Mips, X86.

Worked on a variety multithreaded applications dealing with encryption, key exchange mechanisms, and Virtual Private Networks for internet and intranet use. Worked extensively with a variety of networking protocols at layers 2 and 3 of the IP stack. Designed, built, and implemented the embedded file system for the Fortresses 1100 and 2100 series of link layer and application encryption devices, which were successfully deployed all over the world by both the US army and by the VA hospitals for Hppa compliance. Designed, built, and implemented both a failover system and an upgrade mechanism for those same products.

Modified, upgraded, and built patches for several revisions of the linux kernel. Maintained, modified and upgraded the Fortress Management and Policy Server using technologies such as PKI, SSL, SNMP, and SQL.

Designed and implemented the revision control and build system using Source Safe and later Perforce

Wrote led drivers for the original Fortress gateway product. All work was compiled for both x86 and mips.

Used g++, gcc and wrote Bash shell scripts on Linux. Used Microsoft Visual Studio up to 2005 on Windows NT / 95, 2K, XP. FEDERAL EXPRESS CORPORATION, Orlando, Fl November 1998 to April 1999. Programmer

Worked on a Client / Server project for internal use to capture shipping revenue more accurately and quickly.

Wrote applications which read from, wrote to, and modified Sybase databases, using stored SQL procedures.

Wrote korn and bash shell scripts to perform a variety of application related tasks. Used Sun gcc. g++ on a Sun Solaris 2.5, used Tuxedo with Sybase databases with SQL. Used the Korn shell to write shell scripts.

JOHN H. HARLAND CORPORATION, Orlando, Fl February 1997 to October 1998 Senior Programmer / Analyst / Data Translation

Modified, customized, and added new interfaces to the customers existing applications. Worked extensively with a wide variety of data storage mediums and data formats. Completed several data center conversions of pre-existing interfaces. Analyzed a variety of financial data for savings, checking, loans, and credit applications. Worked directly with account management on difficult and high priority customers. Used Borland Turbo C++ 3.0 and DOS 6.22.

CROWN FEDERAL SAVINGS BANK, Fern Park, Fl June 1996 to January 1997 Programmer / Analyst / Data Translation

Wrote Application to create and prints checks and maintains records of those checks. Wrote Application which reads a collation file and then renames, appends or deletes other downloaded files.

Used Borland Turbo C++ 3.0 and DOS 6.22.


Extensive skills using C and C++ programming languages. Extensive skills in shell script languages such as bash, korn, awk,sed. Extensive skills in computer networking and network trouble shooting. Mid level skills in SQL.

REFERENCES Available upon request.

This resume is current as of Tuesday, October 06, 2015.

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